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6th February 2017 – FDD Press

Securing American Interests: A New Era of Economic Power

American economic power has become an increasingly critical national security tool in recent years. For well over a decade, the United States has leveraged the size of its economy, the centrality of the dollar, and America’s ability to set economic and financial global standards and norms to drive its national security goals. more...

27th January 2016 – FDD Press

The Iran-North Korea Nuclear Nexus: Unanswered Questions

Is there a nuclear proliferation nexus between Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)? Pyongyang tested a nuclear weapon in early January – its fourth such test in a decade and its third since President Barack Obama took office. A top Iranian official overseeing Tehran’s nuclear program was present during the last test, in 2013, and if experience is any guide, the Islamic Republic may have sent representatives to this year’s as well. more...

16th October 2015 – FDD Press

Proliferation Fallout from the Iran Deal: The South Korean Case Study

Proliferation Fallout from the Iran Deal: The South Korean Case Study

Mark Dubowitz

The nuclear agreement with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), fails to achieve the stated goal of the P5+1: blocking all pathways to an Iranian nuclear bomb. more...

11th April 2013 – Joint Hearing before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Breaking the Iran, North Korea and Syria Nexus

The purpose of my testimony is to analyze the relationship between Iran, Syria, and North Korea, with a particular emphasis on the Iran-Syria relationship and steps that the United States should take to support our national security. more...