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6th August 2014 – Cited by Dan Lamothe and Pamela Constable - The Washington Post

U.S. General Killed in Attack at Afghan Military Academy

A man believed to be an Afghan soldier opened fire at an Afghan military academy in Kabul on Tuesday, killing a U.S. general and wounding up to 15 other personnel. more...

6th August 2014 – The Long War Journal

Islamic State Leader Who Defected From al Qaeda Reported Killed in Mosul

Bill Roggio

Abdul Rahman al Amjad al Pakistani is thought to be Abdullah al Punjabi, one of nine mid-level al Qaeda commanders to openly defect from the global jihadist group and join the Islamic State. more...

6th August 2014 – The Long War Journal

US Drone Strike Kills 5 ‘Militants,’ Including Foreigners in North Waziristan

Bill Roggio

The attack is the fourth by the US in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan since July 6; at least three al Qaeda leaders are thought to have been killed in one of the strikes. more...

5th August 2014 – The Long War Journal

Insider Attack at Kabul Base Kills US Major General, Wounds 16 Troops Including Senior Coalition…

Bill Roggio

An Afghan soldier fired at fairly close range on Coalition and Afghan troops during a key leader engagement at an Afghan military training facility near Kabul, killing a US major general and injuring a German general as well as US, British, and Afghan troops. more...

5th August 2014 – Cited by Maggie Ybarra - The Washington Times

U.S. General Killed in Afghan Soldier’s Attack at Military Academy Near Kabul

A general became the U.S. military’s highest-ranking fatality in the war in Afghanistan on Tuesday when an Afghan soldier opened fire at a military training academy west of the capital, Kabul. more...

5th August 2014 – The Long War Journal

Baloch Jihadist Group in Southern Afghanistan Announces Death of Commander

Bill Roggio

Junood al Fida, a jihadist group from Baluchistan, Pakistan that fights in Afghanistan, swore allegiance to the Taliban and called Ayman al Zawahiri its emir in July. more...

4th August 2014 – The Long War Journal

Herat Police Chief Accuses Iran of Ramping Up Attacks in Western Afghanistan

Bill Roggio

Herat's chief of police accused Iran of supporting the Taliban's killing spree in the province, which included the murder of two Finnish aid workers. more...

3rd August 2014 – The Long War Journal

Islamic State Takes Control of Sinjar, Mosul Dam in Northern Iraq

Bill Roggio

Kurdish forces are reported to have fled Sinjar and the Mosul Dam after minimal fighting. The town of Zumar was abandoned after heavy clashes. more...

1st August 2014 – The Long War Journal

Analysis: What the Gaza War Means for Iran

Behnam Ben Taleblu

As the war in Gaza continues, Iran's political, military, and religious calculations ascribe similar but not identical values to the ongoing conflict. The ways in which Iranian leaders codify events on the ground vary depending on their interests at home and abroad. more...

31st July 2014 – The Long War Journal

Hezbollah ‘Trainer’ Killed During Fighting in Northern Iraq

Bill Roggio

Hezbollah, which helped establish Shia terror groups in Iraq beginning in 2005, said that Ibrahim al Hajj, a trainer, was killed while "performing his jihadi duties" in Tal Afar. more...

30th July 2014 – Cited by Ali A. Nabhan and Nour Malas - The Wall Street Journal

Iraq Struggles to Halt Militants’ March on Baghdad

Last week, the Iraqi army said it had retaken a town the government said was a base for Sunni jihadists. more...

30th July 2014 – The Long War Journal

Well-Connected Jihadist Tweets, Then Deletes, Explanation of al Qaeda’s Oath to Mullah Omar

Thomas Joscelyn

A Twitter user known as "Shaybat al Hukama" tweeted, and then quickly deleted, his explanation of al Qaeda's relationship with the Taliban. Al Hukama appears to be well-connected to al Qaeda media operatives and leaders. more...

30th July 2014 – The Long War Journal

Ansar al Sharia, Allies Seize Libyan Special Forces Base in Benghazi

Thomas Joscelyn, Oren Adaki

Ansar al Sharia and its allies have captured a key Libyan special forces base in the city of Benghazi. The base fell after days of heavy fighting and Ansar al Sharia is celebrating the spoils of its victory on its official Twitter page. more...

30th July 2014 – The Long War Journal

AQAP Releases 5th Installment of ‘Repulsion of Aggression’ Video Series

Oren Adaki

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has released the fifth installment of its "Repulsion of Aggression" video series, detailing three coordinated attacks in the city of Seyoun in Yemen's Hadramout province on June 26. more...

29th July 2014 – The Long War Journal

Analysis: Islamic State Advertises War Crimes in Video Commemorating End of Ramadan

Thomas Joscelyn

A video disseminated by the Islamic State celebrates the group's depravity. Warning: This article includes graphic images of violence. more...

28th July 2014 – The Long War Journal

Analysis: Mullah Omar Addresses Governance of Afghanistan, War Against ‘Invaders’ in New Message

Thomas Joscelyn

Mullah Omar discusses the Taliban's governance efforts at length in a message commemorating the end of Ramadan. more...

28th July 2014 – The Long War Journal

Boko Haram Strikes Across Northeastern Nigeria and in Cameroon

Laura Grossman

Suspected Boko Haram fighters launched attacks across Nigeria's north and east and ventured into neighboring Cameroon, kidnapping the deputy minister's wife and a local religious leader. In separate attacks over the past two days, three female suicide bombers detonated in the capital of Kano state. more...

26th July 2014 – The Long War Journal

Islamic State Destroys Tombs, Mosques in Mosul

Bill Roggio

The destruction of the mosques housing the tombs of Jonah and Seth is only the latest in the Islamic State's campaign to purge minority religions from Mosul. more...

25th July 2014 – The Long War Journal

Kuwaiti Gitmo Detainee Should Remain in US Custody, Review Board Finds

Thomas Joscelyn

A periodic review board has determined that Fayiz al Kandari, a Kuwaiti held at Guantanamo, should remain in US custody. more...

25th July 2014 – The Long War Journal

Review Board Recommends Transfer of Guantanamo Detainee to Kuwait

Thomas Joscelyn

A periodic review board has recommended that Fouzi Khalid Abdullah Al Awda, a Kuwaiti held at Guantanamo since 2002, be transferred to his home country. Jihadists on Twitter celebrated the ruling before it was released to the public. more...

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