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26th January 2015 – Cited by Jack Moore - Newsweek

Boko Haram Release Shocking Images of Child Soldier Training Camp

A media group associated with the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram has published two images which reveal a military training camp for children in northeastern Nigeria. more...

26th January 2015 – Quoted by Ahmed Al-Haj, Maggie Michael - Associated Press

US Drone Strikes Resume in Yemen Despite Turmoil

Bill Roggio

U.S. drone strike targeted al-Qaida in Yemen on Monday, signaling Washington's determination to keep fighting the militants despite political paralysis brought on by a Shiite power grab. more...

26th January 2015 – 770 WABC-AM - New York, New York

The John Batchelor Show

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

FDD Senior Fellows Bill Roggio and Thomas Joscelyn talk with John Batchelor about their latest articles for the Long War Journal. more...

26th January 2015 – Cited by Ahmed Al-Haj - Associated Press

First US Drone Strike in Yemen Since Leader Resigned Kills 3

A U.S. drone strike in Yemen, the first so far this year, killed three al-Qaida fighters on Monday, signaling Washington's determination to keep targeting the global terror network's most lethal branch despite the resignation of the Yemeni president, a top U.S. ally, in the face of a Shiite rebel power grab. more...

25th January 2015 – Cited by Julie Pace, Anne Flaherty - Associated Press

Obama: Counterterrorism Operations in Yemen Not Affected

President Barack Obama defended his counterterrorism strategy in tumultuous Yemen Sunday, saying efforts to root out a dangerous al-Qaida affiliate there would not be affected by the political vacuum in the country. more...

25th January 2015 – The Long War Journal

AQAP Releases Infographics Detailing Attacks

Oren Adaki

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has released a report including two infographics that detail its attacks over the past three months. The group claims credit for 205 operations, including the massacre at Charlie Hebdo's offices in Paris. more...

24th January 2015 – Cited by Deb Riechmann - Associated Press

5 Things to Know: Why Crisis in Yemen Matters to Americans

Yemen's U.S.-backed president stepped down this week after Houthi rebels seized the capital of Sanaa, further destabilizing the region and hampering America's ability to fight al-Qaida and other extremists targeting the West. The country's parliament will meet Sunday, but the government's future is unclear. more...

24th January 2015 – The Long War Journal

AQAP Issues Guidelines for Suicide Operations

Thomas Joscelyn

Harith al Nadhari, a senior AQAP sharia official, sets forth six recommendations for suicide operations in a newly-released video. more...

24th January 2015 – The Long War Journal

Iranian Political and Military Leaders Laud Qods Force General Killed in Syria

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Political and Military elites of the Islamic Republic weigh-in on the death of Brigadier General Mohammad-Ali Allah-Dadi, the IRGC-QF member killed in Syria by an Israeli helicopter attack.Their commentary indicates a desire to establish deterrence, at least rhetorically, and tout their globalist message pertaining to the Islamic Revolution. more...

23rd January 2015 – The Long War Journal

Family Members Claim Leader of Ansar al Sharia in Benghazi Has Died

Thomas Joscelyn

Mohamed al Zahawi's family members have told the press that he has died due to wounds suffered in fighting last year. Zahawi has been the leader of Ansar al Sharia in Benghazi. Unconfirmed rumors of his death have circulated for months. more...

23rd January 2015 – The Long War Journal

Analysis: Qatar Embraces Admitted al Qaeda Operative

David Andrew Weinberg

Qatar continues to celebrate the release of Ali Saleh Kahlah al Marri, an admitted al Qaeda sleeper agent, from a US federal prison last week. The prime minister of Qatar has even reportedly called al Marri to congratulate him. more...

22nd January 2015 – The Long War Journal

Pakistan Falsely Claims it Takes ‘Immediate Action’ Against Terror Groups Listed by the UN

Bill Roggio

Although numerous news outlets have reported that the Haqqani Network and Jamaat-ud-Dawa have been banned in Pakistan, no official announcement of the group's status from the government or Ministry of Interior has been released. more...

21st January 2015 – Cited by Paul D. Shinkman - US News & World Report

Grading Obama’s War Declarations at the State of the Union

The year 2014 proved to be a whirlwind of national security and warfare, following Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, the Islamic State group’s spread across Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, and the continuation of previous U.S. expeditions through combat forces on the ground in Afghanistan as well as armed drones over Pakistan and Yemen. more...

21st January 2015 – The Long War Journal

Analysis: Freed Former al Qaeda Operative Was Part of Intelligence Dispute

Thomas Joscelyn

The story of how Ali Saleh Kahlah al Marri was first identified and arrested became a key part of the dispute between Democrats on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the CIA. Al Marri, who was recently released from a US prison, admitted that he was an al Qaeda sleeper agent. more...

20th January 2015 – Cited by Ken Dilanian - Associated Press

Weakness of Yemen’s Government Undermines US Terror Fight

The violent push Tuesday by Houthi rebels against the American-backed government in Yemen is undermining military and intelligence operations against al-Qaida's Yemen-based affiliate, which made its reach felt in this month's deadly Paris attacks, U.S. officials say. more...

20th January 2015 – Cited by Jordan Schachtel - Breitbart

Obama-Freed Al Qaeda Terrorist Welcomed Home as Hero in Qatar

A former Al Qaeda operative and Guantanamo detainee has been freed from an American citizen and sent home to the gulf state of Qatar. more...

20th January 2015 – Cited by Andrew McCarthy - National Review

Obama Releases Convicted Terrorist al-Marri

David Andrew Weinberg

Long War Journal reports that the Obama administration has released Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri from a U.S. prison – not from Gitmo, but from a civilian jail after a federal terrorism conviction. more...

20th January 2015 – The Long War Journal

Analysis: Former al Qaeda Operative Freed, Sent Home to Qatar

David Andrew Weinberg

Ali Saleh Kahlah al Marri, who served as an al Qaeda sleeper operative, has been released from an American prison and returned to Qatar. more...

20th January 2015 –

DefCon 3

Bill Roggio

FDD Senior Fellow Bill Roggio on concerns over a potential European terror network. more...

19th January 2015 – The Long War Journal

Senior Qods Force General Killed in Suspected Israeli Airstrike

Ali Alfoneh, Bill Roggio

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps confirmed that Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Allah-Dadi was killed in an airstrike in Syria. He was assigned to help Hezbollah and Syria battle jihadist groups. more...

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