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30th August 2012 – NOW Lebanon

Bashar’s Cult of Personality

Tony Badran

Last week, the daily Al-Joumhouria published the transcripts of the surveillance tapes in the case of former minister Michel Samaha, who was recently arrested and charged for plotting a campaign... more...

24th August 2012 – Quoted by Oren Dorell, USA Today

Analysts: Syria’s Violence Threatens Neighboring Countries

Tony Badran

The war in Syria is spilling across the country's borders, threatening the stability of neighboring countries and the oil-rich Persian Gulf, Middle East analysts said. The violence in Syria is stoking existing... more...

16th August 2012 – NOW Lebanon

Iranian Islands of Influence

Tony Badran

At a Pentagon news conference on Tuesday, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that Iran is building and training a militia to buttress the Assad regime in Syria. more...

16th August 2012 – Monocle 24 - London

News Update

Tony Badran

Hezbollah and EU designation as a terrorist group. more...

16th August 2012 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Tony Badran

Developments in the ongoing crisis in Syria. more...

14th August 2012 – Quoted by Michael Totten, City Journal

From Syria’s Ashes

Tony Badran

An Arab country that’s pro-Western and has a non-Muslim majority? Though it sounds like something that could exist only in an alternate universe, there’s a chance that such a state could emerge from the ongoing conflict in Syria. more...

9th August 2012 – NOW Lebanon

Washington’s Self-Defeating Policy

Tony Badran

In a steady stream of leaks and public statements in recent days, a number of US officials have offered a window into the Obama administration’s current thinking on Syria. more...

3rd August 2012 – Quoted by Ben Evansky, Fox News

Syrian Rebel Commanders Warn Extremists Could Gain Sway Without Aid from US, Allies

Tony Badran

Leading commanders of the Free Syrian Army, in an exclusive interview with Fox News, warn of dire consequences if the Obama administration continues to pay just "lip service" to the rebels and opposition forces. more...

3rd August 2012 – NOW Lebanon

The Syrian Conflict’s New Phase

Tony Badran

It has become apparent that the areas held by Syrian president Bashar Assad’s forces are rapidly shrinking. As Assad concentrates his forces in Damascus and Aleppo, he is ceding territory elsewhere. more...

27th July 2012 – Foreign Policy


Tony Badran

How long will President Bashar al-Assad remain in Damascus? His regime appears to be reeling: A bombing last week claimed the lives of his brother-in-law and three other senior figures of his regime. more...

27th July 2012 – Fox News

America Live

Tony Badran

FDD's Tony Badran explains the strategic importance of US involvement in the Syrian rebellion. more...

26th July 2012 – Quoted by O Globo - Brazil

Líbano, o Primeiro Refém da Crise Síria

Tony Badran

Na bagagem dos mais de 30 mil refugiados sírios que já cruzaram a fronteira rumo ao Líbano chegam problemas. Humanitários e, principalmente, políticos. À medida que a guerra da oposição... more...

6th July 2012 – The Weekly Standard

Strategic Geography and the End of Assad

Tony Badran

The latest military developments in Syria are now generally understood as ushering in a new phase in the Syrian conflict. What’s less observed is that the minority Alawite regime’s mass killings of Sunnis and the intense fighting... more...

21st June 2012 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Tony Badran, Reuel Marc Gerecht

Developments in Syria and negotiations with Iran. more...

20th June 2012 – Syndicated - Canada


Tony Badran

The situation in Syria and the country’s controversial support from Russia when most of the rest of the world is attempting to impose sanctions. more...

14th June 2012 – Voice of Russia

News Update

Tony Badran

Russian policy on Syria. more...

14th June 2012 – NOW Lebanon

Defensive Propaganda

Tony Badran

Of all the uprisings of the “Arab Spring,” the Syrian revolt has been the one arena where pro-regime information warfare has been a central element in the ongoing conflict. more...

9th June 2012 – Quoted by Patrick Martin, The Globe and Mail - Canada

Bid to Hide Bloodbath Changes Game in Syria

Tony Badran

United Nations monitors arrived in the west Syrian village of Qubair Friday to find the community deserted but with signs of a major bloodbath having taken place, suggesting a major cover-up by Syrian forces may have been attempted. more...

7th June 2012 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Tony Badran

Developments in Syria. more...

7th June 2012 – NOW Lebanon

Assad’s Sectarian Strategy

Tony Badran

While the massacre of women and children in Houla last month has been rightly denounced by outsiders as a horrific act of brutality, few fully appreciate the cold-blooded calculus of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad... more...