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27th June 2014 – Now Lebanon

A Hard Sell

Tony Badran

Sunni regional powers are unlikely to embrace a policy that disregards their interests. more...

26th June 2014 – Cited by Alexander Corbeil - Carnegie Endowment For International Peace

Hezbollah’s Iraq Problems

Tony Badran

Events in Iraq, where the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has routed government forces since June 10, have sent reverberations across the region. more...

19th June 2014 – Now Lebanon

The Devil You Don’t Know

Tony Badran

An Iranian-backed presence in southern Syria isn't necessarily better than a Nusra one. more...

18th June 2014 – CTV

CTV News

Tony Badran

FDD Research Fellow, Tony Badran, discusses the implications of U.S. intervention in Iraq. more...

5th June 2014 – Now Lebanon

Jihadist Blowback?

Tony Badran

Analysts are mistakenly placing the Brussels shootings within the context of Syria. more...

4th June 2014 – CCTV

CCTV America

Tony Badran

FDD Research Fellow, Tony Badran, discusses elections in Syria. more...

30th May 2014 – Now Lebanon

Semitic Semantics

Tony Badran

Netanyahu and Pope Francis' disagreement over the language of Jesus evokes a deeper identity conflict. more...

25th May 2014 – The Tower

Hezbollah Official: “Israel Is The Main Enemy”

Tony Badran

The Daily Star yesterday reported on a speech given by Hezbollah’s deputy leader, Sheikh Naim Qassem. more...

23rd May 2014 – Bloomberg

Russian Companies Active In Syria At Risk of U.S. Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz, Tony Badran

The Obama administration may conclude that the road to Donetsk leads on to Damascus. more...

22nd May 2014 – Now Lebanon

Hezbollah’s Foreign Origins

Tony Badran

The party’s origins predate Israel’s invasion of South Lebanon in 1982... more...

15th May 2014 – Quoted by Ariel Ben Solomon, The Jerusalem Post

Assad Regime-rebel Agreement in Homs a Sign of Things to Come?

Tony Badran

If Syrian forces continue to win battles against the rebels, it may force them to make more cease-fire deals and withdrawals in other cities. more...

15th May 2014 – Cited by Michael Weiss, NOW Media

The Devil’s in the Details

Tony Badran

It’s an odd sort of president who demands credit for selling a humanitarian catastrophe to two countries committed to furthering it. Yet that’s... more...

12th May 2014 – Cited by Hassan Hassan and Michael Weiss, The American Interest

Saudi Arabia Recalibrates

Tony Badran

Significant changes in Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy over the past six months have been precipitated by the Gulf giant’s troubled relations with two very different countries... more...

8th May 2014 – NOW Media

No Need for Compromise

Tony Badran

On Wednesday, Lebanon's parliament once again failed to achieve the required quorum to hold the session to elect a new president. As the country now faces the... more...

7th May 2014 – CCTV

News Update

Tony Badran

With Syrian rebels withdrawing from Homs, does this mean Bashar al-Assad is close to claiming victory? FDD's Tony Badran discusses. more...

1st May 2014 – NOW Media

Politics Trumps Peace Process

Tony Badran

In a move that surprised many in Washington, last Wednesday, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement and... more...

1st May 2014 – FDD Press

Allies, Adversaries & Enemies: America’s Increasingly Complex Alliances

Allies, Adversaries & Enemies: America’s Increasingly Complex Alliances

Jonathan Schanzer, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Thomas Joscelyn, Reuel Marc Gerecht, David Andrew Weinberg, Tony Badran, Mark Dubowitz, Emanuele Ottolenghi, Clifford D. May

This volume examines the growing problem of American allies that simultaneously act as Washington’s adversaries or even enemies. This phenomenon, which has markedly grown in recent decades, can be discerned in the U.S.'s bilateral relationships with Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, all four of which are examined in extended case studies in this volume. more...

24th April 2014 – NOW Media

Obama has Had a Strategy All Along

Tony Badran

Last week, Frederic Hof, one of the Obama administration's former top Syria hands, asked whether the administration had a conscious strategy in Syria. Hof, who... more...

23rd April 2014 – Quoted by Lee Smith, The Weekly Standard

Syria Announces Presidential Elections for June

Tony Badran

Monday the Syrian regime announced that presidential elections will be held June 3. The State Department dismissed the news. “The fact that you would even think.. more...

13th April 2014 – Asharq Al Awsat

Do You Envision the Emergence of “Common Front” Led By Washington to Face the Jihadi Groups?

Tony Badran

كرة نشوء جبهة مشتركة أميركية - إيرانية - إسرائيلية، مهما كان طابعها، ضد الجماعات السنية الجهادية، لا تمثل طرحا واقعيا. هذه النظريات لا تعكس فهما دقيقا لمقاربة إسرائيل للتهديدات المتعدّدة التي تواجهها على حدودها الشمالية والجنوبيةف. more...