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12th April 2018 – The National Interest

What Comes after Airstrikes on Syria?

David Adesnik

Via Twitter, where his candor is often remarkable, President Donald Trump has already warned that missiles “will be coming.” If so, one hopes that the president and his advisers also have a clear strategy for what to do after the missiles slam into their targets. A sustained barrage might inflict substantial damage on Assad’s air force, such as the Mi-8 Hip helicopters apparently responsible for the chlorine attacks last Saturday. The United States and its allies should deprive Assad of his air force, yet it would be hard to call this justice for a war criminal with so much blood on his hands. more...

10th April 2018 – 660 AM The Answer

The Mark Davis Show

David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik joins the Mark Davis show to discuss the withdrawal of troops from Syria. more...

9th April 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

Assad Chemical Attack Shows Failure of U.S. Deterrence

David Adesnik

Precisely a year and a day after the U.S. punished the Syrian regime with missile strikes for its use of chemical weapons, Damascus launched a new round of chemical attacks that killed at least 40 civilians in the besieged city of Douma east of the capital. Although last year’s punitive strikes deterred Assad for several months, he began probing U.S. resolve earlier this year with a series of chlorine attacks that prompted no response, thus exposing the inconsistency of American deterrence. more...

3rd April 2018 – Quoted by Leandra Bernstein - Sinclair Broadcast Group

Trump administration thinking ‘very seriously’ about withdrawing troops from Syria

David Adesnik

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump stated that the United States should withdraw its troops from the region and focus on "rebuilding our country" after recent U.S.-led coalition victories against the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group in Syria and Iraq. more...

31st March 2018 – Quoted by Zachary Cohen and Ryan Browne - CNN

Who stands to gain if Trump pulls the US out of Syria?

David Adesnik

President Donald Trump's unexpected announcement on Thursday that the US would "be coming out of Syria like very soon" is raising concerns among some national security officials who warn that withdrawing now would not only undermine American credibility in the region but prompt a significant escalation to an already devastating conflict. more...

30th March 2018 – Quoted by Josh Rogin - The Washington Post

In Syria, we ‘took the oil.’ Now Trump wants to give it to Iran.

David Adesnik

There are a lot of good arguments for maintaining an American presence in Syria after the fall of the Islamic State, but President Trump doesn’t seem persuaded by any of them. Perhaps he would back off his urge to cut and run if he knew that the United States and its partners control almost all of the oil. And if the United States leaves, that oil will likely fall into the hands of Iran. more...

29th March 2018 – Quoted by The New York Post

Trump is winning on Iran, how to defund Planned Parenthood, and other comments

David Adesnik

It appears likely the Iran nuclear deal will not survive past May 12, when presidential waivers on crippling sanctions expire. more...

29th March 2018 – Quoted by George Thomas - CBN

Don’t Expect North Korea to Give Up Its Nuclear ‘Sword of Justice’

David Adesnik

North Korea's government has referred to their nuclear weapons as a "treasured sword of justice" serving as deterrent to any potential attack from the United States. more...

28th March 2018 – Fox News

US-North Korea summit: How Trump can score a major deal

David Adesnik

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Wednesday that “we feel like things are moving in the right direction” heading into a planned summit between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in May. If the meeting takes place, it will confront the U.S. president with the consummate test of his skills as a dealmaker, since no one has played American negotiators for fools more consistently than the North Koreans. more...

20th March 2018 – WINA

The Schilling Show

David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik joins the Schilling show to discuss who Prince Saudi Mohammed bin Salman is and how he came to power, as well as tackling Islamic extremism, and more on the new Saudi prince and his agenda. more...

20th March 2018 – i24 News

The Rundown

David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik joins The Rundown to discuss the significance of Bin Salman's visit to the US. more...

8th March 2018 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik joins the John Batchelor Show to discuss the threat Iranian proxies in Syria pose to Israel. more...

6th March 2018 – CBN News

CBN News

David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik joins CBN to discuss upcoming talks between the US and North Korea. more...

2nd March 2018 – Quoted by NCRI

Iran Regime’s Proxy Wars Are Escalating

David Adesnik

The Iranian Regime is escalating its proxy wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen to a new, more dangerous stage and providing more money, weapons and advisers to their Shiite militias in those regions in order to secure Iran’s growing influence over the Middle East once ISIS falls, according to a former high level American diplomat in the region. more...

28th February 2018 – FDD's Iran Project

FDD Profiles of Leading Iranian-Backed Militias

Amir Toumaj, David Adesnik

Iran has built a network of Shiite militias, now fighting across the Middle East, whose fighters number in the tens of thousands. These militias include battle-hardened fighters as well as poorly trained recruits. They hail from countries across the Muslim world and have varying motivations and interests, but they have one thing in common: they project the Islamic Republic’s power and promote its revolutionary ideology. Iran’s Shiite foreign legion has played an indispensable role in preserving the Assad regime in Syria, but all the groups have expressed a readiness to wage war against all enemies of the Islamic Republic. more...

28th February 2018 – VOA Persia

VOA Persia

David Adesnik

Footage of FDD's David Adesnik speaking at the FDD event, Iran's Formidable Force in Syria, was featured on VOA Persia. more...

28th February 2018 – Quoted by Carlo Muñoz - The Washington Times

Iran reaches new stage in proxy wars in Iraq, Syria

Amir Toumaj, David Adesnik

Iranian military leaders are elevating their proxy wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen to a new and dangerous stage, funneling more money, weapons and advisers to Shia militias in those nations in an attempt to further cement Tehran’s growing influence in the post-Islamic State Middle East, a former high level American diplomat in the region said Wednesday. more...

16th February 2018 – Fox News

Militias in Syria could next attack Israel and launch a new war

David Adesnik

The Iranian drone launched from Syria that violated Israeli air space this past weekend sent an unmistakable message to the Jewish state: Iran has opened a new front on Israel’s northern border that could eventually erupt into war. more...

14th February 2018 – BBC Radio


David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik discusses the latest developments on remaining ISIS fighters in Syria on BBC 4 Radio. more...

9th February 2018 – Quoted by Express Newsline

Airstrikes kill at least 55 civilians outside Syrian capital

David Adesnik

The Assad-administration used chlorine gas bombs against civilians in the regions that are now being held by rebels such as Suraqeb in the northwestern provinces of Douma and Idlib near Damascus in Eastern Ghouta. more...