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17th July 2018 – FDD's Policy Brief

No Deal on Syria for Trump and Putin

David Adesnik

Despite considerable speculation, President Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin did not appear to reach agreement on how to limit Iranian influence in Syria. more...

12th July 2018 – Quoted by Michael Lipin - Voice of America

Israeli General: Our Strikes Left Iran ‘Far’ From Syria Entrenchment

David Adesnik

An Israeli general says his nation’s recent strikes on Iranian forces in Syria have left Iran far from cementing a presence there but also have left Israel needing support to end that presence completely. more...

12th July 2018 – VOA Persian

VOA Persia

David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik joins VOA Persia to discuss the importance of preventing the consolidation of Iran's positions in Syria. more...

6th July 2018 – The Hill

US must renew sanction enforcement on Syria’s Assad

David Adesnik

Assad is reportedly bombing hospitals again. He understands there will be no American airstrikes if he resists the temptation to use chemical weapons. more...

3rd July 2018 – Foreign Podicy

Podcast: Syria’s World War

Clifford D. May, John Hannah, David Adesnik

Syria has been at war for seven long years. More than a half million people have been killed. More than 11 million – close to half Syria’s pre-war population – have been displaced either internally or as refugees in other countries. more...

13th June 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

At Summit, North Korea Offers Vague Denuclearization Pledge

David Adesnik, Mathew Ha

In a joint statement with President Trump following their historic summit in Singapore, Kim Jong Un pledged “his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” The statement does not include a timeline for denuclearization, nor does it require North Korea to take any specific steps toward that goal, although the president assured journalists that U.S. and international observers will verify Kim’s compliance. more...

25th May 2018 – CNBC

Trump should ‘keep cranking up the pressure’ on North Korea if he really wants Kim to give up nukes

David Adesnik

Visions of a Nobel Peace Prize can be very seductive. Even Jimmy Carter admitted that Donald Trump would deserve the prize if he brought peace to the Korean Peninsula. more...

25th May 2018 – National Review

Pompeo’s Encouragingly Tough Words for Iran

David Adesnik

‘We win and they lose” is how Ronald Reagan once summed up his policy toward the Soviet Union. At the time, almost all serious foreign-policy experts considered any talk of winning the Cold War to be delusional and possibly dangerous, but in hindsight, Reagan’s words come across as prophetic. more...

17th May 2018 – The National Interest

In Korea, the Same Old Tricks from a Brand New Kim

David Adesnik

North Korea long ago mastered the art of playing hard to get with American diplomats eager—or even desperate—to make a deal. Pyongyang’s sudden threatto cancel the June 12 summit in Singapore shows that Kim Jong-un has learned how to play the same games as his father and grandfather. more...

11th May 2018 – Fox News

America must respond to Iran’s attack on Israel to prevent a regional war

David Adesnik


11th May 2018 – WINA

The Schilling Show

David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik joins the Schilling show to discuss Iran's involvement with Syria and the recent Israel strikes within Syria. more...

2nd May 2018 – i24 News


David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik joins i24 News to discuss US offensives against last IS strongholds. more...

12th April 2018 – The National Interest

What Comes after Airstrikes on Syria?

David Adesnik

Via Twitter, where his candor is often remarkable, President Donald Trump has already warned that missiles “will be coming.” If so, one hopes that the president and his advisers also have a clear strategy for what to do after the missiles slam into their targets. A sustained barrage might inflict substantial damage on Assad’s air force, such as the Mi-8 Hip helicopters apparently responsible for the chlorine attacks last Saturday. The United States and its allies should deprive Assad of his air force, yet it would be hard to call this justice for a war criminal with so much blood on his hands. more...

10th April 2018 – 660 AM The Answer

The Mark Davis Show

David Adesnik

FDD's David Adesnik joins the Mark Davis show to discuss the withdrawal of troops from Syria. more...

9th April 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

Assad Chemical Attack Shows Failure of U.S. Deterrence

David Adesnik

Precisely a year and a day after the U.S. punished the Syrian regime with missile strikes for its use of chemical weapons, Damascus launched a new round of chemical attacks that killed at least 40 civilians in the besieged city of Douma east of the capital. Although last year’s punitive strikes deterred Assad for several months, he began probing U.S. resolve earlier this year with a series of chlorine attacks that prompted no response, thus exposing the inconsistency of American deterrence. more...

3rd April 2018 – Quoted by Leandra Bernstein - Sinclair Broadcast Group

Trump administration thinking ‘very seriously’ about withdrawing troops from Syria

David Adesnik

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump stated that the United States should withdraw its troops from the region and focus on "rebuilding our country" after recent U.S.-led coalition victories against the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group in Syria and Iraq. more...

31st March 2018 – Quoted by Zachary Cohen and Ryan Browne - CNN

Who stands to gain if Trump pulls the US out of Syria?

David Adesnik

President Donald Trump's unexpected announcement on Thursday that the US would "be coming out of Syria like very soon" is raising concerns among some national security officials who warn that withdrawing now would not only undermine American credibility in the region but prompt a significant escalation to an already devastating conflict. more...

30th March 2018 – Quoted by Josh Rogin - The Washington Post

In Syria, we ‘took the oil.’ Now Trump wants to give it to Iran.

David Adesnik

There are a lot of good arguments for maintaining an American presence in Syria after the fall of the Islamic State, but President Trump doesn’t seem persuaded by any of them. Perhaps he would back off his urge to cut and run if he knew that the United States and its partners control almost all of the oil. And if the United States leaves, that oil will likely fall into the hands of Iran. more...

29th March 2018 – Quoted by The New York Post

Trump is winning on Iran, how to defund Planned Parenthood, and other comments

David Adesnik

It appears likely the Iran nuclear deal will not survive past May 12, when presidential waivers on crippling sanctions expire. more...

29th March 2018 – Quoted by George Thomas - CBN

Don’t Expect North Korea to Give Up Its Nuclear ‘Sword of Justice’

David Adesnik

North Korea's government has referred to their nuclear weapons as a "treasured sword of justice" serving as deterrent to any potential attack from the United States. more...