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17th July 2018 – Quoted by The Tower

Former U.S. Ambassador: In Wake of Trump-Putin Summit, Israel Must Protect Its Own Interests

Mark Dubowitz

Despite commitments from both United States President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to look after Israeli security interests in Syria, Israel will have to “ensure its interests are protected,” Daniel Shapiro, the former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, wrote in an op-ed published Tuesday in Haaretz. more...

17th July 2018 – Quoted by Rosie Gray - The Atlantic

Trump’s Performance With Putin Creates a Career Dilemma for His Aides

Mark Dubowitz

President Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday has set off a bigger-than-usual backlash, provoking criticism from both the right and the left. more...

16th July 2018 – Quoted by Michael Graham - CBS

Commentary: Conservatives turn on Trump after Putin presser

Mark Dubowitz

How bad was the reaction from the Right to the POTUS-Putin presser? My tweet traffic from TrumpWorld fell so low I thought they'd all been dumped Twitter's recent purge. Instead of the usual celebrations and snark that accompany Trump's TV appearance, it was social-media silence from the #MAGA gang. more...

16th July 2018 – Quoted by Yaroslav Trofimov - The Wall Street Journal

Trump, Putin Agree to Try to Solve Syria Crisis, Preserve Israel’s Security

Mark Dubowitz

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to work together on solving the Syrian crisis—with both focusing on the need to guarantee Israel’s security. more...

11th July 2018 – Quoted by Hunter Lovell - The Washington Free Beacon

United States Designates Iran-backed Militant Group in Bahrain a Terrorist Organization

Mark Dubowitz

The United States designated an Iran-sponsored militant group in Bahrain a terrorist organization Tuesday in an effort to stop the Islamic Republic from extending its grip in the Middle East. more...

10th July 2018 – Quoted by Jan Hildebrand, Mathias Bruggmann, and Andreas Kroener - Handelsblatt

Berlin grappling with Tehran’s multi-million request

Mark Dubowitz

Tehran wants to fly suitcases stuffed with euros to Iran in one of the biggest cash withdrawals in history. The math of €300 million ($352 million) in bank notes could mean twelve cases weighing a total of 1,600 kilos. more...

9th July 2018 – Quoted by Antje Schippmann - Bild

Kein Cash für das Terror-Regime!

Mark Dubowitz

„Es ist ein wunderbares Beispiel dafür, dass die deutsche Außenpolitik weder interessengeleitet noch werteorientiert ist“, sagte der außenpolitischer Sprecher der FDP-Bundestagsfraktion, Bijan Djir-Sarai, zu BILD. more...

30th June 2018 – Fox News

America’s News HQ

Mark Dubowitz

FDD's Mark Dubowitz joins Fox News' America's News HQ to discuss the upcoming summit between President Trump and Putin. more...

21st June 2018 – Quoted by Seth Frantzman - The Jerusalem Post

US F-35 Diplomacy with Ankara Puts Washington in Catch-22

Mark Dubowitz

The US Senate voted 85-10 to restrict sales of the F-35 to Turkey on Monday. The bill, gaining steam since March, has major bi-partisan backing. “Turkey’s strategic decisions regrettably fall more and more out of line with, and at times in contrast to, US interests,” Senator James Lankford said in April. more...

20th June 2018 – The Wall Street Journal

To Help Iran, Angela Merkel Tries to Pull a Fast One With Swift

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

As the U.S. moves to reimpose sanctions on Iran, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is working behind the scenes to undermine the effort. How President Trump responds could determine whether his strategy to put maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic will succeed or fail. more...

19th June 2018 – Quoted by Patrick Goodenough - CNS News

Hitting Back at Erdogan’s Policies, Senate Targets Sale of F-35 Fighters

Mark Dubowitz

The National Defense Authorization Act passed by the U.S. Senate on Monday night includes a provision preventing the transfer of the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft to Turkey, a NATO ally whose Islamist government’s policies have set off alarm bells in Washington. more...

14th June 2018 – Quoted by Brian Bennett - Time

This Is What Trump’s Impulsive Diplomacy Looks Like

Mark Dubowitz

Kim Jong Un had a request. As Donald Trump wooed the North Korean leader inside a former British garrison in Singapore, Kim asked Trump to suspend military exercises by U.S. and South Korean forces on the Korean Peninsula, long a source of concern for Pyongyang’s hair-trigger military. more...

9th June 2018 – Quoted by Peter Baker and Michael Shear - The New York Times

Trump’s Blasts Upend G-7, Alienating Oldest Allies

Mark Dubowitz

Shortly before leaving the annual meeting of major world powers on Saturday, President Trump boasted that it had been “tremendously successful” and that on a scale of 0 to 10, “the relationship is a 10.” more...

8th June 2018 – Quoted by Joshua Davidovich - The Times of Israel

Another black Friday: 7 things to know for June 8

Mark Dubowitz

It’s Friday, which means there are/will be protests on the Gaza border. more...

7th June 2018 – Quoted by Mark Landler - The New York Times

Trump Says Abandoning Iran Deal Has Already Curbed Tehran’s Bad Behavior

Mark Dubowitz

President Trump asserted Thursday that his decision to abandon the Iran nuclear deal had already curbed Iran’s aggressive behavior, and he predicted that his hard-nosed tactics would also result in a successful nuclear negotiation with North Korea. more...

7th June 2018 – Quoted by Michael Shear - The New York Times

Anger Flares as G-7 Heads to Quebec

Mark Dubowitz

President Trump will travel to a sleepy village in Quebec on Friday to meet with the leaders of America’s closest allies for a summit meeting that usually ends with a moment of global camaraderie — the “family photo” that captures presidents and prime ministers smiling for the camera. more...

7th June 2018 – Quoted by Linda Qiu - The New York times

With Little Evidence, Trump Claims Iran Has Curbed Activities in Middle East

Mark Dubowitz

It’s unclear to what Mr. Trump is referring with his three-month timeline since he withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal just last month. more...

5th June 2018 – Quoted by Carol Morello - The Washington Post

Iran plans new uranium enrichment

Mark Dubowitz

Iran announced Tuesday that it has taken steps to increase its capacity for uranium enrichment in a warning of the potential consequences of the U.S. withdrawal last month from the nuclear deal. more...

22nd May 2018 – Quoted by Tom DiChristopher - CNBC

The State Dept issued 12 demands for Iran. They ratchet up oil market risk and trade tension

Mark Dubowitz

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced a list of a dozen demands that Iran must meet before the United States lifts punishing sanctions against the country. more...

22nd May 2018 – Quoted by Howard LaFranchi - The Christian Science Monitor

Confronting Iran, US tests diplomatic strength without unity

Mark Dubowitz

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may have hoped for a better British reaction to his speech outlining a new get-tough approach on Iran. more...