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18th April 2018 – The Wall Street Journal

Use Iran Sanctions to Stop Assad

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

Since the weekend military strike against chemical-weapons sites in Syria, the debate in Washington has centered on whether the strike went far enough. But policy makers should consider another question of equal importance: Is the U.S. prepared to cut off the financial lifelines that keep Bashar Assad in power? more...

17th April 2018 – Quoted by Andrew Cohen - Ottawa Citizen

Cohen: Killing the Iran nuclear deal would be the worst mistake of Trump’s presidency

Mark Dubowitz

Under the agreement, the United States, France, Britain, China, Russia and Germany in 2015 agreed to lift their severe sanctions on Iran in exchange for restricting Iran’s nuclear program. The deal took years of hard, fitful negotiations. more...

16th April 2018 – Quoted by Raymond Tanter - Newsmax

In Syria, All Goals and Options Are on Trump’s Table

Mark Dubowitz

To have an effective strategy requires articulation and understanding of how goals and options relate. more...

13th April 2018 – Quoted by Callum Wood - The Trumpet

Iran Threatens to Restart Nuclear Program

Mark Dubowitz

How long would it take for Iran to restart its 20 percent uranium enrichment program? more...

12th April 2018 – Quoted by Kylie Atwood - CBS News

What to expect from Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing

Mark Dubowitz

When Mike Pompeo testifies at his confirmation hearing Thursday, he's likely to face aggressive questioning from Democrats, given his unwavering support of President Trump and his hardliner views on foreign policy issues like the Paris climate accord and North Korea's nuclear program. more...

12th April 2018 – Quoted by W.J. Hennigan - Time

Can the U.S. Deter War Crimes Without Going to War with Syria?

Mark Dubowitz

President Donald Trump had made up his mind about Syria. It was March 29, and to the cheers of the crowd at a campaign-style stop in Richfield, Ohio, the Commander in Chief declared that after 3½ years and billions of dollars sunk into the Middle East’s bloodiest civil war, America’s troops would soon be coming home. more...

11th April 2018 – CBC

Power and Politics

Mark Dubowitz

FDD's Mark Dubowitz joins Power and Politics to discuss the Iran deal and the possibility that the US could walk away from the deal. more...

9th April 2018 – Quoted by Brian Freeman - Newsmax

Free Beacon: Iran Threatens to Restart Nuclear Enrichment Program

Mark Dubowitz

As President Donald Trump considers whether or not to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal ahead of a May deadline, leaders in Tehran are threatening to restart the country’s nuclear enrichment program in just a matter of days, The Washington Free Beacon reported on Monday. more...

9th April 2018 – Quoted by Iran News Update

Iran Could Restart Nuclear Deal in 4 Days

Mark Dubowitz

The Iranian Regime is threatening to restart its illicit nuclear programme within days as US and European leaders rush to fix flaws in the controversial 2015 Iranian nuclear deal ahead of Donald Trump’s May deadline, when he has threatened to pull out of the deal altogether. more...

9th April 2018 – Quoted by Adam Kredo - The Washington Free Beacon

Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days

Mark Dubowitz

Iranian leaders are threatening to restart the country's contested nuclear enrichment program in just a matter of days as the Trump administration and European allies scramble to address a range of flaws in the landmark nuclear accord ahead of a May deadline that could see the United States walk away from the accord, according to regional reports and administration insiders. more...

6th April 2018 – Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Morning Bits: The Trump administration is worse than ever

Mark Dubowitz

The tax cuts were supposed to benefit workers, weren’t they? “Apple’s capital return plan will get much larger, according to one Wall Street firm. Citi Research reiterated its buy rating for Apple shares, saying the company will use tax reform proceeds to significantly increase its stock buyback and dividend program. . . . [Analyst Jim Suva] said Apple will more than double its annual share buyback, which averaged $32 billion a year in the last five years.” Oh, how nice for rich stockholders and high-level execs with stock options. more...

6th April 2018 – Quoted by James Kitfield - Yahoo News

The ‘day-after’ problem: What’s next if Trump tears up the Iran deal?

Mark Dubowitz

Freed from the shackles of cautious advisers and brimming with self-confidence, President Trump is boldly executing the disruptive foreign policy that he promised as a candidate. more...

5th April 2018 – Quoted by Yaroslav Trofimov - The Wall Street Journal

Turkey and Russia Forge Bond as Trump Weighs Syria Exit

Mark Dubowitz

How quickly things change in the Middle East. more...

4th April 2018 – Quoted by Barbara Plett Usher - BBC

Trumplomacy: Can US quit Syria ‘very soon’? It’s complicated

Mark Dubowitz

American forces and their local allies control a large and strategically important area in the eastern part of the country in which they have mostly, but not entirely, defeated the Islamic State (IS) group. more...

4th April 2018 – Quoted by Matthew Lee and Josh Lederman - The Associated Press

Anticipating Trump’s next move, aides prep Iran deal pullout

Mark Dubowitz

Anticipating an unpredictable president’s next moves, U.S. officials have started actively planning for the likelihood that Donald Trump will announce next month that the U.S. is withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. more...

1st April 2018 – Quoted by Mark Habeeb - The Arab Weekly

Will Trump’s new foreign policy team mean the end of the nuclear agreement with Tehran?

Mark Dubowitz, Clifford D. May

Speculation is rife in Washington that the nuclear agreement between the P5+1 powers and Iran will collapse after May 12, the date US President Donald Trump must either extend the waiver on US sanctions against the Tehran regime or allow them to go back into effect. The latter option almost certainly would mean the end of the agreement. more...

1st April 2018 – The Wall Street Journal

Europe Will Now Decide if the Iran Deal Survives

Mark Dubowitz

If you heard a series of loud booms on March 22, they probably came from the exploding heads of many in the American and European political elite, following the appointment of John Bolton as White House national security adviser. With the ascension of this “hawk,” President Obama’s nuclear accord with the Islamic Republic of Iran appears to be on life support. more...

30th March 2018 – Quoted by Wanda Carruthers - Newsmax

Trump Freezes Funds for Recovery Efforts in Syria

Mark Dubowitz

President Donald Trump froze more than $200 million in funds to aid with recovery efforts in Syria as the White House mulls the broader U.S. participation in the ongoing conflict there, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. more...

30th March 2018 – Quoted by Felicia Schwartz - The Wall Street Journal

Trump Freezes Funds for Syrian Recovery, Signaling Pullback

Mark Dubowitz

President Donald Trump froze more than $200 million in funds for recovery efforts in Syria as his administration reassesses Washington’s broader role in the protracted conflict there. more...

28th March 2018 – Quoted by Eli Lake - Bloomberg

Don’t Blow Up The Iran Deal. Trump’s Strategy Is Working.

Mark Dubowitz

It looks like the Iran nuclear deal will not survive past May 12. That is the next occasion President Donald Trump will have to end waivers on crippling sanctions against Iran, withdrawing America from the agreement. Unless European allies commit to fixing its main flaws -- the sunset provisions, lack of restrictions on Iran's missile tests and the hampered inspection process -- Trump will withdraw. more...