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7th August 2017 – Quoted by Seth G. Jones - Foreign Affairs

Will al Qaeda Make a Comeback?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Although the United States has focused its efforts on defeating the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), al Qaeda has quietly lingered on and is attempting to make a comeback. more...

30th July 2017 – CNNI

CNN International

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD Senior Fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses the foiled terrorist attack in Australia on CNN-I. more...

22nd July 2017 – Quoted by VOA Learning English

West Faces Long War with Islamic State Group

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

“If they are in Raqqa, they’re gonna die in Raqqa.” Those are the words of Brett McGurk, the United States’ top representative to the coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) group. Last month, McGurk spoke about IS forces in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa. He declared their foreign fighters would be targeted. more...

14th July 2017 – Quoted by Jamie Dettmer - VOA News

Down But Not Out: West Faces Long War Against Islamic State

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

America's top envoy to the coalition battling the Islamic State, Brett McGurk, declared last month open season on the terror group's foreign recruits in the besieged northern Syrian city. more...

12th July 2017 – KTLK

Justice & Drew

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD's Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses victory over the Islamic State. more...

6th July 2017 –

BBC World

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Tourism numbers in Africa are up - fuelled by visitors from within the continent. Zambia's President Lungu gives the police more powers but stops short of declaring a state of emergency. And Biafran War veterans remember the conflict 50 years on. more...

6th July 2017 – CGTN

The Heat

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

With the battle to retake Mosul from ISIL almost won in Iraq and the group severely limited in its Syrian stronghold Raqqa, the Middle East could soon be free of the militant group. more...

27th June 2017 – Quoted by Daniel Byman - Lawfare

Judging Al Qaeda’s Record, Part I: Is the Organization in Decline?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Al Qaeda’s power and influence have fallen considerably from its peak in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, but several well-respected analysts suggest the group remains strong and may resurge. more...

22nd June 2017 – Quoted by Tim Lister - CNN

Al-Nuri mosque: The irony of ISIS’ iconoclasm

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

When ISIS fighters seized the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2014, they tried to destroy the Great Mosque of al-Nuri's minaret, regarding it as idolatrous. But residents formed a human chain around it, preventing its destruction -- such was the gulf between the people of Mosul and their new rulers. more...

21st June 2017 – Quoted by Jeff Seldin - VOA

Islamic State Blows Up Iconic Mosul Mosque

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Mosul’s iconic al-Nuri mosque and its leaning minaret, known as al-Hadba, or “the hunchback,” are no more, destroyed by the Islamic State as Iraqi forces worked to eradicate the terror group from one of its last strongholds in the city. more...

19th June 2017 – CGTN America

The World Today

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD Senior Fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discussing what's behind recent attack in London. more...

9th June 2017 – Quoted by Jason Burke - The Guardian

What is fuelling Islamic State’s wave of Ramadan violence?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The end of Ramadan is always eagerly anticipated. This year, for security officials in the Islamic world and the west, it cannot come fast enough. more...

7th June 2017 – NewsTalk AM 1130

Justice and Drew

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD senior fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses the recent terror attacks in London, Manchester and Iran. more...

6th June 2017 – BBC Radio 5

Up All Night

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD senior fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses the London terror attacks. more...

5th June 2017 – Quoted by Jack Encarnacao - Boston Herald

Experts: Lone wolf terrorists now operating as killer wolf packs

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The arrest of 12 people in raids yesterday after the deadly London Bridge attack by three knife-wielding men points to what experts say is the rapid evolution of the jihadi terror threat from “lone wolf” actors to wolf packs, ad-hoc networks sometimes directed from afar by “virtual planners” using encrypted technology. more...

1st June 2017 – Quoted by Jeff Seldin - Voice of America

Fear in the Philippines Islamic State Has a New Center of Gravity

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Moments after the first reports of gunfire and flames at a resort in the Philippine capital of Manila, social media accounts of Islamic State terror group supporters went into action. more...

1st June 2017 – Quoted by Louis Jacobson - Politifact

Is ISIS ‘infiltrating America and using Syrians to do it’?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

In the hard-fought special election to fill a vacant, Atlanta-area congressional seat, a Republican group’s ad blares the alarm about terrorism on U.S. soil. more...

26th May 2017 – Quoted by Zack Beauchamp - Vox

What if it happened here?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

In the final years of the Obama administration, the president and his top advisers worried constantly about the growing threat ISIS posed to the United States. more...

25th May 2017 – CNN

CNN Newsroom

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD senior fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses the attack in Manchester. more...

25th May 2017 – Quoted by Alex Ward - Vox

UK to US: we don’t trust you with Manchester attack information

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The Manchester attack on Monday at an Ariana Grande concert, which killed 22 people and injured 59 others, has dealt a serious new blow to America’s intelligence-sharing agreement with Britain — a relationship vital to both countries’ efforts to prevent terror attacks. more...