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15th August 2012 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Michael Ledeen

Will Israel strike Iran over its nuclear program? more...

13th August 2012 – Faster, Please!

The Israel/Iran War Game

Michael Ledeen

Will they (the Israelis) or won’t they? And if so, when? I know the answers, but you’re not going to like them. The answers are all the same: we don’t know. And we’re not going to know. more...

8th August 2012 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Michael Ledeen

Anti-regime movements in Syria and Iran. more...

6th August 2012 – Faster, Please!

The Real War Redux: Syria’s Only One Battlefield, Stupid

Michael Ledeen

Thanks to Claire Berlinski, we discover that the Turks are all of a sudden worried that the Arab Spring–so enthusiastically embraced by Ankara–shows signs of transmuting into the Kurdish Spring. more...

3rd August 2012 – Claremont Review of Books

The New War Against America

Michael Ledeen

Last January, President Obama went over to the Pentagon to announce deep cuts in defense. He took the occasion to proclaim: “Even as our troops continue to fight in Afghanistan, the tide of war is receding.” He could not have been more dangerously mistaken. more...

31st July 2012 – Foreign Affairs

Tehran Takedown

Michael Ledeen

The nuclear question is at the center of most countries' Iran policies. China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States have all engaged in negotiations to convince Tehran to give up its presumed quest for the bomb. more...

26th July 2012 – Faster, Please!

CAIR Strikes Out

Michael Ledeen

It’s always a happy day when would-be censors fail to silence voices they don’t agree with, and it’s particularly satisfying when the losers are a well-known crowd of politically correct anti-1st Amendment vigilantes. more...

25th July 2012 – Faster, Please!

Iran’s Chickens Coming Home to Roast. Or Not…

Michael Ledeen

Anyone who has spent much time eating Persian food knows how important chicken is, whether it’s roast chicken, chicken with pomegranate sauce and walnuts, or chicken kebab. more...

9th July 2012 – Faster, Please!

Khamenei in Isolation as Revolutionary Guards Threaten Mayhem, Kill Drunks

Michael Ledeen

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei hasn’t been seen in public for a couple of weeks, and he notably missed his annual speech at “Pasdar Day,” devoted to the Revolutionary Guards Corps. more...

29th June 2012 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Michael Ledeen

Developments in the Middle East. more...

10th June 2012 – Faster, Please!

Leaks and Lies

Michael Ledeen

I once had a long discussion about leaks with Richard Helms, a thoughtful gentleman who steadfastly refused to reveal state secrets even when threatened with imprisonment. more...

30th May 2012 – Faster, Please!

Madness in High Places

Michael Ledeen

I am just back from a pilgrimage to Machiavelli’s town, San Casciano, and I’m happy to report that the sort of “virile Christianity” he favored is still alive and active in that lovely little town in the Pesa Valley. more...

28th May 2012 – Faster, Please!

Iran Rules

Michael Ledeen

So we had important talks with the Iranian regime and reached an important agreement to have more important talks with them next month. No one on our team seems the least bit embarrassed. more...

22nd May 2012 – Faster, Please!

When the State Steals, the People Become Thieves

Michael Ledeen

Friday we sailed around Capri and then across to the Bay of Salerno. Very few boats around, and nary a oee of the luxury yachts so common in those waters. We went to a seaside restaurant, and were among a very few customers. more...

6th May 2012 – Faster, Please!

Dishonor and War

Michael Ledeen

I wonder what the Atrocities Board would say about the dreadful betrayal of freedom in China. Only kidding. This Orwellian institution is surely designed to deal only with old horrors; you know, those during the dark ages of Bushitlercheney. more...

20th April 2012 – Faster, Please!

Taxes, Real Cash Money, and Corruption

Michael Ledeen

We’re in Italy, where the new government — headed by the distinguished economist Mario Monti — has three big initiatives: make it easier to fire workers, raise taxes on everyone, and limit the amount of money that can be paid in cash. more...

10th April 2012 – Faster, Please!

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. But Celebrated…

Michael Ledeen

It’s a tribute to the collapse of modern education that so many people, from pundits and professors to movie stars and policy makers, continue to repeat stereotypes and slogans that are demonstrably false and, in all likelihood, dangerous to our national health. more...

18th March 2012 – Faster, Please!

Iran and Syria are Getting Blown Up. And Sometimes Shot.

Michael Ledeen

It’s all the rage. Literally. Two explosions at Iranian military/nuclear weapons sites. Four explosions in Syria, including three suicide bombers in Damascus on Saturday, two of which were aimed at Syrian security forces buildings, all in the past few days. more...

16th March 2012 – Syndicated

The Bill Bennett Show

Michael Ledeen

Michael Ledeen and Andrew McCarthy debate whether the US should intervene in Syria? more...

13th March 2012 – National Review Online

Re: Let Syria Be

Michael Ledeen

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Andy and I have moved from a narrow discussion of Syria to the broader issues that ought to be driving our national foreign-policy debate. more...