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13th December 2011 – Faster, Please!

Returning the Terrorists to Tehran

Michael Ledeen

In January, 2007, five American soldiers were brutally murdered in Karbala, Iraq, by a team of operatives who had been trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ foreign legion, the Quds Force. more...

6th December 2011 – Faster, Please!

Hi There, Iranians! I’m Hillary, Let’s Chat

Michael Ledeen

For those who may have thought the Obama administration lacked real spine on responding to the 32-year old Iranian war against us, there is now a dramatic response (mild sarcasm alert). more...

28th November 2011 – Faster, Please!

Who’s Blowing Up Iran?

Michael Ledeen

Another week, another explosion at or near an Iranian military installation (or is it a nuclear research facility?). As usual, the regime doesn’t know what to say. more...

27th November 2011 – Faster, Please!

How Do Famous Italians Cope With Meltdown?

Michael Ledeen

Thanks to the ever-vigilant Italian press, in this case the Corriere della Sera, we know exactly how the heirs of the Renaissance deal with dark days. more...

16th November 2011 – Faster, Please!

The War Against the Mullahs

Michael Ledeen

This past weekend’s monster explosion at a Revolutionary Guards base outside Tehran has attracted the usual assortment of speculation and “informed information,” most of it sucked from the thumbs of pundits who feel they must write quickly. more...

5th November 2011 – Faster, Please!

Italy Wobbles, and a Demon Appears in the Clouds

Michael Ledeen

As usual, whenever the situation permits, the British press — led by the screaming meemies at the Financial Times — calls for the defenestration of Silvio Berlusconi. “In the name of God and Italy, go!” the FT intones at the beleaguered PM. more...

24th October 2011 – Faster, Please!

A Pattern of Appeasement and Retreat

Michael Ledeen

Take two headlines, one about Iraq, the other about Afghanistan. The Iraqis told us to honor our signed agreement, and pull out all our troops by year’s end. Over in Kabul, Karzai said he’d go to war against us if we attacked his neighbor, Pakistan. more...

19th October 2011 – Faster, Please!

I’m Baffled. What’s He Up To?

Michael Ledeen

I don’t think bloggers are supposed to confess bafflement, but I’m gonna do it: I’m baffled. I don’t get it. Every time I think I’ve got a grip on this administration, they do something I just can’t deconstruct. more...

17th October 2011 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Michael Ledeen

The Iranian terror plot on US soil. more...

13th October 2011 – Syndicated

The Dennis Prager Show

Michael Ledeen

The Iranian terror plot. more...

12th October 2011 – Faster, Please!

Don’t Tell Me You Were Surprised at Iran’s Operation

Michael Ledeen

What? There was nothing surprising, let alone “brazen,” about the Iranian attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, or to blow up the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington. It is, after all, what they do. more...

10th October 2011 – Faster, Please!

The Shape of the Middle East to Come

Michael Ledeen

First, I’d like to say a few words in sympathy with Iraq’s Prime Minister Maliki. Not that I’m an admirer, mind you. But I have been warning about this moment more...

4th October 2011 – Faster, Please!

Victory Could Be Ours, If Only We Want It

Michael Ledeen

In the real war, our major enemies are the evil regimes in Iran and Syria, and both are hollow and wobbling, needing only one good push to go over. more...

2nd October 2011 – Faster, Please!

Time to Get Real in Iran and Syria

Michael Ledeen

Can we agree that Iran and Syria now constitute a single strategic problem? Surely Ali Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader, thinks so. Otherwise he would not have ordered the Revolutionary Guards to conduct a policy of all-out military, financial, and intelligence support for the Assad regime more...

28th September 2011 – Faster, Please!

Totalitarian Temptations from Carter to Obama

Michael Ledeen

I keep having flashbacks to Jimmy Carter. The Cairo speech was in many ways a throwback to Carter’s famous “we are now free of that inordinate fear of communism” pronunciamento at Notre Dame. more...

21st September 2011 – Faster, Please!

The Shuttered White House and Its Fantasies

Michael Ledeen

I know exactly what is going on inside the Obama White House; the outside world has been banned and only the true believers are welcome. This has very little to do with the many unique features of this administration. more...

14th September 2011 – Faster, Please!

Khamenei Must Go (and Take Ahmadinejad too, Please)

Michael Ledeen

According to several recent reports, the Obama administration is now considering more forceful action against Iran in Iraq. This is as understandable as it was inevitable; as I wrote many months before the invasion of Iraq, it is folly to expect to maintain decent security there so long as the current regime remains in power in Tehran. more...

7th September 2011 – Faster, Please!

Ten Years Later

Michael Ledeen

September 11, September 11, for me it’s all about friend and family. Above all the others, the friend is — was — Barbara Olson, who was murdered by al-Qaeda on the airplane that crashed into the Pentagon. A really great woman, the life force in flesh and blood, how I miss her. more...

2nd September 2011 – Faster, Please!

The New, Neoconservative, New York Times

Michael Ledeen

At first I thought it was an anomaly, a personal thing. One New York Times columnist has an epiphany. But now there are two of them, two very liberal Timesmen embracing the use of military force in Libya. And invoking a quintessential “neoconservative” justification for it. I think it’s a trend. more...

31st August 2011 – WIBC - Indianapolis

The Greg Garrison Show

Michael Ledeen

Libya, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Obama policy past present future. more...