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31st August 2011 – Syndicated

Bill Bennett’s Morning in America

Michael Ledeen

Libya, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Obama policy past present future. more...

29th August 2011 – Faster, Please!

Iran’s Two-Front War

Michael Ledeen

While you were busy wondering if Obama could manage the hurricane, the Azeris erupted against the regime. When they riot in Azerbaijan, it’s a big deal. The Azeris are — by far — Iran’s biggest tribe. About half of the population is ethnic Persian, and half that number, a quarter of Iranians, are Azeri more...

25th August 2011 – National Review Online Symposium

Long, Hot Arab Summer

Claudia Rosett, Clifford D. May, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Emanuele Ottolenghi, Michael Ledeen

Commentary on the Arab Spring is much like the famous parable of the blind men learning about an elephant by touching it: Most observers glimpse limited aspects of a complex phenomenon, but have trouble comprehending the whole. more...

23rd August 2011 – Faster, Please!

Lessons of Libya (and Syria, and, Some Day, Iran)

Michael Ledeen

First, for those trying to figure out what’s going on in Libya: this sort of event does not lend itself to “live” coverage. Wars and insurrections are very foggy, and reporters cannot possibly check the information they are given. more...

22nd August 2011 – CBS News Radio

News Update

Michael Ledeen

The fall of Qaddafi. more...

22nd August 2011 – The Corner, National Review Online

American Hikers Sentenced in Iran

Michael Ledeen

You didn’t really think the Iranian regime was going to release the American hiker hostages, did you? We were evidently unwilling to pay the regime’s ransom demands (the only time hostages are released from Iran is when they are ransomed out, or when the regime fears something terrible is about to happen. more...

22nd August 2011 – Faster, Please!

It’s a Real War, Stupid. A Big War. A Worthy Challenge for America

Michael Ledeen

If we are going to win in the Middle East, we have to get the context right. As I wrote in The War Against the Terror Masters, long before the invasion of Iraq, we cannot just “do” a country like Iraq, or today, Syria, and then move on. more...

18th August 2011 – Faster, Please!

The War with Syria

Michael Ledeen

So the president finally swallowed hard and pronounced the three words: “Assad must go.” Well, not exactly. That would have been too simple. Here’s what he actually emitted: more...

12th August 2011 – Faster, Please!

Why Aren’t There Millions of Iranians in the Streets?

Michael Ledeen

People keep asking me how come the Iranian people seem to be missing in action amidst the Middle Eastern insurrection. Fair enough. No matter that the whole process was kicked off, and inspired by, the massive demonstrations in the streets of Iran’s major cities following the electoral fraud of June, 2009. more...

9th August 2011 – Faster, Please!

The Next President

Michael Ledeen

I don’t have a candidate yet, but I do have some traditional requirements. Most of the time, we elect either state governors or generals who have won wars. more...

7th August 2011 – By Ion Mihai Pacepa, Pajamas Media

Happy Birthday, Michael Ledeen!

Michael Ledeen

The highest official who has ever defected from the Soviet bloc looks back with thanks for the help he received from PJMedia's own Michael Ledeen. more...

3rd August 2011 – Faster, Please!

The Real War, Ignored as Usual

Michael Ledeen

The Soviets always used to say “if you say A, you must do B,” meaning that words had to have consequences. Yes, it’s a commonplace banality, one of those things that’s so obvious, it hardly bears mention. more...

2nd August 2011 – Faster, Please!

The Circle of Evil

Michael Ledeen

The story of the day comes from Germany. It’s about comrade Horst Mahler, one of the leaders of the West German Baader-Meinhof Gang that terrorized the country in the latter days of the Cold War. more...

29th July 2011 – Faster, Please!

The Pawlenty Doctrine

Michael Ledeen

I was amazed when I read the Pawlenty speech on the Middle East. I hadn’t expected that a former Middle Western governor, from a blue state, would have had the passion and vision to deliver one of the most impressive analyses and tough-minded policy ideas within memory. more...

26th July 2011 – Faster, Please!

The Myths of Oslo

Michael Ledeen

The more I look at the Oslo massacre, the more I am struck by how archaic it all is. The killer fancies himself a noble defender of a Western world that no longer exists, and has not existed, really, since the First World War destroyed it. more...

11th July 2011 – Faster, Please!

Are We Going to Do Anything to Those Who Kill Americans?

Michael Ledeen

At first, I thought all the statements — about Iranian support for terrorists (in both Iraq and Afghanistan) who kill Americans — were parting messages from government officials on their way out, and therefore free to say such things. more...

7th July 2011 – Faster, Please!

Iran Approaching Fission? I’m Talking Politics, Not Nukes…

Michael Ledeen

The mullahs have stepped up their tempo of killing, both at home and abroad. The main difference is that the Iranian citizens who are tortured and executed are slaughtered by fellow-Iranians. more...

30th June 2011 – Faster, Please!

Obama’s Joke of a Counterterrorism Strategery

Michael Ledeen

Mount Obama belched forth a mousy counterterrorism strategy, which you can read here in its inglorious entirety. Like most of the pronouncements of this crowd, it reads rather like an undergraduate seminar paper, full of useless “definitions” that don’t define, and generalizations that beg the real questions. more...

24th June 2011 – Syndicated

The Rush Limbaugh Show

Michael Ledeen

Dr. Ledeen's blog on President Obama's gaffes. more...

23rd June 2011 – Faster, Please!

What’s Up With All the Presidential Gaffes, Anyway?

Michael Ledeen

Big Media doesn’t pay much attention to them, even though Obama makes an amazing number of errors in his public statements. And I think it’s easy enough to understand why the BM largely ignores them: to report them all would totally undermine the image of the president to which a surprising number of “reporters” and pundits are wedded: that of an unusually intelligent and well educated man. more...