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13th March 2012 – National Review Online

Re: Let Syria Be

Michael Ledeen

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Andy and I have moved from a narrow discussion of Syria to the broader issues that ought to be driving our national foreign-policy debate. more...

11th March 2012 – Faster, Please!

Chris Matthews, Getting It Wrong and Staying There

Michael Ledeen

Some weeks ago, Chris Matthews mentioned me in passing as one of those who wants to attack Iran militarily. So I wrote to his producer, pointed out that I had long opposed military attacks on Iran, had written three books and scads of articles and blogs saying that more...

11th March 2012 – Quoted by Eli Lake, The Daily Beast

Can Israel Really Aid Iran’s Opposition, as Meir Dagan Suggests?

Michael Ledeen

Michael Ledeen, a freedom scholar at Foundation for Defense of Democracies and one of the biggest supporters of regime change in Iran, said he was happy to see Dagan’s remarks about aiding Iran’s opposition on 60 Minutes. more...

7th March 2012 – National Review Online

Taking Sides on Syria

Michael Ledeen

I don’t know if I’m Andy McCarthy’s greatest fan, but I’m right up there at or near the top of the list, so whenever I disagree with him my immediate suspicion is that I’ve got it wrong. more...

7th March 2012 – Faster, Please!

It’s the War, Stupid, Not the Nukes

Michael Ledeen

My invaluable friend, David Goldman, aka Spengler, called our attention to an extremely important article in the German press by a highly respected German defense expert, saying there is good reason to believe that North Korea tested an Iranian nuclear device in 2010. more...

1st March 2012 – Faster, Please!

Iranian Carnival (aka “Elections”) Redux

Michael Ledeen

The Basij — the radical thugs who beat up Iranians for violations of the dress code and other sins against the official version of Islam — will be voting early and often in Iran on Friday. more...

1st March 2012 – WGN - Chicago

Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg

Michael Ledeen

Recent Developments in Iran. more...

29th February 2012 – Syndicated

The Hugh Hewitt Show

Michael Ledeen

Recent developments in Iran. more...

29th February 2012 – WIBC - Indianapolis

The Greg Garrison Show

Michael Ledeen

Recent developments in Iran. more...

28th February 2012 – Quoted by Sara A. Carter, The Washington Examiner

Secret Memo Suggests White House Ignored SOS from Iranian Opposition

Michael Ledeen

"It's clear that the administration was not being asked to stay away," said Michael Ledeen, a scholar with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies who worked as a senior official for Republican administrations. "The opposition represented the best option for the West." more...

28th February 2012 – Cited by Investors Business Daily

Obama To Iran Green Revolution Dissidents: Drop Dead

Michael Ledeen

The Obama administration is oddly proud that it does "not provide financial assistance to any political movement, party or faction in Iran." But Foundation for the Defense of Democracies scholar Michael Ledeen has argued for years that supporting Iran's real opposition can keep it from becoming the first jihadist nuclear power. more...

27th February 2012 – Faster, Please!

Obama Administration Ignored Iranian Opposition’s Advice

Michael Ledeen

When mass demonstrations against the Iranian regime erupted in the summer of 2009, the Obama administration found itself facing a totally unexpected problem. more...

25th February 2012 – The Wall Street Journal

Santorum Was Right About Iran—When It Was Unpopular

Michael Ledeen

Rick Santorum doesn't fit any of the stereotypes of current foreign-policy ideologies. He's too idealistic to be a "realist," too conservative and too religious to be a "neocon," and too revolutionary to be a "paleocon." more...

23rd February 2012 – Faster, Please!

Dear General Dempsey

Michael Ledeen

Every time I hear some policy maker talk about “destabilizing” (as you did the other day, discussing a possible Israeli military attack on Iran) my heart sinks. For two reasons: more...

17th February 2012 – Cited by Josh Rogin, Foreign Policy

Conservatives Call for Obama to Intervene in Syria

Clifford D. May, Michael Ledeen, John Hannah, James Woolsey, Tony Badran, Mark Dubowitz, Reuel Marc Gerecht

Fifty-six leading conservative foreign-policy experts wrote an open letter Friday to U.S. President Barack Obama calling on him to directly aid the Syrian opposition and protect the lives of Syrian civilians. more...

15th February 2012 – Faster, Please!

Freedom and Tyranny

Michael Ledeen

I’m sure Mark Levin would agree that it’s no accident. This president, who so vigorously asserts and imposes state power against Americans, is much more comfortable supporting dissident movements against American friends than against American enemies. more...

13th February 2012 – Faster, Please!

Kissing Assad’s Ass

Michael Ledeen

Lee Smith’s outstanding article about American journalists, producers, and “distinguished citizens” who groveled at the bloody feet of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad shows once again the ease with which citizens of democracies become “accomplices to evil.” more...

12th February 2012 – Quoted by Rodrigo Craveiro, Correio Braziliense - Brazil

Guerra Subterrânea

Michael Ledeen

No campo virtual, o wormde computador Stuxnet também representou um duro golpe para o programa nuclear iraniano. De acordo com o neoconservador Michael Arthur Ledeen, ex-conselheiro especial do secretário de Estado norte-americano Alexander Haig more...

12th February 2012 – Faster, Please!


Michael Ledeen

Those who like to think that mankind is making progress toward the rule of law should have a look at the considerable number of hostages nowadays. more...

6th February 2012 – America's News Network

News Update

Michael Ledeen

Developments in Syria and Israel. more...