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11th November 2013 – The Huffington Post

The French

Michael Ledeen

What are we to make of the latest broken stereotype, the one that portrays the French as Europe's leading surrender monkeys? After French Foreign Minister... more...

10th November 2013 – PJ Media

What Happened in Geneva? What Does It Mean?

Michael Ledeen

It’s not easy to make a deal with Iran (and even when you think you’ve made one, you might be wrong). The failure of the Geneva talks is just another in a long... more...

29th October 2013 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Michael Ledeen

It's Not Just About Syria. The Saudis Are Direct Targets of Iranian Operations more...

29th October 2013 – The Huffington Post

It’s Not Just About Syria. The Saudis Are Direct Targets of Iranian Operations

Michael Ledeen

There is no reason to be surprised at the Saudis' dramatic dissing of the United States in recent days and weeks. And it's not just because the United States... more...

24th October 2013 – The Daily Beast

Remembering The Invasion of Grenada 30 Years On

Michael Ledeen

One night in late October, 1983, I listened to a BBC short wave broadcast reporting that the United States was about to invade Grenada. I chuckled, said... more...

10th October 2013 – The Huffington Post

The Obama-Rouhani Communication Efforts Are No Historic Breakthrough

Michael Ledeen

There's just something about Iran, perhaps an old Jedi trick, that clouds Western minds. No matter how many times one presents experts and journalists... more...

25th September 2013 – Institute for Research on Public Policy

Don’t Forget Who You’re Talking To

Michael Ledeen

If you read the list of signatories to the Iran Project’s April 2013 call for more virile diplomacy with Iran, you’ll see an impressive collection of diplomatic... more...

25th September 2013 – The Atlantic

Why Did Rouhani Say ‘No’ to Obama?

Michael Ledeen

It may not have been a flat-out rejection, but Iranian President Hassan Rouhani certainly surprised a lot of people by declining to meet with President Obama... more...

24th September 2013 – The Huffington Post

Rouhani’s World

Michael Ledeen

Whatever comes out of the UN General Assembly session this week, Hasan Rouhani is the star of the show. Nothing new or surprising there; so was his... more...

23rd September 2013 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Michael Ledeen

Hasan Rouhani, Iran’s new president, is going to be in New York this week for the UN General Assembly meetings. Will there be a diplomatic breakthrough? more...

11th September 2013 – The Huffington Post

The Troika: Putin, Khamenei and Assad

Michael Ledeen

If for no other reason, we should be grateful to the Russians for shining light on two of the recent mysteries surrounding Syria, and American policy, and for... more...

30th August 2013 – Syndicated

The Dennis Prager Show

Michael Ledeen

Should the US overthrow Bashar al-Assad. more...

27th August 2013 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Michael Ledeen

Syria's relationship with Iran and its war against the US. more...

25th August 2013 – PJ Media

The Road to Damascus Starts in Tehran

Michael Ledeen

It’s Middle East Groundhog Day all over again. The discussion of What To Do About Syria is a replay of What To Do About Saddam: it’s all about... more...

23rd August 2013 – Syndicated

Secure Freedom Radio

Michael Ledeen

FDD's Michael Ledeen provides an overview of his recent article “Its War You Idiots!”, as well Syrian chemical weapon attacks, and the situation in Egypt. more...

21st August 2013 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Michael Ledeen

The war waged against the United States and the West by radical leftists and radical Islamists. more...

18th August 2013 – PJ Media

It’s War, You Idiots

Michael Ledeen

It’s hard to get our minds around the dimensions of the slaughter underway in the Middle East and Africa, and harder still to see that the battlefields of Egypt... more...

4th August 2013 – PJ Media

Releasing Prisoners, Appeasing Enemies

Michael Ledeen

Both the Israeli release of more than a hundred Palestinian killers and the American release of five Taliban killers from Guantanamo are U.S. policy... more...

2nd August 2013 – The Wall Street Journal

A Chance for the New Iranian President to Prove He’s a Reformer

Michael Ledeen

The inauguration of Hassan Rouhani as president of Iran on Sunday has stirred considerable hope among some Western observers for the start of a new... more...

28th July 2013 – PJ Media

The Metaphysics of Jailbreaks

Michael Ledeen

In the mid-seventies, when I was reporting from Rome for The New Republic, jailbreaks were commonplace. Red Brigades terrorists and other such broke out... more...