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17th January 2018 – Document

Norsk hykleri fanger USAs oppmerksomhet

Orde Kittrie

Vi har lenge ment at oppblussingen av antiamerikanismen etter Trumps valgseier før eller siden vil fange amerikanernes oppmerksomhet og koste Norge goodwill i USA. more...

17th January 2018 – Salon

Trump’s merit-based immigration scheme based on lies

Orde Kittrie

Donald Trump’s recently confirmed secretary of homeland security may have just lied under oath. more...

16th January 2018 – City AM

World’s largest sovereign fund sells out of BAE Systems in ethics push

Orde Kittrie

Norway's massive $1.1 trillion (£777bn) sovereign wealth fund has pulled its investment in UK defence company BAE Systems, as it continues an ethical push. The fund – which has traditionally focused on oil, but decided to ditch oil and gas investments last year – has also sold off its stake in another eight companies as part of its principles drive. more...

16th January 2018 – Financial Times

Norway oil fund sells out of BAE Systems in latest ethical investment move

Orde Kittrie

Norway’s $1.1tn oil fund has sold out of UK defence group BAE Systems and eight other companies as well as banning them from its portfolios in the latest in a series of high-profile ethical investment decisions. more...

16th January 2018 – Finance

Massive Sovereign Wealth Fund of Norway Sells Out of BAE Systems

Orde Kittrie

The massive $1.1 trillion (£777bn) sovereign wealth fund of Norway has pulled its investment in BAE Systems, a UK defence company, as it proceeds with an ethical push. more...

16th January 2018 – The Wall Street Journal

What’s the Matter With Norway?

Orde Kittrie

President Trump reportedly touted Norway last week, comparing it favorably with Haiti and other countries he described in scatological terms. Though there are surely wonderful Norwegians, the government in Oslo calls to mind the Barry Switzer line: “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” more...

12th December 2017 – Quoted by Yonah Jeremy Bob - The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post

Orde Kittrie

Despite some recent wins, very few victims of terrorism or their families ever see most of the money from high-profile, big-payout victories awarded in US and Israeli courts from cases against the Palestinians, Iran and others. more...

15th October 2017 – Quoted by Thomas Ayres - National Defense University Press

The Use Of Explosives In Cities: A Grim But Lawful Reality Of War – Analysis

Orde Kittrie

Refugees flowing out of the Middle East pose a serious humanitarian crisis for Europe and the world at large. The indiscriminate use of violence by the so-called Islamic State (IS), the unlawful actions of the Syrian regime, and the conduct of some of the warring factions precipitated and continue to fuel this crisis. Consequent to the indiscriminate use of force and explosives in cities, the flow of Syrian refugees has caused some to call for a complete ban on the use of explosive weapons in cities or urban areas. But to what end? Let’s not learn the wrong lessons from this calamity. more...

1st October 2017 – Quoted by Thomas Ayres - Joint Force Quarterly

The Use of Explosives in Cities: A Grim but Lawful Reality of War

Orde Kittrie

Refugees flowing out of the Middle East pose a serious humanitarian crisis for Europe and the world at large. The indiscriminate use of violence by the so-called Islamic State (IS), the unlawful actions of the Syrian regime, and the conduct of some of the warring factions precipitated and continue to fuel this crisis. more...

29th September 2017 – Foreign Affairs

How Washington Can Counter the Rise of Hezbollah

Jonathan Schanzer, Orde Kittrie, Alex Entz

Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia and political party, is now the most powerful actor in Lebanon. Since 2006, Hezbollah’s last declared conflict with Israel, the group has amassed military hardware to rival that of a formal standing army and evolved into Lebanon’s most important political power broker. For those who view Hezbollah as a destabilizing force, with links both to terrorism and to Iran, the question is how best to counter this rise. more...

8th September 2017 – Mentioned by Claire Finkelstein - Ethics and International Affairs

Lawfare: Law as a Weapon of War by Orde Kittrie

Orde Kittrie

With the growing awareness of Russia’s attempts to weaken democratic institutions worldwide, the security practices of democratic nations are facing unprecedented challenges. Arguably, the most significant threat to Western-style democracy at the present moment comes not from kinetic action, but from the use of subterfuge and manipulation to influence public opinion. more...

8th August 2017 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Orde Kittrie

FDD senior fellow Orde Kittrie joins the John Batchelor Show to discuss how Norway and other U.S. allies have been undermined NATO. more...

31st July 2017 – The Wall Street Journal

How U.S. Allies Undermine NATO

Orde Kittrie

European countries divest from American defense firms that help protect them. more...

31st May 2017 – Mentioned by Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap Jr. - Military Review

Lawfare 101 A Primer

Orde Kittrie

For many commanders and other military leaders, the role of law in twenty-first century conflicts is a source of frustration. Some think it is “handcuffing” them in a way that is inhibiting combat success. For others, law is another “tool that is used by the enemies of the West." more...

19th May 2017 – The Hill

Trump’s steps on Iran show cooperation with Congress is possible

Orde Kittrie

On Wednesday, the Trump administration made clear that its Iran policy review is headed toward the position shared by the chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate foreign relations committees that the United States should take a firmer stance against Iran’s non-nuclear malign activities. more...

24th April 2017 – FDD Policy Brief

Obama Administration Dropped Charges against Iranian Procurement Agents

Orde Kittrie

A bombshell article published Monday in Politico describes how the Obama administration dropped charges against key members of Iran’s proliferation procurement network, infuriating Justice Department officials and undermining the U.S.’s ability to detect and deter Iranian cheating – all in service of reaching a nuclear deal with Tehran. more...

29th March 2017 – British Yearbook of International Law

Review of Books

Orde Kittrie

William Schabas has described ‘lawfare’ as a term that ‘appears to have no useful or practical purpose’. In Lawfare: Law as a Weapon of War, Orde F Kittrie, a law professor at Arizona State University, sets out to prove otherwise. This wide-ranging book provides a realpolitik account of how governments and non-state actors use law to achieve goals that might otherwise require ‘kinetic warfare’—that is, the use of force. more...

5th February 2017 – Reviewed by Matthew Welch - Queens Law Journal

Lawfare: Law as a Weapon of War

Orde Kittrie

Only rarely does a legal tome serve as a reminder that our conception of the law updates itself along with changing times. Orde E Kittrie's Lanfare: Law as a Weapon of War does just that. Though imperfect, this book provides a coherent cascade of examples of twenty-first century political forces using law as a policy tool to achieve warlike objectives. Legal warfare, represented by the portmanteau "lawfare", goes further than merely supplementing battlefield tactics. Lawfare is a set of tactics that could be applied to all wars: hot or cold, large or small, declared or undeclared, just or unjust. more...

25th January 2017 – Voice of America TV

Voice of America

Orde Kittrie

FDD senior fellow Orde Kittrie discusses Trump and the Lawfare. more...

24th January 2017 – Quoted by Steve Harman - Voice of America

‘Lawfare’ Could Become Trump Tool Against Adversaries

Orde Kittrie

Use of the law as a weapon of war may find favor with the Trump administration, according to some scholars and attorneys. more...