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15th July 2018 – Quoted by Antje Schippmann - Bild

Mullah-Sender zeigt erzwungene Geständnisse

Saeed Ghasseminejad, Richard Goldberg

Junge Frauen mussten sich im iranischen Staatsfernsehen öffentlich dafür entschuldigen, Instagram-Videos aufgenommen zu haben, in denen sie tanzen. more...

11th July 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

U.S. Should Re-impose Sanctions on Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

Saeed Ghasseminejad, Richard Goldberg

President Trump this week must decide whether the State Department will continue waiving congressional sanctions against the state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), the primary propaganda organ of the clerical regime. more...

9th July 2018 – Quoted by The Tower

Experts: Declassifying Report on Palestinian Refugees is Necessary for Peace

Jonathan Schanzer, Richard Goldberg

If declassified, a 2012 report on Palestinian refugees could force the Palestinian government to “govern, not merely stir up antagonism with Israel,” making peace in the Middle East more likely, two experts with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies wrote in an op-ed published Friday in The Wall Street Journal. more...

9th July 2018 – Quoted by Adam Kredo - The Washington Free Beacon

U.S. Seeks to Thwart Iran Flying Millions in Cash Out of Germany

Richard Goldberg

Top Trump administration officials are working to stop Germany from allowing Iran to fly more than $350 million in cash out of the country and back to Tehran as part of a bid by the Iranian regime to restock its coffers ahead of a major financial crackdown by America, according to conversations with senior U.S. diplomats and officials on Capital Hill. more...

5th July 2018 – The Wall Street Journal

Expose the Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Scam

Jonathan Schanzer, Richard Goldberg

If President Trump wants to promote peace in the Middle East, his first step should be to declassify a key State Department report that would end the myth of Palestinian “refugees.” more...

3rd July 2018 – Mentioned by W.J. Hennigan - Time

President Trump Is Putting Huge Pressure on Europe to Reinstate Sanctions on Iran. He’s in for a Tou

Richard Goldberg

“The stakes are huge,” said Richard Goldberg, who was lead Senate Republican negotiator for several rounds of Congressionally enacted sanctions that helped pressure Iran into curbing their nuclear program. “There’s going to be enormous amount of pressure brought to bear on U.S. allies to comply.” more...

1st July 2018 – Quoted by Emily Benedek - The Algemeiner

Is America Finally Ending Funding for Palestinian Terrorism?

Richard Goldberg


20th June 2018 – The Wall Street Journal

To Help Iran, Angela Merkel Tries to Pull a Fast One With Swift

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

As the U.S. moves to reimpose sanctions on Iran, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is working behind the scenes to undermine the effort. How President Trump responds could determine whether his strategy to put maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic will succeed or fail. more...

11th June 2018 – Quoted by Paul Hodgson - Compliance Week

Iran just the beginning of sanctions compliance debacle

Richard Goldberg

Following the U.S. decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and to reimpose sanctions, EU companies, such as carmaker Peugeot, engineering firm Siemens, and oil producers Total and BP, have begun to wind down investments and joint ventures in Iran, despite the fact that European leaders have said that they will remain in the deal and fired off comments about how they will find ways around the sanctions. more...

7th June 2018 – Quoted by Natalia Mittelstadt - CNS News

Rep. Welch: Are Bolton and Giuliani Serious About Regime Change in Iran?

Richard Goldberg

In a sometimes testy exchange with a witness, House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee member Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) repeatedly asked whether the Trump administration wants to pursue regime change in Iran. more...

6th June 2018 – Voice of America

Voice of America

Richard Goldberg, Behnam Ben Taleblu

Voice of America Farsi's coverage of FDD's event on Iran's deceptive financial practices. more...

31st May 2018 – Quoted by George Tzogopoulos - The Algemeiner

Is the EU Finally Waking Up to the Dangers of Iran?

Richard Goldberg

When Donald Trump decertified the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in October 2017, the EU thought a “solved” problem had returned to the agenda for no real reason. more...

23rd May 2018 – Alhurra


Richard Goldberg

FDD's Richard Goldberg joins Alhurra to discuss the repression of people's rights in Iran. more...

23rd May 2018 – Quoted by Omri Nahmias - Mishpacha

Trump Tightens the Screws on Iran

Richard Goldberg

The White House isn’t wasting any time: One week after President Trump withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal, the Treasury Department imposed new sanctions on Iran’s central bank, labeling its head a global terrorist and accusing him of funneling money to Hezbollah. more...

21st May 2018 – The Wall Street Journal

Iran, Get Ready for the Battle Rial

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday presented the Islamic Republic of Iran with a stark choice: Either change or face “unprecedented financial pressure” in the form of “the strongest sanctions in history when we are complete.” The Trump administration has declared financial war on the Iranian regime. Given the seriousness of its currency emergency, it’s a good bet America will win. more...

21st May 2018 – Quoted by The Wall Street Journal

Putting a New Squeeze on Iran

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

Hard on the heels of U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear accord, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday laid out a new strategy to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions and regional imperialism. more...

21st May 2018 – Quoted by Adam Kredo - The Washington Free Beacon

Europe Plotting to Undermine New U.S. Sanctions on Iran

Richard Goldberg

European countries are currently examining a range of options to counter the reimposition of harsh U.S. sanctions on Iran in a bid to continue doing business with the Islamic Republic, a move that is being met with chilly reception on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are already putting in place measures to ensure that any European nation caught skirting U.S. sanctions faces harsh repercussions, according to a new policy paper being examined by lawmakers and viewed by the Washington Free Beacon. more...

21st May 2018 – New York Daily News

Trump and Pompeo’s plan for Iran: It’s risky, but it has a chance of succeeding

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech on Monday outlining President Trump's new strategy to counter the Islamic Republic of Iran: Intensify the Iranian regime's ongoing liquidity and political crisis to induce fundamental changes in behavior across a range of malign activities. In short, maximum diplomacy backed by maximum pressure. more...

18th May 2018 – Quoted by Joel Gehrke - The Washington Examiner

European Union ‘forbids companies from complying’ with US sanctions on Iran

Richard Goldberg

European leaders on Friday agreed on a plan that “forbids EU companies from complying” with U.S. sanctions on Iran, as part of an effort to blunt the effect of President Trump’s withdrawal from the pact. more...

15th May 2018 – Quoted by Eli Lake - Bloomberg

Trump’s Cave to China’s ZTE Hurts His Iran Strategy

Mark Dubowitz, Richard Goldberg

When President Donald Trump announced America's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal last week, he emphasized a broader message to foes and friends about U.S. credibility: "The United States no longer makes empty threats." more...