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19th June 2018 – Quoted by Eli Lake - Bloomberg

The Late Shah’s Son Wants a Democratic Revolution in Iran

Reuel Marc Gerecht

In another era, Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last shah of Iran, would be an ideal candidate to lead an Iranian government in exile. more...

11th June 2018 – Co-authored by Ray Takeyh - The Wall Street Journal

Don’t Fear Regime Change in Iran

Reuel Marc Gerecht

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran deal, and to relentlessly pressure the Islamic Republic, has elicited a predictable response. Critics cite history, particularly a counterproductive 1953 coup, as a reason to oppose the strategy. But looking more closely at the past shows that a regime-collapse containment policy is the best way to effect change. more...

25th May 2018 – The Weekly Standard

A Historian in Full

Reuel Marc Gerecht

The university flag at Princeton is flying at half-mast. It’s an appropriate tribute to Bernard Lewis, who died on May 19, less than a fortnight from his 102nd birthday. Professor Lewis was one of the great scholars of the 20th century and a happy Princetonian. more...

21st May 2018 – FDD Research

Iran: The Shi’ite Imperial Power

Reuel Marc Gerecht

The sectarian wars in Iraq and Syria have fundamentally changed the Islamic Republic. They have become arenas for a new militant Shi’ite solidarity that has crossed the Arab Persian divide: Iranian-led, non-Iranian militias, thousands strong, now fight in foreign lands. more...

16th May 2018 – Alhurra


Reuel Marc Gerecht

FDD's Reuel Marc Gerecht joins Alhurra to discuss the US Embassy move to Jerusalem. more...

15th May 2018 – Quoted by Christopher Prawdzik - Homeland 411

Russia, China, Iran Under Microscope in New Book

Reuel Marc Gerecht

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) explores the ascension of Russia, China, and Iran in its latest book, Rise of the Revisionists, a collection of essays that focuses on the ambitions of each country and how the United States might address their influence. more...

11th May 2018 – The Weekly Standard

It’s Come Undone

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Since the parameters of the Iranian nuclear accord became apparent in 2014 until Donald Trump canceled the deal on May 8, Washington essentially divided into three camps: those who supported the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, those who thought it was a seriously deficient accord but didn’t have the stomach to challenge it since that would oblige them to accept the risk of another war in the Middle East, and those who opposed the accord and were prepared to accept the risk of conflict. more...

10th May 2018 – Hughniverse

The Hugh Hewitt Show

Reuel Marc Gerecht

FDD's Reuel Marc Gerecht joins the Hugh Hewitt show to discuss President Trump's decision to pull the US out of the Iran nuclear deal. more...

8th May 2018 – USA Today

Obama administration sold a bad Iran nuclear deal to the American public

Reuel Marc Gerecht

President Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal should be viewed as condign punishment for the disingenuous way Barack Obama and his staff sold the agreement to the American public. more...

8th May 2018 – BBC World Service


Reuel Marc Gerecht

FDD's Reuel Marc Gerecht joins BBC to discuss the U.S. leaving the Iran nuclear deal and a new wave of economic sanctions against Iran. more...

8th May 2018 – NPR

Here and Now

Reuel Marc Gerecht

FDD's Reuel Marc Gerecht joins NPR to discuss the U.S. leaving the Iran nuclear deal and the flaws of the deal. more...

8th May 2018 – Washington Examiner

Time’s up for Iran deal

Reuel Marc Gerecht

It is now nearly certain that President Trump is going to walk away from his predecessor’s nuclear deal with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The president in his announcement Tuesday may provide a bit of wiggle room by slowing the reinstitution of sanctions lifted by the accord in the hope that the Europeans will eventually join the United States in demanding tougher restrictions on the regime. But the effect most likely will be the same: The deal is dead. more...

6th May 2018 – The Atlantic

The Nuclear Deal Keeps America From Confronting Iranian Aggression

Reuel Marc Gerecht

In his latest entry in our Atlantic debate on the Iran deal, Philip Gordon appears distinctly uncomfortable with the inescapable part of American preeminence—U.S. willingness to use force fairly often to maintain the liberal world order, which the United States created after World War II. more...

5th May 2018 – The Atlantic

The Nuclear Deal Makes America Complicit in Iranian Crimes

Reuel Marc Gerecht

The fundamental question when discussing a nuclear deal with Tehran is this: Are you prepared to fight over it? If not, then any deal is a good deal. This willingness to go to the mat also affects whether you are prepared to push back against the clerical regime in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq, and even whether and how you are willing to advance a regime-change policy—regime change, incidentally, being what an increasingly big and vocal slice of the Iranian people want. Westerners should appreciate the religio-political evolution of the Islamic Republic. more...

4th May 2018 – The Atlantic

The Iran Deal Is Strategically and Morally Absurd

Reuel Marc Gerecht

It was surely Barack Obama’s profound aversion to the use of American military power that so enfeebled his nuclear diplomacy and made his atomic accord with Iran the worst arms-control agreement since the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922. I do not know whether a more forceful president and secretary of state—say a Democratic version of Ronald Reagan and George Schultz—could have gotten a “good deal” with Tehran; it just boggles the mind to believe that a better deal wasn’t possible. more...

10th April 2018 – Quoted by The Tower

Save Print This Post Send to Kindle Iran Says It Could Enrich Uranium to 20% Within Two Days

Reuel Marc Gerecht

On the occasion of its National Nuclear Day, Iran boasted that it could enrich uranium to 20% in just two days’ time, if the United States would withdraw from the deal, the Associated Press reported Monday. The threat is an indication that the 2015 nuclear deal left much of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear infrastructure intact. more...

9th April 2018 – Quoted by Tom Rogan - The Washington Examiner

John Bolton: A complex worldview that just might work for Trump

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Long before John Bolton was named as President Trump's new national security adviser, a position he assumes on Monday, his name sparked diametrically opposite reactions in Washington. more...

9th April 2018 – Quoted by Michael Graham - CBS News

Commentary: Trump’s Syria quandary

Reuel Marc Gerecht, Thomas Joscelyn

Just a week ago, the headlines about President Trump and Syria all contained the word "withdraw." The president's directive to the U.S. military was to find a way out -- sooner rather than later. more...

5th April 2018 – Quoted by Mosaic Magazine

Pulling Out of the Nuclear Deal Won’t Send Iran Rushing to Build a Bomb

Reuel Marc Gerecht

As speculation mounts that President Trump will abandon the 2015 agreement to limit the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, the agreement’s defenders have begun predicting that Tehran will respond by trying to develop atomic weapons as quickly as possible, leading to disaster. Reuel Marc Gerecht and Ray Takeyh doubt Iran will be so reckless. more...

5th April 2018 – Quoted by Iran News Update

Iran: Consequences of US Pulling out of Nuclear Deal

Reuel Marc Gerecht

With the announcement of a new Secretary of State and a new national security adviser, many have said that the odds of President Donald Trump pulling out of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement have increased. more...