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12th July 2018 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Tzvi Kahn

FDD's Tzvi Kahn joins the John Batchelor show to discuss the Iran sanctions strike in August and what can be done. more...

10th July 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

UN Appoints New Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran

Tzvi Kahn

The UN Human Rights Council on Friday appointed Javaid Rehman, a British-Pakistani lawyer and academic, as the new special rapporteur for human rights in Iran. Rehman assumes the role as the Islamic Republic continues to endure widespread protests stemming in part from the brutal repression that Rehman’s predecessors have punctiliously documented. more...

5th July 2018 – Iran Wire

The US Must Put Minister of Justice on Sanctions List

Tzvi Kahn

In February 2018, as Iran’s clerical regime continued to suppress nationwide protests, Tehran’s minister of justice ascended the dais of the UN Human Rights Council and accused Western countries of hypocrisy. more...

29th June 2018 – The National Review

The U.S. Should Sanction Iran’s Minister of Intelligence and Security

Tzvi Kahn

On January 1, 24-year-old Saru Ghahremani attended one of Iran’s nationwide protests and vanished. Eleven days later, agents of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) delivered his corpse, marked by signs of torture and beatings, to the home of his parents. more...

22nd June 2018 – The Hill

US should sanction Iran’s notorious ‘hanging judge’

Tzvi Kahn

In mid-May, Iranian judge Abolghassem Salavati told a British-Iranian prisoner to expect a new conviction on fresh charges of “propaganda against the state.” Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, whom Salavati first sentenced to five years in prison in 2016 on equally specious espionage allegations, constitutes one of more than a dozen known dual and foreign nationals — including at least seven U.S. citizens and permanent residents — languishing in Iran’s notorious jails for putatively seeking to overthrow the Islamist regime. more...

20th June 2018 – The Weekly Standard

Meet the Iranian Police Who Enforce Iran’s Islamist Ideology

Tzvi Kahn

In the wake of more than 20 deaths that punctuated the early days of Iran’s nationwide protests, the country’s police chief boldly identified the principal provocateurs. Iranians, declared Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari on January 1, seek primarily better living conditions, but “opportunists exploited this situation with the support of the sworn enemies of the country, headed by America,” to spread discontent. more...

13th June 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

Israel Offers to Help Resolve Iran’s Water Crisis

Tzvi Kahn

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday presented what he described as “an unprecedented offer to Iran.” The Jewish state, he said, seeks to share its environmental expertise with Iran to help resolve the country’s increasingly dire water crisis. The Israeli proposal highlights the abortive – and ultimately self-defeating – policies of the clerical regime, which sabotages its own self-interests by fueling a problem that threatens not only its grip on power, but also the country’s survival. more...

8th June 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

Iran’s Trucker Protests Reflect Continued Domestic Unrest

Tzvi Kahn

Iran’s truckers have gone on strike. The protests, which began on May 22 and reportedly spread to more than 250 cities in all of the country’s 31 provinces, largely reflect discontent with low wages, high costs for insurance and spare parts, and related hardships. Collectively, they have paralyzed large swaths of the country, leading numerous cities to face long lines at gas stations and delays in the delivery of goods. more...

1st June 2018 – Quoted by Michael Lipin - Voice of America

Netanyahu Video Tries to Revive Israeli Friendship with Iranians

Tzvi Kahn

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has posted a video of himself praising Iranians in his latest bid to revive a historic friendship with Iran’s people while challenging and criticizing their Islamist rulers. more...

31st May 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

Trump Imposes New Human Rights Sanctions on Iran

Tzvi Kahn

The U.S. Treasury Department on Wednesday imposed sanctions on six individuals and three entities responsible for major human rights abuses against the Iranian people. The designations reflect a reinvigorated U.S. effort to pressure Tehran for its domestic repression following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s May 21 address articulating a new Iran strategy. more...

26th May 2018 – The Hill

In Iran’s water crisis, Tehran sows the seeds of its own decline

Tzvi Kahn

“I have returned” to Iran, tweeted a newly appointed environmental official charged with resolving the country’s water crisis, “with the hope of creating #hope.” Within months, however, that hope evaporated – and he found himself arrested, interrogated, and facing a government-coordinated smear campaign. more...

22nd May 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

Security Forces Kill Three Protesters in Southern Iran as Demonstrations Continue

Tzvi Kahn

Protests in Iran have largely faded from Western news reporting, but not from the country’s streets, with more than 400 in April alone. Last week in the southern city of Kazeroon, police opened fire on demonstrators, reportedly leaving at least three people dead and dozens injured. Authorities arrested more than 100 others. more...

14th May 2018 – Fox 5

Fox Television

Tzvi Kahn

FDD's Tzvi Kahn joins Fox Television to discuss the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem. more...

11th May 2018 – iHeart Radio

The Mandy Connell Show

Tzvi Kahn

FDD's Tzvi Kahn joins the Mandy Connell show to discuss the IAEA reports on Iran's nuclear program. more...

9th May 2018 – The Discourse Podcast

The National Discourse

Tzvi Kahn

FDD's Tzvi Kahn joins The National Discourse to discuss President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal and its implications for the region and U.S. national security. more...

8th May 2018 – i24 News

The Rundown

Tzvi Kahn

FDD's Tzvi Kahn joins i24 News to discuss whether the US should withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal or not. more...

1st May 2018 – The Hill

Israel’s intelligence coup accentuates Iran’s nuclear threat

Tzvi Kahn

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday disclosed that Israeli intelligence had obtained thousands of Iranian files confirming an inconvenient truth: Iran routinely lies when it claims that it has never possessed a nuclear weapons program. more...

1st May 2018 – Quoted by Aaron Kliegman - The Washington Free Beacon

Bibi’s Bombshell

Tzvi Kahn

On the surface, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's much-hyped speech on Monday, which revealed new intelligence on Iran's clandestine work to develop nuclear weapons, was an effort to push President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal—formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA. more...

23rd April 2018 – 1330 AM WEBY

Your Turn with Renee Giachino

Tzvi Kahn

FDD's Tzvi Kahn joins Your Turn to discuss the withdrawal of US troops from Syria and Iran's involvement in the region. more...

18th April 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

EU Extends Human Rights Sanctions on Iran

Tzvi Kahn

The European Union last week extended its existing human rights sanctions on Iran by one year. While the EU’s decision marks an important step in penalizing Tehran for its ongoing domestic repression, it remains insufficient to address the chronic and systemic human rights abuses that continue to pervade the country. more...