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Benjamin Weinthal's Latest Articles

24th April 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German CEO: Israel should no longer rely on Germany for its existence

Benjamin Weinthal

In an eye-popping commentary in the Die Welt newspaper last week, Mathias Döpfner, the pro-Israel CEO of the Axel Springer media conglomerate in Berlin, wrote that the Jewish state should no longer depend on Germany if it is attacked and its existence is on the line. more...

20th April 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German LGBT group closes bank account to protest BDS activity

Benjamin Weinthal

The Magnus Hirschfeld Foundation – named after a gay German-Jewish scientist who was persecuted by the Nazis – has terminated its account with the Bank for Social Economy over the financial institution’s enabling of organizations that advocate a boycott of Israel. more...

17th April 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German students protest anti-Israel policy of former foreign minister

Benjamin Weinthal

Students at the University of Bonn in Germany demonstrated against a talk delivered by former German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel because of his alleged anti-Israel and pro-Iran policies. more...

11th April 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German company involved in Syrian chemical attacks defies U.S. warnings

Benjamin Weinthal

After a Syrian photographer found parts made by German company the Krempel Group in the remains of Iranian-produced chemical rockets that gassed Syrian civilians in January and February, the firm rejected on Wednesday new US warnings about the dangers of conducting business with the Islamic Republic. more...

9th April 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

International Jewish NGOs urge German bank to stop enabling BDS

Benjamin Weinthal

Leading establishment Jewish organizations in Europe, the United States and Israel called on the German Bank for Social Economy last week to pull the plug on its accounts held with groups that promote the boycott, divestment, sanctions campaign against Israel. more...

8th April 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German diplomats defend Kuwait Airways’ ‘no Israelis allowed’ policy

Benjamin Weinthal

German diplomats have said accusations of antisemitism against Kuwait Airways for its practice of refusing Israeli passengers are exaggerated, triggering sharp criticism from the Simon Wiesenthal Center and a German lawyer who sued the airline. more...

31st March 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

NGO Monitor urges Germany to halt antisemitic aid arm in Gaza, West Bank

Benjamin Weinthal

The Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor called on the German government on Friday to immediately halt the activities and funding of its Corporation for International Cooperation operating in Jordan, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Federal Republic because of widespread antisemitism spread by employees of the humanitarian relief organization. more...

31st March 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Austrian bank in Iran freezes business fearing U.S. sanctions

Benjamin Weinthal

Austria’s Oberbank, which, as a result of the 2015 nuclear deal became the first European bank to enter Iran’s financial system, announced it has not moved forward with business transactions in the Islamic Republic because of US sanctions. more...

27th March 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Exclusive: German Company Fires Employee in Jordan for Defending Israel

Benjamin Weinthal

The German Corporation for International Cooperation in Amman fired an employee for her pro-Israel comments on a Facebook page in December. more...

23rd March 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

PayPal Shuts Account of French BDS Group with Links to Terrorism

Benjamin Weinthal

The US online payment service PayPal on Thursday pulled the plug on the account of the French branch of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) - an organization that Israel has accused of aligning itself with pro-Palestinian terrorists who murdered three civilians in Tel Aviv in 2003 and injured over 50 people. more...

22nd March 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German FM Rejects Predecessor’s Characterization of ‘Apartheid’ Israel

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany’s new Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Wednesday again parted ways with his predecessor’s anti-Israel rhetoric, saying he rejects labeling the Jewish state an “apartheid regime.” more...

22nd March 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Germany Stalls Iran Talks Over Labelling Hezbollah as Terrorists

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany’s government tossed a wrench into the ongoing Iran nuclear talks with the United States, rejecting a US demand to designate the entire Hezbollah organization as terrorist and blaming the Trump administration for its pro-Israel policies. more...

20th March 2018 – Fox News

Germany at odds with US on condemning Hezbollah in Iran talks

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany’s government has refused to agree to a key U.S. demand to designate the entire Lebanese Islamic militia Hezbollah -- and not just a piece of it -- a terrorist organization as part of talks to rein in the nuclear program in Iran. more...

15th March 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Exclusive: PayPal Shuts Third BDS French Account in 2018

Benjamin Weinthal

PayPal has closed the account of French BDS organization Collectif 69 Palestine, the third boycott-Israel account the US online payment service has terminated in France since late January. more...

15th March 2018 – Co-authored by Asaf Romirowsky - The National Interest

Iran’s Role in the Boycott Israel Campaign

Benjamin Weinthal

The Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment movement, better known by the acronym BDS, targeting Israel has largely been viewed as a Palestinian- and Western European-driven campaign with the alleged goal of advancing Palestinian statehood. Yet the Islamic Republic of Iran’s key role in stoking the BDS movement has increasingly become a key factor in economic warfare against the Jewish state. more...

13th March 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German Ambassador Praises Iranian Holocaust Denier, Politician

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany’s ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran Michael Klor-Berchtold praised last week Ali Larijani, the head of Iran’s quasi-parliament and a well-known denier of the Holocaust. more...

9th March 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Israel Urges Irish Bank to Shut Accounts of Boycott Group

Benjamin Weinthal

The Israeli government is pushing for the closure of scores of bank accounts provided by the Irish banking giant Allied Irish Bank (AIB) that fund the promotion of anti-Israel boycotts. more...

28th February 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Fear of US Sanctions Ends German Companies Fueling Iranian FM’s Plane

Benjamin Weinthal

Energy and oil companies refused to refuel Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s airplane ahead of his trip to the Munich Security Conference in mid-February to avoid violations of US sanctions targeting the clerical regime in Tehran, according to German media reports on Tuesday. more...

26th February 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Exclusive: PayPal Closes Second Illegal French BDS Account

Benjamin Weinthal

For the second time in 30 days, the US-based online payment service giant PayPal shut down the account of a French organization advocating for the boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) campaign targeting Israel. more...

24th February 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Wiesenthal Calls for Jewish NGOs to End Business with German Pro-BDS Bank

Benjamin Weinthal

The Simon Wiesenthal Center issued an urgent appeal last week to Jewish organizations to terminate their business relations with Germany’s top financial enabler of Israeli boycott activities, Bank for Social Economy. more...