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13th August 2018 – Real Clear Defense

NATO’s Two Percent and Burden Sharing

John Cappello

The debate over burden sharing within NATO is about as old as the alliance itself. However, rarely has the debate spilled into public discourse as acrimoniously as it did at the most recent NATO summit in Brussels. more...

12th June 2018 – Real Clear Defense

Kremlin Disinformation Effort Is More Than Just Facebook

John Cappello

Russia’s disinformation campaign isn’t just a marketing problem for Facebook or a series of nuisance bots on Twitter. It’s a concerted effort to not just disrupt Western liberal institutions, but to actually manipulate narratives that affect foreign policy decision-making. more...

5th April 2017 – FDD Policy Brief

Russia Escalates Disinformation Campaign in Western Balkans

John Cappello

Russia is entering a new phase in its disinformation campaign in the Western Balkans, escalating disinformation and propaganda, and aggressively pushing messages of inevitable war with the European Union and NATO. more...

20th March 2017 –

Israel Shows Its Edge as Arrow Sees Action for the First Time

John Cappello

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) confirmed that the Syrian armed forces fired surface-to-air missiles (SAM) against Israeli Air Force (IAF) jets late Thursday evening. The S-200 missiles were fired in response to the IAF aircraft striking Hezbollah targets in Syria, and one of those S-200 missiles was intercepted by the Israeli Arrow missile defense system. more...

16th March 2017 –

The Six-Day War, Air Supremacy, and the F-35

John Cappello

On the morning of June 5, 1967 Israel conducted a preemptive air strike on Egypt, initiating what was to be known as the Six-Day War. By the end of the week, Israel had taken the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip from Egypt, the West Bank from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria. - See more at: more...

13th March 2017 –

Dawn of the Jihadi Drone Wars

John Cappello

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported February 23 that it had downed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over the Mediterranean after it was launched from the Gaza Strip. more...

2nd February 2017 – RealClearDefense

Russian Information Operations in the Western Balkans

John Cappello

Moscow’s ability to wage information warfare is becoming alarmingly effective in the Western Balkans. Russian news outlets, fake news portals, and pro-Russian tabloids are increasingly attempting to impact public perceptions through manipulation of local media. more...

27th January 2017 – The Hill

Trump needs a new approach to Syria: Bottom-up defense

John Cappello

A draft executive order that awaits President Donald Trump’s signature directs the State Department and Pentagon to produce a plan, within 90 days, for providing safe zones in Syria. more...

14th December 2016 – The National Interest

Should the United States Sell Fighter Jets to the Gulf?

John Cappello

The timing and phasing of recent U.S. arms deals in the Middle East underscore the complicated balance for the United States of addressing the concerns and needs of multiple partners in the region who frequently view each other with suspicion. more...

2nd September 2016 – FDD Policy Brief

Understanding Israel’s Humanitarian Efforts in Southern Syria

John Cappello

Israel has so far been able to insulate itself from the devastating effects of the civil war in Syria, which has been raging since 2011. However, there is a growing understanding within the Israeli security establishment that the status quo is not sustainable and that Israel must reexamine its strategy. more...

21st June 2016 – The Washington Times

Reconsidering safe zones in Syria

John Cappello

The situation in Syria remains bleak, with no end in sight to its five-year civil war. President Bashar Assad’s forces and their Russian and Iranian backers continue to lay waste to rebel-held territory, leaving the rebels with shrinking leverage to pressure the regime into a lasting political settlement. more...

28th April 2016 –

Crowded Skies Over Syria Raise Risk of Unintended Clashes

John Cappello

Russian forces in Syria have fired upon Israel Air Force (IAF) aircraft on at least two different occasions, the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported last week. Officials in Moscow unsurprisingly dismissed the report, but the possibility of Russian-Israeli clashes over Syria is actually more plausible than it may seem. more...