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28th November 2012 – National Post

Exhuming Yasser Arafat

Jonathan Kay

Khaled Mashal is known to the world as the leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. What is less well known is that Israel once saved the man’s life — after trying to kill him. more...

20th November 2012 – National Post

How Israel’s Iron Dome Won the War

Jonathan Kay

Egypt, the United States, the UN and various other international actors have been pushing hard for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu is looking for a way to avoid a ground... more...

19th November 2012 – National Post

Israel’s Just War

Jonathan Kay

This is the third time the world has seen this tragedy performed. Act I was in 2006, during Israel’s Lebanon War with Hezbollah. Act II played out in 2008 and early 2009, with the first Gaza War. more...

14th November 2012 – National Post

In Gaza, Hamas Military Leader Ahmed Jabari Got What He Deserved

Jonathan Kay

It’s a rhetorical question that’s been asked many times before. But given Wednesday’s events in Gaza, it’s worth asking again: Can anyone name a country on the face of the planet that would regard recurrent rocket attacks on its territory as anything but an act of war? more...

24th October 2012 – National Post

Canada’s Boat for Gaza Movement Still Lives in an Anti-Israel Svend Robinson-Era Time Warp

Jonathan Kay

In 2010, militant activists on board a flotilla to Gaza provoked a violent confrontation with Israeli commandos. In the confusion, the Israelis shot and killed nine of the activists... more...

9th October 2012 – National Post

Canadian Native Stooges Then and Now — South Africa, 1987 v. Iran, 2012

Jonathan Kay

Today’s National Post front page carries a story about the “exploratory mission” to Iran being organized by Terrance Nelson, former chief of Manitoba’s Roseau River First Nation, and a... more...

11th September 2012 – National Post

How the Tragedy of 9/11 Made Canada a Better, More Sensible Country

Jonathan Kay

How much has Canada changed in the last eleven years? Consider this: As the World Trade Center rubble was still smoldering, the then-leader of Canada’s left-wing NDP party, Alexa McDonough... more...

29th August 2012 – National Post

The Arafat Probe is Fuel for Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theorists

Jonathan Kay

On Tuesday, French prosecutors announced that they had opened an inquiry into the 2004 death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Specifically, they will investigate the suspicions of Suha Arafat... more...

19th July 2012 – National Post

How Obama’s Hands-Off Policy Paved the Way for the Assads’ (and Hezbollah’s) Downfall

Jonathan Kay

The good news is that Bashar Assad’s Syrian regime is on its last legs — the other legs having been blown out from under it by a Wednesday bomb attack in Damascus, which killed at least three top regime security officials. more...

18th July 2012 – National Post

The Bulgarian Terror Attack Shows Why We Must Honour the Munich 11 in London

Jonathan Kay

Terrorists who attack civilian targets are cowards at the best of times. But killers such as those who blew up a bus carrying Israeli youth in the Bulgarian resort city of Burgas on Wednesday fall into a special category. more...

9th July 2012 – National Post

How Assad’s Fall Will Lay Ruin to the Alawis’ Once-in-a-Millennium Promised Land

Jonathan Kay

A small, marginalized people, kicked around the Middle East for centuries by Muslim empires, finally carves out an independent home for itself on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. more...

3rd July 2012 – National Post

Syed Zabiuddin Ansari, and India’s Role in Prosecuting the Global War on Terrorism

Jonathan Kay

The 10 Islamist terrorists who committed the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks killed 164 innocent people with guns, grenades and bombs. Nine of the killers died during their rampage. more...

28th June 2012 – National Post

A Great Moment for Europe, Soccer, Italy, and Mario Balotelli

Jonathan Kay

Let’s face it: Canada isn’t a soccer country. Yes, our seven-year-olds join leagues and run around chasing a ball for an hour once a week. Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto have teams in the MLS. more...

22nd June 2012 – National Post

‘Escape From Camp 14′: A Shocking Exposé of North Korea’s ‘Hidden Gulag’

Jonathan Kay

For six decades running, the North Korean gulag system has comprised one of the greatest crimes against humanity known to history. Yet it remains an obscurity. more...

19th June 2012 – National Post

Assessing the State of Islamophobia in Canada

Jonathan Kay

As noted previously on this blog, last Saturday night I appeared as a panelist at the “Message of Peace: Countering Islamophobia” conference, hosted by the University of Toronto’s Muslim Students’ Association and ICNA Canada. more...

18th June 2012 – National Post

The Long, Hard, Surreal Struggle for Women’s Rights in Pakistan

Jonathan Kay

On Saturday night, I appeared as a panelist at the “Message of Peace: Countering Islamophobia” conference, hosted by the University of Toronto’s Muslim Students’ Association. more...

11th June 2012 – National Post

Canada’s Bigots Flock Back for Another Israel Hate-In

Jonathan Kay

Is it summer in Toronto already? Tell-tale signs of the season are all around us: The temperature is well into the high 20s, the ferries to Toronto Island are getting crowded, and anti-Israeli bigots are noisily preparing to hijack... more...

29th May 2012 – National Post

A Great Time for a Fresh Look at the Armenian Genocide

Jonathan Kay

This week, a Turkish court approved a criminal indictment against four former Israeli military commanders for their alleged role in the deaths of nine Turkish activists who were trying to break Israel’s blockade of Hamas-run Gaza in 2010. more...

24th May 2012 – National Post

Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Aruna Papp, and the Scourge of Misogyny in the Developing World

Jonathan Kay

On Tuesday night, Toronto witnessed the launch of books by two Canadian activists. The authors were born in very different parts of the world. more...

23rd May 2012 – National Post

Time to Call Pakistan What It Is — a State Supporter of Terrorism

Jonathan Kay

Here in the West, the killing of Osama Bin Laden was considered a triumph. In Pakistan, where the al-Qaeda leader lived out his final years, attitudes are very different. more...