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29th September 2016 – FDD Research Memo

Designing a New Anti-Money Laundering System

Chip Poncy, Juan Zarate

Over the past 15 years, concerns over the dangerous and corrosive impact of illicit financing have shaped core national security strategies and underscored the importance of defending the integrity of the financial system. more...

27th August 2015 – The Washington Post

Using Financial Sticks to Control Iran

Juan Zarate, Chip Poncy

As Congress considers the Iranian nuclear deal, it should also prepare a strategy to use U.S. financial and economic power aggressively against a broad array of Iranian threats. If the deal is adopted, the risks from an enriched, emboldened Iran will only grow. These risks should not be accepted as an unavoidable cost of the deal. more...

7th July 2015 – FDD Press

‘SWIFT’ Warfare

‘SWIFT’ Warfare

Annie Fixler , Mark Dubowitz, Juan Zarate

Economic warfare is now the default instrument of coercive statecraft for confronting challenges to the international order. Sanctions have become President Barack Obama’s weapon of choice to combat Iran’s nuclear program, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Assad regime in Syria, and the financing of terrorist groups such as the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and others. more...

7th July 2015 – FDD Press

The Cyber Financial Wars on the Horizon

The Cyber Financial Wars on the Horizon

Juan Zarate

Cyberattacks and intrusions threaten U.S. private sector institutions on a daily basis. more...

22nd April 2015 – Business Insider

How Financial Power Can Be Used To Save Iconic Species From Extinction

Juan Zarate, Gretchen Peters

On Earth Day 2015, prospects for many of the planet’s most iconic species look bleak. Unless poaching rates decline across Africa, the rhino and elephant will be extinct within a decade. The world has lost 97% of its tigers in the last 50 years, and the great apes are on pace to disappear within a generation. more...