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3rd August 2017 – PJ Media

Misery Doesn’t Cause Revolution

Michael Ledeen

Misery doesn’t cause revolution, whatever you may have been taught. Not in Venezuela, not in Iran, not in North Korea. Certainly the citizens in those countries are miserable, but I don’t think that revolution is about to erupt in any of them. more...

24th July 2017 – PJ Media

Who Gets Purged by Trump?

Michael Ledeen

This seems to be a pattern: Trump loyalists get fired or, in the case of people brought on board early on, not renewed or transferred to permanent positions. more...

21st July 2017 – PJ Media

Trump Administration Still Doesn’t Have an Iran Policy

Michael Ledeen

The Trump administration, for once in harmony with Congress, is going to slap more sanctions on Iran. They stress this has nothing to do with the nuclear deal, but is rather in response to Tehran’s ongoing support of terrorism from the Middle East to Latin America. At the same time, the government is not (yet?) ready to sanction the Iranians for violating the terms of the deal. more...

10th May 2017 – PJ Media

The New McCarthyites

Michael Ledeen

Watching former acting attorney general Sally Yates and James R. Clapper Jr., the former director of national intelligence, sliming away at General Mike Flynn took me back to reminiscences of Wisconsin’s infamous Senator Joe McCarthy and his lists of Communists. more...

3rd May 2017 – PJ Media

War on Campus

Michael Ledeen

Don’t look to college “leaders” to defend free speech and shut down the rioters. It doesn’t work that way. Universities almost always collapse in the face of student protest, even though the numbers are overwhelmingly in favor of the institutions. So it was in the sixties, and so it is again today. more...

23rd April 2017 – Forbes

Tyrants And Their Hollow States

Michael Ledeen

Frankly, I’m surprised Erdogan had to settle for a photo-finish win at the wire. Not a great result for a would-be modern sultan who used all the tools of modern mass manipulation and intimidation during the “electoral campaign.” more...

12th April 2017 – Forbes


Michael Ledeen

There’s a fascinating story in the weekend Wall Street Journal about the Dalai Lama, who has just made a very difficult trip to northeastern India to meet with tens of thousands of his faithful followers. more...

6th April 2017 – PJ Media

The Real War in ‘Syria’ and the Strategy for Long-Term Victory

Michael Ledeen

Of course I loathe Assad. And of course I despise the Obamans for that phony red line and the subsequent retreat-and-bogus-Russian-deal. But just carrying out vengeance against Assad isn’t good enough. It fails to address the central problem of our time: the global anti-American alliance. more...

3rd March 2017 – PJ Media

RELEASE THEM: Obama/Iran Nuke Deal Secrets Are NOT Classified, Just Kept From You

Michael Ledeen

The leaders of the Islamic Republic are frightened. They face an American national security team that knows a lot about them, and, unlike the Obama administration, strongly dislikes them. more...

26th February 2017 – Forbes

The Flynn Assassination

Michael Ledeen

Why should I challenge the powerful words of Bryan Wright or the extensive reporting of Adam Kredo? The political assassination of General Mike Flynn was carried out by a cabal of CIA officials and Obama loyalists, in tandem with allies in the media. It’s an ugly spectacle, damaging to our national interests, and perhaps unique in our history, as Senator Cruz has said. more...

13th February 2017 – The Wall Street Journal

To Break the Moscow-Tehran Alliance, Target Iran’s Regime

Michael Ledeen

Want a deal with Vladimir Putin in the Middle East? Then start with the real questions: Are the Russians prepared to abandon Iran and Bashar Assad’s Syria? If so, what would it take to pull it off? more...

15th January 2017 – Forbes

We Need Serious Libel Laws

Michael Ledeen

In the tumult over the publication of the “Russian” dossier on Donald Trump, I didn’t see the word “libel.” Most of the ink was devoted to asking whether BuzzFeed should have published the ugly thing, thereby finessing a very important matter: how does someone who is slimed in the media defend himself? more...

7th January 2017 – PJ Media

Trump’s Great Iranian Opportunity

Michael Ledeen

The great Ayatollah Hossein Boroujerdi is briefly out of prison, where he had been held in miserable conditions for a decade. He is one of those dissidents who are so beloved by the Iranian people that the murderous regime of Ali Khamenei does not dare to put them to death, or even on trial. They torture them instead, hoping that they will die of “natural causes.” more...

4th January 2017 – Forbes

Regaining The U.S. Rightful Role As Premier Revolutionary Nation

Michael Ledeen

The global revolution started with our victory in the Cold War, as the Soviet Union passed away with surprisingly little violence. We opted to avoid triumphalism and in fact called upon some Soviet satellites to remain in the Moscow orbit (remember the “chicken Kiev” speech urging Ukraine not to declare independence?). more...

25th November 2016 – Forbes

In Praise Of Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn

Michael Ledeen

There’s been plenty of vitriol aimed at Donald Trump’s national security advisor, LT. General Michael T. Flynn, with whom I co-authored the best-selling The Field of Fight; How We Can Win the Global War against Radical Islam and its Allies. He’s been accused of financial improprieties, softness on Russia, an embrace of Turkey’s tyrant Erdogan, and of intemperate leadership. more...

11th November 2016 – Forbes

Another American Revolution

Michael Ledeen

Donald Trump’s electoral victory surprised no end of pundits, not just because the polls were so off-base, but also because they couldn’t imagine the American people turning against a Western consensus in favor of globalization, big state government with expanding power, and political correctness. more...

19th October 2016 – PJ Media

We’re Losing the War and We’re Paying for It

Michael Ledeen

When the No Deal Deal was made with Iran, I said it was easy to understand: the Iranians would promise to be good, and we would pay for it. In the event, I was only half right. We are indeed paying for it, but the Iranians haven’t even pretended to be good. more...

27th September 2016 – PJ Media

Obama to World: I failed, but it’s their fault

Michael Ledeen

As my administration nears its conclusion, I want the citizens of the world to clearly understand what my mission was, why it failed, and the lessons I have learned. more...

24th August 2016 – PJ Media

The War Intensifies

Michael Ledeen

Everyone’s talking about “ransom,” but it’s virtually impossible to find anyone who’s trying to figure out how to win the world war we’re facing. more...

18th August 2016 – PJ Media

Why Hasn’t ISIS Blown Up Rome?

Michael Ledeen

At lunch the other day, a smart man asked me how come there hadn’t been terrorism in Italy, even though Islamic State keeps promising to attack the Vatican. more...