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12th February 2017 – New York Post

The careful way to go after Muslim Brotherhood radicals

Jonathan Schanzer

The Trump Administration is mulling an order designed to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. The best approach would be a piecemeal one: Some Brotherhood branches belong on that list, some don’t — and making the distinction will help President Trump more effectively fight the war on terror. more...

24th January 2017 – Politico

Jared Kushner Needs a Wingman

Jonathan Schanzer

Donald Trump last week appointed his son-in-law Jared Kushner to “broker a Middle East peace deal.” Mediating an agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis is a “yuge” task, and Trump knows it. But he can make Kushner’s job much easier if he appoints another envoy, too. more...

16th January 2017 – FDD Policy Brief

Easing Sanctions on Sudan Erodes U.S. Leverage

Jonathan Schanzer

The U.S. Department of the Treasury on Friday eased sanctions against Sudan based on improved behavior, and with the expectation that Sudan “sustains [the] positive actions it has taken over the last 6 months.” The move, which comes after months of rumors that Sudan would be removed entirely from the U.S. terrorism sponsors list, punts the six-month review to the Donald Trump administration. more...

30th December 2016 – The Hill

How President-elect Trump might undo Obama’s hostility to Israel

Jonathan Schanzer

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is counting the days until Barack Obama leaves office. So are many supporters of Israel here in the United States, including members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. more...

27th December 2016 – New York Post

Team Obama is not done slamming Israel

Jonathan Schanzer

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fuming over President Obama’s abstention in last week’s anti-Israel vote at the United Nations. Israelis warn Obama may have even more in store for the Jewish state before he leaves office. more...

11th December 2016 – Politico

Trump Wants to Shake Up the World Order? Here’s Where He Should Start

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Jonathan Schanzer

The specifics have often fluctuated, but the core of Donald Trump’s foreign policy vision has remained steady. He believes, as the Brookings Institution’s Thomas Wright has noted, “that America gets a raw deal from the liberal international order it helped to create and has led since World War II.” more...

2nd November 2016 – The Hill

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement attracting groups with terrorist ties

Jonathan Schanzer

This week, George Mason University is hosting a conference promoting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, an anti-Israel campaign that has recently swelled its ranks by participating in “solidarity work” with sympathetic organizations. But as the BDS campaign has grown, its “big tent” philosophy may have attracted organizations with ties to terrorism. more...

27th October 2016 – Foreign Affairs

Iran and China Get Cozy

Jonathan Schanzer

Scattered among the hundreds of kiosks that made up the massive China–Eurasia Expo held in the western Chinese city of Urumqi in late September were a handful of Iranian rug merchants plying their wares. more...

17th October 2016 – The Jerusalem Post

In the long term, China is not alliance material for Israel

Jonathan Schanzer

Israel's leaders are not particularly fond of multilateral initiatives. The ones coming out of the United Nations are notorious for one-sided measures that single out Israel, and even those that articulate a vision for Middle East peace usually call for Israeli unilateral territorial concessions. more...

5th October 2016 – The Weekly Standard

The Potential of a Chinese Terror Threat

Jonathan Schanzer

Eighteen billion dollars in new contracts were signed during the fifth China-Eurasia Expo held in China's western Xinjiang region last week, reported the Chinese news agency Xinhua. The contracts are part of China's push to pursue President Xi Jinping's One Belt One Road initiative, which aims to establish a new "silk road" between China, Eurasia, and the Middle East. more...

20th September 2016 – Newsweek

International Community Must Focus On Palestinian Unity, Not Israel, To Kick-Start Peace

Jonathan Schanzer

A Palestinian court in Ramallah earlier this month suspended the local elections that were scheduled to be held in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip on October 8. more...

8th September 2016 – The Wall Street Journal

The Fragile State of the Palestinian Authority

Jonathan Schanzer, Grant Rumley

A Palestinian court on Thursday postponed municipal elections scheduled for Oct. 8 because Palestine’s two largest political factions, Fatah and Hamas, couldn’t agree on terms. The stalemate has been in place since 2006, the last time Palestinians voted, and even led to an internecine war the following year. more...

30th August 2016 – New York Post

Team Obama’s appalling smugness on Syrian refugees

Jonathan Schanzer

State Department spokesman John Kirby sang the praises of President Obama’s Syria policy on Monday. And boy, was he tone deaf. more...

3rd August 2016 – New York Post

Bogus foreign-policy debates: How we’re helping our enemies fool us

Jonathan Schanzer

Abu Mohammed al-Julani, the leader of the Syrian al Qaeda affiliate group known as Jabhat al-Nusra, announced last week that his organization will henceforth be known as Jabhat Fath Al-Sham, and it will splinter from the al Qaeda constellation of terrorist organizations. more...

20th July 2016 – The Huffington Post

Turkey’s Strongman Will Exploit The Failed Coup

Jonathan Schanzer

Turkey may have thwarted a military coup d’etat on Friday night, but the result will almost certainly be the precipitous decline of Turkey’s democracy, nevertheless. more...

19th July 2016 – The New York Times

The Fight Against ISIS Will Suffer Because of Turkey’s Coup

Jonathan Schanzer

The failed coup in Turkey will set back global efforts to combat the Islamic State. more...

18th July 2016 – FDD Press

The Third Lebanon War

Tony Badran, Jonathan Schanzer

In August 2015, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released its first-ever public strategy paper, highlighting the complex challenges to Israel’s national security. Notably, it was not Iran’s nuclear program nor its ballistic missile development that ranked as the greatest threats to Israel, but rather its regional clients and proxies. Chief among those was the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. One year later that assessment still held, with IDF Chief of Staff Lt. General Gadi Eizenkot declaring that Hezbollah was the IDF’s “main enemy,” posing “the most serious threat to Israel.” more...

12th July 2016 – MarketWatch

Opinion: Why Boeing shouldn’t do business with Iran

Jonathan Schanzer, Amir Toumaj

A little more than a year ago, it would have been unthinkable for major U.S. corporations to do business with the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Yet, here we are. With the signing of last year’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal, businesses are lining up to work with the Islamic Republic of Iran. more...

30th June 2016 – New York Post

Airport attack should have come as no surprise to Turkey

Jonathan Schanzer

The attack on Istanbul’s airport was horrific. It was also steeped in irony. Istanbul’s airport is the overwhelming destination of choice for aspiring jihadists around the world who wish to join the Islamic State. more...

8th June 2016 – The Weekly Standard

Hamas Hâlâ Türkiye’de Barınıyor

Jonathan Schanzer

Dışişleri Bakanı Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Salı günü basına Türkiye’nin İsrail ile ilişkilerini normalleştirmekten bir ya da iki görüşme uzakta olduğunu açıkladı. more...