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Analysis & Commentary - Benjamin Weinthal

Benjamin Weinthal's Latest Mentions

3rd October 2018 – Quoted by The Tower

Merkel Slated to Hold Talks with Netanyahu Despite Differences over Palestinians, Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to arrive in Israel on Wednesday evening for a two-day bilateral meeting between German and Israeli officials, The Times of Israel reported. Government-to-government meetings of the type Merkel is scheduled to take part in highlight the close relationship between Israel and Germany. more...

3rd October 2018 – Quoted by Jacob Siegel - Tablet Magazine

Iran Looms Over Merkel’s Israel Visit

Benjamin Weinthal

A week after Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at the U.N. that “Europe and others are appeasing Iran,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the unofficial leader of Europe and head of its most powerful state, will arrive in Jerusalem tonight on a scheduled visit. Iran is virtually certain to dominate the agenda but planned discussions of Israel’s settlement policy and “The Conflict” may provide some diversion from the most contentious matters. more...

2nd October 2018 – Quoted by The Jerusalem Post

Merkel and Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to begin a two-day visit to Israel on Wednesday, and her country’s perturbing policy on Iran is likely to top the agenda in her meetings with Israeli leaders. In a video podcast last week, Merkel stressed that Germany and Israel share a unique relationship, but she was silent about Berlin’s continued support for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and Germany’s growing trade with Tehran, despite Iran’s repeated calls for Israel’s destruction and its support of terrorist groups in groups in the Middle East. more...

28th September 2018 – Quoted by Mosaic

Germany’s Hypocritical Commitment to Robust Economic Relations with Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

Immediately after the nuclear deal was concluded in 2015, German companies sprang at the opportunity to trade with the Islamic Republic. more...

26th September 2018 – Quoted by Tom Rogan- Washington Examiner

Why the world ignores America on Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

Chairing a United Nations Security Council meeting on Iran on Wednesday, the president found himself alone among the 5 permanent Security Council members in supporting harsher policies toward the Islamic Republic. more...

20th September 2018 – Quoted by The Tower

PayPal Closes Account with German NGO Linked to Palestinian Terror Group

Benjamin Weinthal

PayPal shut down the account of a German NGO which has links to the terror group the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Benjamin Weinthal reported Thursday in The Jerusalem Post. The United States-based online payment service closed the account of International Alliance (Internationalistisches Bündnis), an alliance of related organizations. The PayPal account of the International Alliance now has a message, “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.” more...

31st August 2018 – Quoted by Mosaic

The U.S. and Europe Should Stand Up for Persecuted Iranian Christians

Benjamin Weinthal

According to official statistics, the Islamic Republic is home to 117,700 Christians, although the real number is probably closer to 350,000. The regime, while never tolerant of non-Muslims, seems lately to have intensified its anti-Christian policies. more...

30th August 2018 – Quoted by Erin Fettmann - New York Post

Security desk: Iran’s Forgotten Persecuted Christians

Benjamin Weinthal

The Christian minority in Iran is in “dire straits” following “a new wave of regime repression” that “largely has not registered” in the news media, report Julie Lenarz and Benjamin Weinthal at Fox News. more...

29th August 2018 – Quoted by Sean Durns in The Jerusalem Post

From the Kaiser to Khamenei: The Underreported Berlin-Tehran Axis

Benjamin Weinthal

The term “special relationship” often denotes the Anglo-American partnership that emerged in the wake of World War II. Yet, the phrase also describes the unique relationship between Germany and Iran – a relationship that stretches back more than a century and has profound implications for the future. more...

26th August 2018 – Quoted by Maya Margit

European Aid To Iran Sends Signal To United States

Benjamin Weinthal

The European Union’s decision to transfer millions of dollars in aid to Iran is a symbolic move intended to undermine the United States’ strategy of pressuring Tehran into re-negotiating the nuclear deal, analysts said. more...

23rd August 2018 – Quoted by The Tower

TIP Senior Fellow: Germany and EU Throwing Iran a “Lifeline” by Undercutting Sanctions

Benjamin Weinthal

Maas wrote in German business daily Handelsblatt that Germany “will not allow [the U.S.] to go over our heads, and at our expense.” more...

22nd August 2018 – Quoted by The Tower

Dept. of Justice Indicts Two on Charges of Surveilling Jewish Institutions for Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

The United States Department of Justice announced the indictment of two men for spying on Jewish organizations and anti-regime activists, The Chicago Tribune reported Monday. more...

21st August 2018 – Quoted by Samuel Smith- Christian Post

Iran Sentences 12 Christians to Year in Prison for House Church Worship, Evangelism

Benjamin Weinthal

An Iranian court has sentenced 12 Christians to one year in prison for holding worship meetings and evangelizing — crimes that Iran considers to be "propaganda activities." more...

8th August 2018 – Quoted by The Tower

EU Report Shows How Hezbollah Uses Organized Crime to Finance Terror

Benjamin Weinthal

A newly released report by the European Union details Hezbollah’s international web of terror sponsoring and reveals how Lebanese nationals worked with organized crime organizations to finance Hezbollah’s terrorist activities, Benjamin Weinthal reported in The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. more...

8th August 2018 – Quoted by Damien McElroy - The National

Iranian diplomat accused of running web of spies across Europe

Benjamin Weinthal

Iran is running a wide-ranging espionage network across Europe with the aim of procuring technology to boost the country’s missile arsenal, disrupt opposition groups and carry out targeted assassinations, intelligence reports and opposition groups have disclosed. more...

3rd August 2018 – Quoted by Tom Rogan - The Washington Examiner

Iran is trying to bring home terror cash from Germany, but Angela Merkel may stop them

Benjamin Weinthal

If Germany comes through and prevents Iran from acquiring nearly $400 million in U.S.-currency reserves held on its territory, Chancellor Angela Merkel will deserve a thank-you tweet from President Trump. more...

3rd August 2018 – Quoted by Tehran Times

Germany stops cash transfer to Iran amid EU package to counter U.S. JCPOA exit

Benjamin Weinthal

Under the new conditions, the Bundesbank can stop cash transfers that violate U.S. Treasury sanctions, Germany's measure to stop cash delivery to Tehran comes at a time when Iran’s European partners in the nuclear deal are preparing a package of economic measures to offset the U.S. pullout from the nuclear deal, officially known as JCPOA. more...

31st July 2018 – Quoted by Orit Arfa - Jewish News Syndicate

Confronting Germany’s mixed record on tackling BDS

Benjamin Weinthal

Malca Goldstein-Wolf, a German Jew, made headlines last year when she convinced the German broadcasting network Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) to pull its sponsorship of Roger Waters’ German tour. more...

30th July 2018 – Quoted by The Tower

Report: Iran Illicitly Financing War in Yemen Using German Companies

Benjamin Weinthal

The Islamic Republic of Iran is using German companies to disguise their illicit support for Shiite militia forces in the fight against the internationally recognized government of Yemen, Benjamin Weinthal reported in The Jerusalem Post on Friday. more...

27th July 2018 – Quoted by AIJAC

Iran’s economic crisis in the lead-up to new US sanctions

Toby Dershowitz, Benjamin Weinthal

This Update discusses the state of the Iranian economy in the lead up to the re-imposition of US sanctions beginning on Aug 6, following the US withdrawal from the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal in March. more...