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Analysis & Commentary - Boris Zilberman

Boris Zilberman's Latest Mentions

9th August 2018 – Quoted by Jessica Donati, Courtney McBride - The Wall Street Journal

U.S. to Impose New Sanctions on Russia Over Nerve-Agent Attack in U.K.

Boris Zilberman

The U.S. unveiled a new series of sanctions on Moscow over a nerve-agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter in the U.K., in a rare direct confrontation that could escalate into a broad series of diplomatic and economic measures between the two countries. more...

2nd August 2018 – Quoted by Christopher Prawdzik - Homeland 411

FDD Analyzes Russian Threat through Kaspersky Lab

Boris Zilberman

Russia’s Kaspersky Lab illustrates how technological expertise paired with government cooperation can create a serious threat to U.S. national security, according to a recent report from Foundation for Defense of Democracies. more...

31st July 2018 – Quoted by Jenna Lifhits - The Weekly Standard

Senators Want More Russia Sanctions Post-Helsinki

Boris Zilberman

Resolutions and sanctions legislation are piling up in the Senate in the wake of President Donald Trump’s meeting and conciliatory press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, creating the possibility of fresh Russia penalties this fall. more...

16th July 2018 – Quoted by Kristine Frazao - Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Is Russia actually the biggest geopolitical threat for the U.S.?

Boris Zilberman

The historic meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is now wrapped up, with the leaders of the world’s two largest nuclear powers pledging to work as a team where they can. more...

29th June 2018 – Quoted by Alex Ward - Vox

Trump wants US troops out of Syria. Putin might use that to his advantage.

Boris Zilberman

President Donald Trump is desperate to remove thousands of US troops from Syria — and may be willing to make a big concession to Russia in order to do so. more...

16th April 2018 – Quoted by Nick Wadhams, Ilya Arkhipov, and Margaret Talev - Bloomberg

Syria Strikes Lock U.S. and Russia Into New Era of Animosity

Boris Zilberman

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump invited Vladimir Putin to meet -- maybe even at the White House. After U.S.-led missile strikes in Syria, the two nations’ officials can’t get into the same room without insulting each other. more...

12th April 2018 – Quoted by Dave Clark and Francesco Fontemaggi - Agence France Presse

Syria dispute boosts risk of US and Russia clash

Boris Zilberman

President Donald Trump's threat of action against the Syrian regime places the United States and Russia at perhaps the greatest risk of conflict since the days of the Cold War. more...

30th March 2018 – Quoted by Thomas Grove - The Wall Street Journal

After Expulsions, Options Dwindle in Russia and West’s ‘Diplomatic War’

Boris Zilberman

Numerous rounds of diplomatic expulsions have left Russia and the West with little capacity for more such largely symbolic measures, setting the stage for less predictable forms of escalation as the rift between the two sides grows, Russian government advisers and analysts say. more...

15th March 2018 – Quoted by Dan Boylan - The Washington Times

With ‘new mandate,’ emboldened Putin to expand Russia’s adventurism abroad

Boris Zilberman

There’s little suspense about Sunday’s Russian presidential election, but a lot of questions — and concerns — over what Vladimir Putin might do next with another six-year term in his pocket and a string of unresolved confrontations with the West. more...

22nd February 2018 – Quoted by Jenna Lifhits - The Weekly Standard

Trump and Russia: The Good and the Bad

Boris Zilberman

Special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians on Friday for their efforts to interfere with the U.S. political process. In the days since, President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter, pushing back hard on suggestions that his campaign colluded with the Kremlin, denying that he said Russia “did not meddle” in the 2016 election, and slamming the Obama administration for doing “nothing” about meddling ahead of the election. more...

21st February 2018 – Quoted by Dan Boylan - The Washington Times

Russian operatives beyond U.S. law, but not free, clear

Boris Zilberman

The 13 Russian social media “troll factory” operatives charged last week with meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election should fear for their freedom should they ever set foot beyond the borders of Russia, security analysts said this week. more...

30th January 2018 – Quoted by Linette Lopez - Business Insider

In the shadowy world where finance meets national security, the Russian oligarch list actually does

Boris Zilberman

Yes, it seems the US Treasury cribbed its list of individuals with financial ties to the Kremlin from Forbes Magazine's list of richest Russians. more...

29th January 2018 – Quoted by Jenna Lifhits - The Weekly Standard

Inside Putin’s Inner Circle

Boris Zilberman

The Trump administration is expected to provide lawmakers with a report Monday that calls out Russian president Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, a document that has had Russian elites worried for months. more...

6th December 2017 – Quoted by Sean Savage - Jewish News Service

Trump, often polarizing, draws broad Jewish and Christian support on Jerusalem

Boris Zilberman

It’s not often that the American Jewish community is united on issues pertaining to President Donald Trump, or on any political topics for that matter. But Trump’s Dec. 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and his expression of the intent to move the U.S. embassy to that city drew widespread support from Jewish organizations, dovetailing with the expected backing of Christian Zionist groups. more...

13th October 2017 – Quoted by Renee Picard - Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

Russia Advances in Fight With US Over Cybercrime Suspect

Boris Zilberman

On Wednesday, a Greek court showed support for Russia in a US-Russia legal tug-of-war over the alleged mastermind behind a $4 billion bitcoin money-laundering scheme, reported Reuters. more...

11th October 2017 – Quoted by Joseph Young -

Russian Foreign Ministry Condemns Vinnik Extradition

Boris Zilberman

The Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned the request of the US government to extradite Alexander Vinnik, who has been charged with money laundering in relation to BTC-E and kept in custody by Greek law enforcement agencies. more...

8th October 2017 – Quoted by Dan Boylan - The Washington Times

U.S., Russia fight over ‘brain’ of bitcoin crime suspect Alexander Vinnik

Boris Zilberman

The alleged Russian mastermind of a $4 billion digital money laundering scheme sits in an Athens prison cell as Washington and Moscow “fight over his brain,” according to international illicit finance analysts. more...

31st August 2017 – Quoted by Agence France Presse

US orders Russia to close San Francisco consulate

Boris Zilberman

The United States on Thursday ordered Russia to close its consulate in San Francisco and two other installations in two days, a move Moscow greeted with "regret," as relations between the nuclear-armed powers took another dive. more...

3rd August 2017 – Quoted by Curt Mills - National Interest

Will Europe Rebel Against U.S. Sanctions?

Boris Zilberman

The United States finalized new sanctions against Moscow this week, roping it in with perennial bad actors Iran and North Korea. Despite complaints from Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson—the pair of ex-CEOs that now lead U.S. foreign policy—the administration assented to the “flawed” package on Wednesday. more...

27th July 2017 – Quoted by Vivian Salama - Associated Press

Russia sanctions bill exposes Trump’s legislative tug of war

Boris Zilberman

President Donald Trump is likely to sign a tough new sanctions bill that includes proposed measures targeting Russia — a remarkable concession that the president has yet to sell his party on his hopes for forging a warmer relationship with Moscow. Trump’s vow to extend a hand of cooperation to Russian President Vladimir Putin has been met with resistance as skeptical lawmakers look to limit the executive power’s leeway to go easy on Moscow over its meddling in the 2016 presidential election. more...