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25th July 2017 – Quoted by Haaretz

Jewish Insider’s Daily Kickoff: July 25, 2017

Grant Rumley

Evangelicals sing Kushner's praises | Dershowitz disappointed with Trump admin on Temple Mount crisis | Dan Och bets big on 34-year-old more...

25th July 2017 – Quoted by Yasmeen Serhan - The Atlantic

What’s the Problem With Metal Detectors in Jerusalem?

Grant Rumley

Of all the issues involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, none is more sensitive than the status of Jerusalem, which both sides claim as their capital. But the delicate status quo surrounding the holy city has been threatened in recent weeks following the installation of new security measures at the entrance of the Old City’s holy compound, culminating in the biggest crisis the site has seen in years. more...

19th July 2017 – Quoted by Sean Savage - Jewish News Service

A tale of two Palestinian worlds

Grant Rumley

For slightly more than a decade, the two main areas slated for a future Palestinian state—the disputed territories and the Gaza Strip—have been ruled by competing factions, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Hamas terror group. While many in the international community continue to endorse the idea of a two-state solution, with Israelis living in peace alongside a contiguous and stable Palestinian state, the reality on the ground seemingly tells a different story. more...

13th July 2017 – The American Interest

Mahmoud Abbas and the Years of Terror

Grant Rumley

Mahmoud Abbas’s role in Palestinian politics was forged in the bloody years of the Second Intifada, when he became the anti-Arafat. But the events of those years also foreshadow the indecision and timidity that have plagued him since. more...

12th July 2017 – Mentioned by Faith Bottum - The Washington Free Beacon

Experts: Abbas’s Role in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Solution Waning

Grant Rumley

Hosted by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the discussion centered around the publication of The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas, by Grant Rumley, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and Amir Tibon, chief Washington correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. more...

10th July 2017 – Quoted by Aaron Magid - Jewish Journal

Trump admin hits roadblocks for Israeli-Palestinian talks

Grant Rumley

After months of intensive US efforts, Tillerson’s statements suggested that the Palestinians had backtracked on a longstanding policy, handing the Trump administration its first victory on the peace process front. more...

8th July 2017 – Quoted by Arab News

Are Mahmoud Abbas’ challenges to the judiciary exposing his weakness?

Grant Rumley

Activists in Palestine claim that last month’s blocking of Palestinian websites was carried out simply via a phone call from the office of President Mahmoud Abbas to local Internet providers. more...

22nd June 2017 – Quoted by Sean Savage -

Will Palestinian energy feud spark surge in violence against Israel?

Grant Rumley

The long-running feud between Hamas and Fatah has led to a deepening crisis in the Gaza Strip, as a cut in the electricity supplied to the coastal territory is stoking fears of a surge in violence, both between the Palestinian factions and against Israel. more...

12th June 2017 – Quoted by Raf Sanchez - The Telegraph

Israel cuts Gaza electricity after PA president says he will no longer pay the bill for Hamas

Grant Rumley

The 82-year-old Palestinian president may also be eager to show Donald Trump that he is the dominant figure in Palestinian politics and strong enough to negotiate a peace deal with Israel and be a partner to the US. more...

4th May 2017 – Quoted by Sean Savage - The Algemeiner

Trump and Abbas State Desire for Peace, But Differ on Specifics

Grant Rumley

US President Donald Trump and Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas met for the first time at the White House on Wednesday, as Trump’s nascent administration is making a fresh bid to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. more...

3rd May 2017 – Quoted by Ben Cohen - The Algemeiner

At White House Meeting with Trump, Abbas Signals Abandonment of Unilateral Statehood Re

Jonathan Schanzer, Grant Rumley

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas offered a strong signal on Wednesday that he would abandon the strategy he pursued in recent years seeking unilateral statehood recognition at international fora in place of peace talks with Israel. more...

3rd May 2017 – Quoted by Peter Baker - The New York Times

Trump, Bullish on Mideast Peace, Will Need More Than Confidence

John Hannah, Grant Rumley

Ever since Britain declared 100 years ago that there should be a Jewish homeland in Palestine, harmony has eluded that dry, benighted land. Presidents and kings and prime ministers and diplomats and special envoys have labored for a century in a futile search for peace. more...

3rd May 2017 – Quoted by Laura Rozen - Al-Monitor

Trump, Abbas vow to prove skeptics wrong on reaching peace deal

Grant Rumley

Defying expectations when Donald Trump came into office that his administration would tilt heavily to the Israeli side, Trump hosted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for an upbeat visit at the White House on May 3 and declared that he did not think it would be too hard to get an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. more...

2nd May 2017 – Quoted by Alex Kane - Vice News

Hamas Stops Calling for Israel’s Destruction, but Still Thinks the Country has No Right to Exist

Grant Rumley

In a stunning about-face, Hamas has formally declared acceptance of a Palestinian state (based on 1967 borders), moving away from its hyperbolic calls for the destruction of Israel. more...

1st May 2017 – Quoted by Yasmeen Serhan - The Atlantic

What Hamas’s New Document Does and Doesn’t Say

Grant Rumley

Hamas unveiled Monday a new political document supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state based on 1967 lines, marking a rhetorical shift just days ahead of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s visit to Washington. more...

1st May 2017 – Quoted by Adam Rasgon - The Jerusalem Post

Hamas Unveils New Charter

Grant Rumley

In an effort to improve its regional and international relations, the Gaza Strip’s ruling Hamas Party on Monday released a policy document that nominally softens its official position on Israel while still calling for “the complete liberation of Palestine.” more...

1st May 2017 – Quoted by Joashua Mitnick, Rushdi abu Alouf - The Los Angeles Times

A revised Hamas charter will moderate its stance toward Israel — slightly

Grant Rumley

Hamas, the Palestinian group that rules the Gaza Strip, unveiled a new manifesto Monday moderating its position toward Israel — if only slightly — and distancing itself from Islamist groups in the Middle East. more...

24th April 2017 – Quoted by Raf Sanchez - The Telegraph

Marwan Barghouti: Can a man convicted of terrorism lead Palestinians to peace?

Grant Rumley

Even from the Israeli prison cell where he has languished for more than a decade, Marwan Barghouti is making himself heard. more...

18th April 2017 – Quoted by Joshua Mitnick - LA Times

Behind bars, a famed Palestinian leads his people in a prison hunger strike

Grant Rumley

He has long been viewed as a future president of a Palestinian state, even as he is reviled by Israelis as a terrorist who is serving multiple life terms in prison for murder. more...

10th April 2017 – Quoted by Albawaba

‘Even before the money wasn’t enough’: Palestinian government employees suffer pay cuts in Gaza

Grant Rumley

“I arrived at the bank and only then found out there had been a pay cut. There was no information from the government at all beforehand,” Palestinian civil servant Mohammed Deeb, 43, says. more...