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6th November 2014 – Quoted by Sean Savage - JNS

While Terror Rages in Jerusalem, Israel-Jordan Relations Hang in the Balance

Grant Rumley

While facing increased Arab riots and terrorist attacks that resemble the underpinnings of a renewed Palestinian intifada, Israel is simultaneously working to manage tension in its delicate relationship with Jordan, one of its two peaceful Arab neighbors. more...

26th September 2014 – Quoted by Joe Lauria - The Wall Street Journal

Palestinian Leader Calls for Status Talks

Grant Rumley

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said his government would introduce a resolution here demanding an immediate resumption of talks with a firm timetable toward a final status accord with Israel on land and refugees. more...

18th September 2014 – Quoted by Luke Baker and Noah Browning - Reuters

Insight - After Mahmoud Abbas, Who Will Lead the Palestinians?

Grant Rumley

Most Palestinians have known only two leaders: Yasser Arafat, the stubble-chinned firebrand fond of chequered scarves and olive fatigues, and Mahmoud Abbas, a smooth-shaven father figure who favours Western suits and ties. more...

7th August 2014 – Quoted by Jonathon Gatehouse - Maclean's

Gaza Fighting Moves to The Courts

Grant Rumley

If the quiet has finally come, after six failed ceasefires and 29 days of intense fighting, it is not a moment too soon. more...

25th July 2014 – Quoted by Armin Rosen - Business Insider

Even If An Intifada Has Started In The West Bank, It Won’t Look Anything Like The Last One

Grant Rumley

Hostilities continue between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, with Israel rejecting an American-brokered seven-day truce but agreeing to a 12-hour freeze in fighting. more...

1st July 2014 – Quoted by Sheera Frenkel - BuzzFeed World

Who Is The Palestinian Family Allegedly Behind The Deaths Of Three Israeli Teens?

Grant Rumley

The Qawasmeh family of Hebron has been named by officials as being behind the kidnappings and deaths that have horrified Israel. more...