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Analysis & Commentary - Merve Tahiroglu

Merve Tahiroglu's Latest Mentions

12th November 2017 – Qutoed by Thomas Seibert - The Arab Weekly

As Turkey and US agree to disagree, Erdogan heads east

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

Turkey and the United States have failed to iron out differences in key ar­eas of their relationship, including a visa dispute, during high-level talks that put a spotlight on tensions between An­kara and the West. more...

9th October 2017 – Quoted by Patrick Goodenough - CNS News

American Pastor Begins Second Year in Turkish Prison Despite Pressure From Trump, Pence

Merve Tahiroglu

American Pastor Andrew Brunson has begun a second year behind bars in Turkey, with no sign that the Islamist government is inclined to heed U.S. calls for his release. more...

24th October 2016 – Quoted by Jamie Dettmer - VOA News

US Scrambles to Contain Flaring Turkey-Iraq Tensions

Merve Tahiroglu

U.S. officials are scrambling to contain flaring tensions between Ankara and Baghdad after Turkish officials announced their troops Sunday shelled Islamic State positions near the Iraqi city of Mosul - an artillery barrage, the Turks say, requested by Kurdish peshmerga commanders. more...

22nd September 2016 – Quoted by Jamie Dettmer - Voice of America

Turkey Exerts New Influence in Syria

Merve Tahiroglu

More than five years of relentless war have fragmented Syria like a jigsaw puzzle. The task of reassembling the pieces increasingly seems to rest not with Western policymakers, Gulf princes or Iranian ayatollahs but with Russia and now Turkey, some diplomatic observers say. more...

26th August 2016 – Quoted by Dave Clarke - AFP

Kurd advance angers Turkey, Washington’s impossible ally

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

As Turkish troops ostensibly hunting Islamic State (IS) group fighters shelled a US-backed Kurdish militia inside Syria, analysts warned that Ankara's alliance with the West is at stake. more...

5th April 2016 – Quoted by Efe Kerem Sozeri - The Daily Dot

How the Internet’s highest-profile prosecutor sits at the center of Turkish corruption

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who became famous online as the prosecutor who convicted Ross Ulbricht as the kingpin behind infamous Dark Net market Silk Road, earned a quarter million Turkish followers on Twitter last week after he publicly announced the arrest of Reza Zarrab, the central figure in a 2013 corruption scandal that reaches into the highest echelons of Turkey’s government. more...

17th February 2016 – Quoted by Kivanc Dundar, Menekse Tokyay - IntelliNews

Turkey’s nightmare comes true in Syria

Merve Tahiroglu

Turkey has been drawn further into the Syrian conflict as its army shells positions held by the Kurdish militia YPG in Northern Syria, ignoring calls from Washington and Brussels to cease military actions there. more...

16th January 2016 – Quoted by Menekse Tokyay - Al Arabiya

Istanbul terror attack: Turkey takes gloves off against ISIS

Merve Tahiroglu

Turkey has ramped up its efforts against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) after the group attacked the tourist district in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square on Tuesday. more...

14th January 2016 – Quoted by Natasha Bertrand - Business Insider

The US is considering a new plan for Syria — and the Kurds ‘will not be happy about it’

Merve Tahiroglu

The Pentagon is weighing a new request from Turkey to train and equip Arab rebels battling government forces in northern Syria, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. more...

13th January 2016 – Quoted by Jamie Dettmer - Voice of America

Turkey’s Kurds Accuse EU of Turning Blind Eye

Merve Tahiroglu

Turkey’s military says it has killed 307 Kurdish separatists in recent weeks in counter-terrorism operations in southeastern Turkey, but the toll has also been great on civilians. Rights groups say 162 civilians, including 32 children, have been killed since August in districts where the military has imposed 24-hour curfews. more...

29th December 2015 – Quoted by Natasha Bertrand - Business Insider

Turkey May Finally Be ‘Accepting the Inevitable’ in Syria

Aykan Erdemir, Merve Tahiroglu

A Kurdish militia with ties to an organization waging an insurgency in Turkey's southeast region violated Turkey's "red line" in Syria over the weekend by crossing the Euphrates River during an anti-ISIS operation. more...

9th December 2015 – Quoted by Natasha Bertrand - Business Insider

Turkey Is ‘Setting Up Cards’ For A Dangerous New Game With Russia — And The Winner Could Be ISIS

Boris Zilberman, Merve Tahiroglu

Turkey's decision to deploy a limited number of troops to a military base near the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, Iraq, last weekend was quickly condemned by leading Iraqi officials who called the incursion a violation of Iraqi sovereignty. more...

2nd November 2015 – Quoted by Menekse Tokyay - Al Arabiya

How Turkey’s Ruling AKP Regained its Parliamentary Majority

Merve Tahiroglu

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has secured a parliamentary majority, according to general-election results announced on Sunday. more...

31st August 2015 – Quoted by Henry Johnson - Foreign Policy

Turkish Court Brings Terror Charges Against Two Vice News Reporters

Merve Tahiroglu

Vice News reported last week that Turkish authorities had detained two of the company’s journalists who were filming clashes in Turkey’s restive Kurdish region, allegedly without government permission. more...

31st July 2015 – Quoted by Jamie Dettmer - Voice of America

Erdogan Signals Possible Snap Election

Merve Tahiroglu

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has signaled the possibility of an early parliamentary election. His comments come as talks about forming a coalition government drag on in Ankara. more...

5th June 2015 – International Policy Digest

What Will Happen After Turkey’s Elections?

Jonathan Schanzer, Merve Tahiroglu

When Turkish voters go to the polls this Sunday, it will mark the end of what has been an interminable 15 month long election cycle in Turkey encompassing municipal elections, a presidential election, and finally parliamentary elections. more...

3rd March 2015 – Quoted by Menekse Tokyay - SES Türkiye

ISIL Smuggles Syrian Antiquities Through Turkey

Merve Tahiroglu

Along with illegal oil, human organ sales and kidnapping, smuggling the cultural heritage of Syria has become an important source of funding for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). more...

25th November 2014 – Cited by Michael B. Kelley - Business Insider

The US Is On A Collision Course With An ‘Absolutely Indispensable’ Ally

Jonathan Schanzer, Merve Tahiroglu

The US and Turkey are headed for a showdown over Syria, as evidence mounts that Ankara is enabling groups that Washington is actively bombing. more...

20th November 2014 – Cited by Edwin Mora - Breitbart

Report: There are Active ISIS Cells Inside Turkey

Jonathan Schanzer, Merve Tahiroglu

Turkey has contributed to the rise of the brutal Islamic State by turning a blind eye to the ongoing flow of money, weapons, illegal oil, and fighters across its border to the jihadist group in Syria, according to a new report. more...

20th November 2014 – Cited by Today's Zaman

Turkey Associated with Terrorism Financing, Weapons Smuggling

Jonathan Schanzer, Merve Tahiroglu

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) -- a non-profit, non-partisan policy institute focusing on foreign policy and national security based in the US -- released a report on Wednesday alleging that Turkey has failed to clamp down on terrorism financing, weapons smuggling, illegal oil sales and fighters flooding into Syria from the southeast of the country. more...