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30th March 2015 – Quoted by Jonathan S. Tobin - Commentary

Iran Tests Obama’s Desperation Again

Reuel Marc Gerecht

As the last weekend before the deadline for its nuclear talks with Iran wound down, administration sources were talking as if a deal was a foregone conclusion. more...

20th March 2015 – Quoted by Lee Smith - The Weekly Standard

Iranian Vulnerability

Reuel Marc Gerecht

The Obama White House is enlisting all its allies to make its case for the bad nuclear deal with Iran that, say administration allies, is better than no deal. more...

18th March 2015 – Quoted by Kambiz Foroohar - Bloomberg

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Key to Nuclear Deal, an Enigma to Many

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister and chief nuclear negotiator, presents a puzzle. To some, his flawless English and soft manner offer the picture of a pragmatist eager to bring his country back into the world community, trying to drag along a reluctant leadership at home. more...

3rd March 2015 – Quoted by Emily Cadei - Ozy

Eyes and Ears in the Arab World

Reuel Marc Gerecht

In the campaign against the Islamic State group, Faisal Al Shoubaki might be the most important spy in the world. more...

30th January 2015 – Quoted by Julia Ioffe - The New York Times Magazine

Spy vs. Nonspy in Putin’s Russia

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Earlier this week, F.B.I. agents in New York arrested a 39-year-old Russian man named Evgeny Buryakov, whom federal prosecutors accused of participating in a spy ring gathering economic intelligence on the United States. more...

2nd December 2014 – Quoted by Michael Riley, Jordan Robertson - Bloomberg

Iran-Backed Hackers Target Airports, Carriers: Report

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Hackers working for Iran have targeted at least 50 companies and government organizations, including commercial airlines, looking for vulnerabilities that could be used in physical attacks, cyber-security firm Cylance Inc. said today. more...

24th November 2014 – Quoted by Oren Dorell - USA Today

Nuke Talks Confront Deadline, Iran’s Enmity with West

Reuel Marc Gerecht

As world powers talk of extending Monday's deadline for a nuclear agreement with Iran, one thing is clear: The nation's authoritarian regime must decide if it wants to remain in conflict or engage with the West. more...

13th November 2014 – Cited by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

Bipartisanship is Our Best Hope for Stopping a Bad Iran Deal

Mark Dubowitz, Reuel Marc Gerecht

President Obama has been making so many concessions that the likelihood of Iranian negotiators making a deal by the Nov. 24 deadline, rather than waiting for more generous terms to fall into their laps, is diminishing. more...

7th November 2014 – Quoted by Jeff Seldin - VOA News

Efforts Underway to Stop Syria’s Foreign Fighters From Bringing Violence Home

Reuel Marc Gerecht

The United States and its partners are focusing their military might on stopping the spread of the group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and on disrupting IS operations in Syria. Behind the scenes, however, efforts also are underway to prevent the violence from spreading back to Europe and the United States. more...

23rd October 2014 – Quoted by Jeff Seldin - VOA News

Analysis: Concerns Rise About US Intel Capabilities on IS

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Concerns about the capabilities of U.S. intelligence agencies have been steadily rising, sparked in part by comments from President Barack Obama that they “underestimated” the rise of the group known as Islamic State. more...

15th October 2014 – Cited by Armin Rosen - Business Insider

Why It Doesn’t Really Matter That So Many Iranian Leaders Have Been Educated In The US

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Yesterday, Reza Aslan, a creative writing professor at the University of California at Riverside and widely respected public commentator on religious affairs, tweeted that "Iran currently has the highest number of US college alums serving in any foreign government cabinet in the world," and included a helpful pictorial guide. more...

2nd July 2014 – Quoted by Michael Weiss - The Daily Beast

Iran’s Top Spy Is The Modern-Day Karla, John Le Carré‘s Villainous Mastermind

Reuel Marc Gerecht

What the head of Iran’s Quds Force has in common with the greatest Soviet spy who never existed. more...

20th May 2014 – The New Yorker

The Adversary: Is Iran’s nuclear negotiator, Javad Zarif, for real?

Reuel Marc Gerecht

September 4th of last year, shortly after Javad Zarif was named Iran’s foreign minister, a new Twitter account with the handle @JZarif posted its first tweet... more...

12th March 2014 – Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Rand Paul Seems Confused

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Unfortunately for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), he chose to grab the spotlight on foreign policy amid several foreign policy crises that demonstrate the folly of his philosophy. more...

25th February 2014 – Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Obama About to Repeat Iraq Disaster

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Reuters is reporting “U.S. President Barack Obama has told the Pentagon to prepare for the possibility that the United States will not leave behind any troops in... more...

18th February 2014 – Quoted by Oren Dorell, USA Today

Nuclear Talks with Iran Headed for Collision in Austria

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Iranian and U.S. negotiators began meeting Tuesday for a new round of talks over a nuclear program that Iranian leaders are vowing to keep despite a threat... more...

24th January 2014 – Quoted by Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg

More Bad Omens for the Iran Nuclear Talks

Reuel Marc Gerecht

The velocity of bad sign-spotting is increasing as we get closer to the main negotiations over Iran's nuclear program. Bad Sign No. 1: I think it’s important to note that... more...

8th January 2014 – Quoted by Pinar Tremblay, Al Monitor

Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) at Center of Political Storm

Reuel Marc Gerecht

On Jan 1, news broke that a big rig was stopped in the city of Hatay en route to Syria. Initially the focus of the news was on the Turkey’s Humanitarian Relief... more...

16th December 2013 – Quoted by Maya Gebeily, NOW

Head-to-Head on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Reuel Marc Gerecht

There are two ways you can look at it. You can look at it from a strictly economic and a sanctions perspective, in which the deal doesn’t make a lot of sense. more...

25th October 2013 – Cited by Daniel Wiser, Washington Free Beacon

Experts: Election of Hassan Rowhani Causing Split Over Iran Foreign Policy

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Experts said Thursday that the recent election of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani has reopened a fissure within the Iranian regime over its foreign policy... more...