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1st June 2018 – Quoted by Michael Lipin - Voice of America

Netanyahu Video Tries to Revive Israeli Friendship with Iranians

Tzvi Kahn

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has posted a video of himself praising Iranians in his latest bid to revive a historic friendship with Iran’s people while challenging and criticizing their Islamist rulers. more...

1st May 2018 – Quoted by Aaron Kliegman - The Washington Free Beacon

Bibi’s Bombshell

Tzvi Kahn

On the surface, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's much-hyped speech on Monday, which revealed new intelligence on Iran's clandestine work to develop nuclear weapons, was an effort to push President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal—formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA. more...

22nd January 2018 – Quoted by Patrick Goodenough - CNS News

Despite Violent Crackdown, European Parliament Panel Hosts Hardline Iranian Lawmaker

Tzvi Kahn

The European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee is raising eyebrows with a decision to host a senior Iranian lawmaker and regime stalwart on Tuesday, despite simmering concerns over Iran’s violent crackdown on protests. more...

8th January 2018 – Quoted by Fred Fleitz - The National Review

Trump Should Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal, for the Dissidents and Protesters

Tzvi Kahn

President Trump will make some important decisions this month that could not only end the controversial 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran but also convey America’s support for Iranian protesters and hasten the overthrow of Iran’s ruling mullahs. more...

27th September 2017 – Quoted by Jackson Richman - Kol HaBirah

Will Trump Scrap The Iran Deal?

Tzvi Kahn

After campaigning to dismantle the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, President Donald Trump has not only left what he called “the worst deal ever negotiated” untouched since he came into office, but he has twice certified that the regime has not been in violation of the agreement. more...

19th September 2017 – Quoted by The Tower

US National Security Adviser McMaster: Iran “Has Already Violated Parts” of Nuke Deal

Tzvi Kahn

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Gen. H. R. McMaster, the administration’s national security adviser, told host Chris Wallace that Iran “has already violated parts of the agreement,” referring to the 2015 nuclear deal. more...

9th June 2017 – Quoted by The Tower

Iran’s High Rate of Executions Continues After Rouhani’s Re-Election

Tzvi Kahn

Iran has executed at least 20 people since the re-election of President Hassan Rouhani on May 19, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies reported Wednesday. more...

1st April 2017 – Quoted by Raymond Tanter, Ed Stafford - The Hill

The way forward on the Iran nuclear deal under President Trump

Tzvi Kahn

The way forward for the Iran nuclear deal under President Trump is to tighten enforcement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, aka, the nuclear deal) and impose sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program rather than dismantle the JCPOA. more...

30th March 2017 – Quoted by The Tower

U.S. Commander: Iran Poses “Most Significant Threat” to American Interests in Middle East

Tzvi Kahn

Iran “aspires to be a regional hegemon” and remains “the most significant threat” to the United States and its allies, the head of the U.S. Central Command said in a congressional testimony on Wednesday. more...

29th March 2017 – Quoted by The Tower

Expert: Bipartisan Bills Tackle U.S. Failure to Deter Iran Since Nuke Deal

Tzvi Kahn

Two bipartisan bills introduced in Congress last week aim to remedy the United States’ failure to deter Iran’s aggression since the 2015 nuclear deal, Tzvi Kahn, a senior Iran analyst for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, wrote Wednesday in a policy brief. more...