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27th May 2015 - New York Times

France Rejects Iran Leader’s Ban on Unlimited Nuclear Inspections

France challenged Iran’s supreme leader on Wednesday over a disputed element of the Iranian nuclear talks, asserting that it would not sign any pact unless Iran allowed all its nuclear installations, including military sites, to be inspected.

27th May 2015 - Agence France-Presse

Coalition Raids on Rebels in Yemen Capital Kill 43

Saudi-led coalition warplanes killed 43 soldiers on Wednesday when they targeted a rebel troop headquarters in the Yemeni capital as the United Nations tried to reschedule postponed peace talks.

27th May 2015 - The Telegraph

Video Secretly Filmed Inside Iranian Parliament Exposes Divisions Over Nuclear Talks

Hardliner claiming to speak from the Supreme Leader heard calling Foreign Minister Zarif a 'traitor' for agreeing a deal with the West.

27th May 2015 - Associated Press

Islamic State Suicide Attacks in Iraq’s Anbar Kills 17 Troops

Islamic State extremists unleashed a wave of suicide attacks targeting the Iraqi army in western Anbar province, killing at least 17 troops in a major blow to government efforts to dislodge the militants from the sprawling Sunni heartland, an Iraqi militar

27th May 2015 - Reuters

Kurdish Party Committed to Peace Talks Whatever Turkish Poll Outcome

Turkey's Pro-Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP) said on Wednesday June elections would lack legitimacy if a threshold for parliamentary representation deprived it of representation, but it would remain a partner in peace talks with militants.