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2nd August 2015 - The Wall Street Journal

Release the Secret Iran Deals

For those of us who are elected officials, few votes will be more consequential than whether to approve or disapprove the nuclear agreement President Obama has reached with Iran.

1st August 2015 - Business Insider

ISIS is Exploiting a Crucial Weakness in Turkey That Lets Them Walk ‘Free’

Turkey's airstrikes on ISIS targets in northern Syria and Kurdish PKK camps in northern Iraq have coincided with a nationwide crackdown on suspected militants and extremists operating within its own borders.

2nd August 2015 - The New York Times

Kerry Warns Egypt Human Rights Abuses Can Hurt Fight Against Terrorism

Secretary of State John Kerry told Egyptian officials on Sunday that they would not be able to defeat terrorism at home unless they showed greater respect for human rights.

2nd August 2015 - Reuters

Mullah Omar’s Family Does Not Endorse New Taliban Leader: Statement

The family of late Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has not backed his announced successor, it said on Sunday, and wants the new chief to be chosen by leading Islamic scholars and veterans of the movement.