Iran Regime’s Proxy Wars Are Escalating

David Adesnik
2nd March 2018 - Quoted by NCRI

The Iranian Regime is escalating its proxy wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen to a new, more dangerous stage and providing more money, weapons and advisers to their Shiite militias in those regions in order to secure Iran’s growing influence over the Middle East once ISIS falls, according to a former high level American diplomat in the region.


Crocker, now a visiting professor and diplomat-in-residence at Princeton University, told attendees at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) panel discussion: “it’s important to know your adversary’s strategies and why.”


David Adesnik, the director of research for FDD, explained that fostering proxy forces across the Middle East has been part of Iran's plan for decades now, but it had ramped up in recent years.


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