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Distinguished person of the week

17th April 2016 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

There is a great deal of silliness and downright fabrication about foreign policy taking place in both parties’ presidential primaries. Neither side is being forthright about the extent of the commitments necessary to defeat Islamist terrorism. All the candidates would do well to listen to Gen. Raymond T. Odierno (Ret.), who spoke this past week at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. His comments are worth viewing or reading in full, but a few points stand out.

First, he made a convincing case that our challenges now are greater than during the Cold War. “It was easier because we knew who our enemy was, we knew where they were at, we knew what their capabilities were, we knew what we needed in order to fight them,” he said. “Today, frankly, the way the world is, we have to be prepared to respond potentially on five different continents, simultaneously.” Neither party has been responsible on this front, but whoever becomes president is going to have to address the substantial underfunding of defense that has reduced our military’s capabilities and readiness. If Republicans are serious about national security, they will make this a top priority.


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