Iran on Notice

Mark Dubowitz
21st April 2017 - Quoted by Lee Smith - The Weekly Standard

Last week the Trump administration sent a letter to House speaker Paul Ryan to certify that the Islamic Republic of Iran is in compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, commonly referred to as the Iran nuclear deal. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump had called it the “worst deal ever negotiated" and promised it wouldn't stand if he made it to the White House. What gives?

Trump supporters and others who opposed Barack Obama's signature foreign policy initiative are now wondering: Was the president just bluffing? Did he plan all along to leave the deal in place and take his chances that Iran wouldn't go nuclear on his watch? As usual, Washington is abuzz that the administration is split into rival camps—one that wants to go hard on the Iranians and another that wants to take it easy on the leading state sponsor of terror.


Much of the Iran policy review will rely on resources and capacities that the previous White House sidelined. For instance, Treasury may designate companies affiliated with Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps for supporting terror or proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. That would freeze their assets and make it harder for other countries to do business with the designated firms. Says Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which provided Treasury with a database of 800 IRGC companies yet to be designated, "Under the Obama administration, the White House prevented Treasury from designating IRGC entities. With the new administration, the pipeline is full and robust." In short, "the Trump administration is continuing to put Iran on notice."


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