Top Iran-watchers comment on Rouhani’s track record and his relations with the West

Mark Dubowitz
10th August 2017 - Quoted by VOA Persian

With Hassan Rouhani starting his second term as Iran's president, VOA Persian remembers that three years ago, American observers Reuel Mark Gerecht and Ali Alfoneh wrote a political portrait of Hassan Rouhani titled "The Man and the Myth: The many faces of Hassan Rouhani" where they traced the life of Hassan Fereydoun - from his birth in Sorkheh in Semnan Province to his theology studies at Alavi School in Qom to his long political career and climb through the Islamic Republic's top hierarchy culminating in becoming Iran's president.


Mark Dubowitz, Chief Executive, Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), Washington

Rouhani is a president who is either empowered to set regime policy in which case he is responsible for Iran's brutal repression at home and Syrian slaughter abroad or he is not in which case he is merely a cover for the regime's real power brokers.

Either way his rule is unlikely to bring positive change to a long-suffering Iranian people and to a region torn asunder.


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