U.S. Cuts Contribution to UN in Effort to Make World Body “More Efficient and Accountable”

Mark Dubowitz
27th December 2017 - The Tower

The United States government announced on Sunday significant cuts in its United Nations obligations for 2018-19 with next year’s budget slashed by over $285m.


Using its contribution to the world body as leverage was a “legitimate use of U.S. resources and power,” Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told The Washington Post. Given the number of nations that did not support the vote targeting the U.S. last week also showed that the tactic was “quite successful,” Dubowitz added. He explained, “There were 66 countries that opposed, abstained or didn’t show up for the U.N. vote on Jerusalem. Those were historic numbers. It worked. It should not be a shock the U.S. has decided to play power politics at the U.N., like all other countries.”


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