What exactly is our Iran policy now?

Mark Dubowitz
2nd January 2018 - Quoted by Jennifer Rubin - The Washington Post

It’s tempting to look at current events in Iran through partisan eyes with the hope of scoring points against either the previous administration or the current one. As for former president Barack Obama, Michael Singh writes, “Obama’s administration, unsure how to help the protesters and reluctant to scuttle its nascent engagement with Tehran, responded to the demonstrations with diffidence, prompting criticism from left and right alike.” 


Mark Dubowitz, a fierce critic of the JCPOA, and Daniel Shapiro, the Obama administration’s former ambassador to Israel, implore partisans to unite in support for Iranian human rights:

One clear takeaway from these protests is that, as outsiders, we don’t know enough. The causes of the protests are not monolithic, their scale is significant but not necessarily determinative, the trajectory is uncertain, the leadership unclear and the regime’s response is likely to be repressive. We must approach these protests with humility in understanding their ultimate meaning and impact. They are big, bold, widespread, impressive and heartfelt—but we have no idea if these protests will mushroom into a genuine threat to the regime.


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