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Noted and Quoted - November 2017

Grant Rumley
10th November 2017 - Quoted by The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council


Doubting Hamas

It was so near and yet so far on ABC TV News24 "The World" (Oct. 12) with Lancaster University academic Simon Mabon discussing the latest deal signed between Hamas, which rules Gaza, and Fatah, which runs the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Mabon said that if it was implemented, Fatah will take control over Gaza and "regulate the crossing between Gaza and Egypt" which Hamas is currently "regulating".


Earlier, Foundation for Defence of Democracies analyst Grant Rumley said he was not optimistic that much would change on the ground because Hamas wants Fatah to run the Strip but it doesn't want to disarm.

Hamas has been willing to invite the PA in because its political leadership which was formerly based abroad, is now Gaza-based, and feeling the "squeeze" more, he said. The "recent shifts within the organisation where military wing members have had more of a say in the political wing's apparatus... indicates that it's more of a shift towards the military wing in terms of the centre of balance," ABC Radio National "Saturday Extra" (Oct. 7).


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