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Iranian Tools of Oppression and the Companies that Provide Them

25th July 2011

Since the fraudulent June 2009 elections, the human rights situation in Iran has continued to deteriorate. Attempting to keep power, the Iranian regime has systematically violated both international law and protections granted by the Iranian constitution. These include:

• Use of public executions
• Rape and sexual violence as a means of coercion
• Religious persecution
• Unlawful arrests and violence towards peaceful protestors
• Censorship of the press
• Communications limits

The Iranian regime utilizes equipment and technology manufactured by international companies. The range of products include riot gear, weapons and communication monitoring technology

While the Iranian regime may be using the equipment and technology for purposes unintended by the manufacturer, it is important for these companies to understand the larger implications of their activities. It is critical that firms perform the necessary due diligence when conducting business deals to insure their products will not be used to violate the rights of innocent civilians and that they are not doing business with the Iranian regime.

The following products and manufacturers provide a glance at the larger international market of equipment and technology that the Iranian regime has accessed or continues to use to violate their citizens’ human rights. The information is based on publicly available information.

We invite the companies listed below to share any updated information they have about the use of their products in Iran. 

The initial report (pdf) is here.


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