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‘Look World’

The White House says the ceasefire in Syria is "fragile"—but there is no ceasefire at all.

14th April 2012 - The Weekly Standard

Former U.N. chief Kofi Annan sought a ceasefire in Syria between forces loyal to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the opposition. The Obama administration insists that the ceasefire is holding. "What we saw in the last day or so was a very fragile truce emerge, a very fragile first step," State Department spokesman Mark Toner said yesterday in a press briefing.

Yet this morning, there's evidence to the contrary, as tanks roll through the Qarabis district in Homs:

The cameraman notes the date, the 14th, or two days after the ceasefire was supposed to have been observed.

In this video from the Jourit al-Shayyah district in Homs, the cameraman appears to have been wounded after regime forces have fired on his position:

And in this video, also from Qarabis, the cameraman calls out, "look world":


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