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The Jerusalem Post

Orde Kittrie
12th December 2017 - Quoted by Yonah Jeremy Bob - The Jerusalem Post

Despite some recent wins, very few victims of terrorism or their families ever see most of the money from high-profile, big-payout victories awarded in US and Israeli courts from cases against the Palestinians, Iran and others.


In his book, Lawfare. Law as a Weapon of War, Orde F. Kittrie detailed how anti-terrorism lawsuits put pressure on rogue regimes and terrorist groups to find new ways of transferring money. But he also noted a 2009 decision authored by US Federal Court Judge Royce Lamberth in which the jurist complained about uncollected judgments.

In that decision, Kittrie quotes Lamberth as writing that Iran had only $45m. in US assets with which to satisfy $10b. in judgments.


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