Stunner! Iran’s Basij Monitors Christians in West!

Saeed Ghasseminejad
25th July 2017 - Quoted by Bob Unruh - WND

But now a worldwide Christian ministry, which reaches out to those who are being persecuted, warns of signs that such spying continues even as those members of the faith move to the West.

Officials with Barnabas Fund explain the reports they’ve seen.

“In Iran, Christians are monitored closely and their activities filmed. When the authorities decide to crack down on Christians, they are beaten up, arrested or sometimes they just disappear. One of the main organizations responsible for this is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The Iranian constitution gives the IRGC a specific responsibility for protecting the Islamic revolution ideology in Iran and exporting it to other countries. Closely associated with the IRGC is the Basij, which has a similar ideological basis but whose members, recruited from school age, hold other full-time jobs.


And the Washington Free Beacon quoted Foundation for Defense of Democracies expert Saeed Ghasseminejad saying, “Here are the facts: [The deportee] is a high-ranking member of IRGC’s Basij, has been involved in the IRGC’s military research programs, has played a key role in oppressing dissidents, and Iran’s Supreme Leader has given him his own keffiyeh [traditional Middle Eastern headscarf] as a gift.” The question, the report said, was what assignment had he been given to carry out in America, given that he was in charge of monitoring dissidents, including Christians, in Tehran.


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