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Tom Cotton: Iran threat made Trump’s Jerusalem decision easier

Jonathan Schanzer
6th December 2017 - Quoted by Joel Gehrke - The Washington Examiner

A growing partnership between Israel and Arab leaders arrayed against the threat of Iran likely made it easier for President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, according to a leading Republican senator.

“The Arab world has changed over time ... and it is now in a situation where the greatest threat to stability and security in the Middle East is Iran,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told the Washington Examiner. “And therefore you have a strong alignment of interests between Arab nations and Israel. While they might not prefer this choice [to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital], they understand that their main enemy — that Israel shares — is Iran.”


That chorus has quieted with the rise of Iran, according to another analyst who has worked with the Trump administration. “I am right now not convinced that the Arab world sees the Palestinian issue as a core national interest,” the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Jonathan Schanzer told the Washington Examiner. “The threat of Iran is a core national interest ... And Israel is aligned with them on these issues.”


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