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Al-Qaida targets Afghanistan as U.S. steps up military effort

Thomas Joscelyn
25th September 2017 - Quoted by Art Moore - World Net Daily

Just as the United States redoubles its 16-year-old military effort in Afghanistan, counter-terrorism specialist are spotlighting a “code of conduct” issued by al-Qaida’s branch in the region that declares the jihadist movement’s commitment to cooperating with the Taliban and calls on Muslims everywhere to support the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”


AQIS clearly hopes that the Taliban will be able to revive its state inside Afghanistan, warned Thomas Joscelyn, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the senior editor for FDD’s Long War Journal.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is closer to that goal today than at any point since Sept. 11, 2001,” he wrote in an analysis of the AQIS code of conduct. “And it is a goal that AQIS is working towards.”


The AQIS code of conduct specifically authorizes attacks against American and Israeli civilians, and against the governments of the five countries in the subcontinent supporting the U.S., calling them “the enemies of Shariah” and the “global forces of infidelity.


Joscelyn noted the new code of conduct explains that AQIS fighters are integrated into the Taliban’s chain-of-command.

“The mujahideen associated with the Jama’ah [AQIS] … are present on the ground under the emirate’s flag, and are actively participating in battles against the enemies of sharia,” the text reads.


Joscelyn commented that while the war in Afghanistan “is America’s longest, and there are many reasons to be skeptical about the future of the country, the enemy’s assessment must be weighed when assessing military options going forward.”

“And AQIS thinks that an American defeat would be a clear victory for the jihadists, with effects that ripple throughout the neighboring countries.”


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