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US airdropping supplies in Afghanistan again as war heats up

27th September 2017 - Quoted by Shawn Snow - Military Times

U.S. forces conducted the first airdrop of military supplies to U.S. troops in Afghanistan since September 2014, a sign of increasing military operations in the nearly 16-year war.

It’s a worrying indication that the war in Afghanistan is continuing to deteriorate as a resurgent Taliban gains ground, threatening major population centers in the war-torn country.

U.S. forces generally conduct airdrop resupply missions to sustain ground forces in remote or high threat areas.


According to analysis from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy’s Long War Journal, Taliban fighters currently control or contest roughly 45 percent of Afghan districts.

The lion’s share of the Taliban’s strength is centered in rural areas, which U.S. military officials have routinely argued are less vital, according to the assessment from Long War Journal.


“The coalition and Afghan government cannot roll back Taliban gains or ultimately defeat it while ignoring the Taliban’s rural advantage,” the recent assessment by Long War Journal reads.


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