Motor Sich



Date:   October 2008 – Unclear

Deal: According to Ria Novosti, Iran agreed to purchase 50 An-148 medium-haul airliners from Ukrainian companies in October 2008. HESA, an Iranian company, signed a letter of agreement with four Ukrainian companies, including Motor Sich (Ria Novosti, October 31, 2008).

Date:   July 2009 – Unclear

Deal:   According to Iran’s Press TV, Iran signed a contract in July 2009 with Motor Sich to manufacture an An-148 passenger aircraft. According to one of Motor Sich’s chief executives, Motor Sich had in the past “licensed manufacturing of a total of 14 An-140 passenger craft in [the] Isfahan (Iran) aircraft factory,” and planned to complete two additional planes by the end of 2009. Additionally, the chief executive also stated that Motor Sich was in talks at the time “to supply Iran with the An-140 engines for production of 10 more planes” prior to mass production of the aircraft in Iran (Press TV, July 29, 2009).

Date: August 2011 - Unclear

Deal: According to UFC-Capital, Motor Sich planned to finalize a contract with Iran in 2011 to work on MS-14 twin engines (UFC-Capital, August 8, 2011). The final terms of the contract are unclear.

Date:   September 2011 - Unclear

Deal:   According to Ukraine Business, Iran and Ukraine signed a contract in September 2011 stipulating the “delivery of 16 An-158s to Iran, followed by assembly of another 64 aircraft on Iranian territory.” Motor Sich would produce the D-436-148 engines and auxiliary power units equipped to each of the An-148/158s (Ukraine Business, December 5, 2012). The current status of this project is unclear.

U.S. Business Ties: According to, Motor Sich has not received any contracts with the U.S. government over the last ten years (, accessed July 11, 2014).

Last Updated: July 11, 2014