Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.




According to the company website, Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals ltd (NFCL) was founded in 1986 and is now the “leading manufacturer and supplier of plant nutrients in India” (Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd Website, accessed July 18, 2013).

The strategic business unit of NFCL, Nagarjuna Management Services, lists Iran as one of the countries in which it has provided maintenance services to fertilizer plants (Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd Website, accessed July 18, 2013).

Date: May 2008 - Unclear

Deal: The Iranian news agency Payvand News reported that the National Iranian Petrochemical Company (NIPC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with NFCL to build a “joint urea and ammonia complex in the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone.” The estimated budget for the project was €400 million (Payvand News, May 7, 2008). According to ICIS, the urea and ammonia complex was expected to produce 2,200 tonnes/day of urea and 3,860 tonnes/day of ammonia (ICIS Chemical Business, May 12, 2008). (Accessed via LexisNexis)

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the joint venture ammonia plant between NFCL and NIPC is expected to be completed in 2014 (U.S. Department of the Interior Geological Survey, April 2012).

Ties to U.S. Business: According to, NFCL has not received any U.S. government contracts in the last ten years (, accessed July 11, 2014).


Last Updated: July 11, 2014