Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Company Ltd.



Date:   October 2006 - Unclear

Deal:   According to an industry publication, in October 2006, Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Company Limited signed a $360 million “LASW pipe supply contract with National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)” in which the Chinese company agree to supply 300,000 tons of pipes (CISA, October 18, 2006). The current status of the deal is not clear.

U.S. Business Ties: According to, Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Company Limited has not conducted any business with the United States government or its agencies (, accessed August 2, 2013).

However as a result of the company’s ties to Iran, it is listed by several state investment authorities for divestment including New York and New Jersey (State of New York Executive Department Office Of General Services, February 7, 2013; and State of New Jersey Department of the Treasury, accessed August 2, 2013).


Last Updated: July 17, 2014