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Iran Human Rights Project

Iran Human Rights Project

Holding Tehran Accountable for a Record of Abuse

Iran’s leaders continually abuse the rights of their people through de jure and de facto laws that suppress their citizens’ basic freedoms. Censorship, violent arrests, and the increasing use of the death penalty are just a few of the tactics used by the Iranian regime to crackdown on its people, while homosexuals and religious minorities, particularly members of the Baha’i faith, are targeted with special ferocity. Although the UN appointed a special rapporteur on Iran in March 2011, he has been denied access to the country, signaling an even further decline in Iran’s human rights conditions.

FDD’s Iran Human Rights Project is a multi-tiered program to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its human rights violations by exposing its abusers and facilitators and giving voice to its victims.

About That Medicine Shortage in Iran…

27th October 2013 – Real Clear World

About That Medicine Shortage in Iran…

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Iran wants the West to believe that a sanctions-induced medicine shortage is causing the death of thousands of Iranian citizens, and they're using Western... more...

Analysis & Commentary

7th April 2014 – Fox News

As Nuclear Talks Begin, US Must Ask Iran to Free 3 Americans Being Held

As Nuclear Talks Begin, US Must Ask Iran to Free 3 Americans Being Held

Benjamin Weinthal

As the Obama administration prepares for its next negotiating session with Iranian representatives in picturesque Vienna over Tehran's illicit nuclear weapons program... more...

1st April 2014 – The Jerusalem Post

UN Report Assails Iran for Persecution of Religious Minorities

Benjamin Weinthal

Despite the election last year of Iran’s reform-minded president Hassan Rouhani, there has been no Persian thaw for Iran’s struggling religious minorities. Wide-scale... more...

21st March 2014 – Fox News

UN Report Blasts Iran for Persecution of Christians, Other Religious Minorities

Benjamin Weinthal

The election last year of self-professed moderate President Hassan Rouhani has not brought Iran's Christians any relief, according to a more...

14th March 2014 – The Advocate

Experts Predict: Iran Will Remain Deadly

Experts Predict: Iran Will Remain Deadly

Benjamin Weinthal

With the election last June of Hassan Rouhani as Iran’s president, there were hopes for a Persian Spring that would improve human rights for the country’s struggling LGBT community. more...

From the Hill:
In the News

28th September 2013 – Reuters

Iran Makes Payments on Old Loans to World Bank

16th September 2013 – The New York Times

Iranians Gain Access to Facebook and Twitter

10th September 2013 – The New York Times

U.S. Eases Sanctions to Allow Good-Will Exchanges With Iran

10th September 2013 – Trend

Iran Reviews Block on Facebook

5th September 2013 – Reuters

U.S. Sees No Sign Iran is Addressing Concerns on Nuclear Program

4th September 2013 – The New York Times

Iran’s President to Speak at the UN

28th August 2013 – AFP

Iran Rejects Visit Request of UN Human Rights Monitor

16th July 2013 – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Iranian Economists Call For ‘Civil Movement’ To Counter U.S.-Led Sanctions

15th July 2013 – The Wall Street Journal

Dubai Frozen Yoghurt Firm Feels Iran Sanction Chill

12th July 2013 – The Washington Post

U.S. Looks for Signs of Thaw as New Iranian President Rouhani Prepares to Take Office