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29th August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Islamic Front and Al Nusrah Front Promote ‘Liberation’ of Border Crossing

Thomas Joscelyn

The Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's official branch in Syria, and the Islamic Front, a coalition of several rebel groups, are using their social media pages to highlight their involvement in the rebels' assault on the Quneitra border crossing.

29th August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Ansar Jerusalem Beheads 4 Egyptians Accused of Being Israeli ‘Spies’

Thomas Joscelyn

A little more than one week after the Islamic State released a video featuring the beheading of an American photojournalist, Ansar Jerusalem has released a video online showing four Egyptian civilians being executed in the same manner. The video marks an escalation in the tactics Ansar...

29th August 2014 - Real Clear Defense

In Iraq, the B-1 Bomber Proves Enduring Value

Patrick Megahan

As the air war over northern Iraq expanded earlier this month, Pentagon officials for first time acknowledged that land-based bombers have begun conducting strikes against the Islamic State, or ISIS, as it is formerly known.

28th August 2014 - Now Lebanon

Beheshti Never Came to Tripoli

Tony Badran

This Sunday marks the 36th anniversary of the disappearance of Lebanese-Iranian cleric Musa as-Sadr during a visit to Libya in 1978.

28th August 2014 - Standpoint Magazine

Fatal Procrastination

Emanuele Ottolenghi

In his April 2012 speech at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., President Obama said: "We must tell our children about how this evil was allowed to happen — because so many people succumbed to their darkest instincts, and because so many others stood silent."

28th August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Analysis: Boko Haram Focuses on Seizing Territory

Laura Grossman, Thomas Joscelyn

Boko Haram is seeking to hold territory in northeastern Nigeria. In a recent video, Boko Haram's leader declared that his jihadists rule over the town of Gwoza as a "state among the Islamic states." This was widely interpreted to mean an Islamic caliphate, but that does not appear to be the...

28th August 2014 - FDD Policy Brief

Countering Gaza’s Mortars

Patrick Megahan

Hours before the latest ceasefire was announced between Hamas and Israel, two Israeli civilians were killed and five others wounded near the Gaza border by Palestinian mortar fire.

28th August 2014 - FDD Policy Brief

Gaza Polls Show Abbas Popularity

Grant Rumley

In a recent poll in Gaza, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas garnered a favorability of 54 percent.

27th August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State Documents Takeover of Syrian Airbase

Bill Roggio

The Islamic State released photographs that document its recent takeover of the Syrian Air Force's base in Tabqa in Raqqah province.

27th August 2014 - The Washington Times

Jihadism and ‘the language of good and evil’

Clifford D. May

The battle of Waterloo,” the Duke of Wellington is supposed to have said, “was won on the playing fields of Eton.” The battle against the Islamic State could be lost on the campuses of American universities.

26th August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Taliban Splinter Group Jamaat-ul-Ahrar Forms in Northwestern Pakistan

Bill Roggio

The new group includes Taliban factions from the tribal agencies of Mohmand, Bajaur, Khyber, and Arakzai, and the districts of Charsadda, Peshawar, and Swat.

25th August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Al Nusrah Front Video Features Captured Members of Lebanese Security Forces

Thomas Joscelyn

The Al Nusrah Front is using hostages from Lebanon's security forces in its anti-Hezbollah propaganda. Al Nusrah, an official branch of al Qaeda, is attempting to pressure Hezbollah into withdrawing its forces from Syria.

25th August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Boko Haram’s New Caliphate

Laura Grossman

In its ongoing offensive, Boko Haram has taken control of parts of northern Nigeria, establishing what its leader Abubakar Shekau calls a "caliphate" in the group's latest video release.

25th August 2014 - War On The Rocks

Don’t Forget Iran’s Ballistic Missiles

Behnam Ben Taleblu

Last month, the P5+1 and Iran arranged for an extension of Joint Plan of Action (JPOA), the interim nuclear deal that was agreed to in Geneva in late 2013 and implemented in January of this year.

25th August 2014 - The Weekly Standard

Why Al Qaeda Released An American Hostage

Thomas Joscelyn

Earlier today, the news broke that Peter Theo Curtis, an American who had been held hostage in Syria since 2012, has been released by his captors.

24th August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State Fighters Assault Last Syrian Stronghold in Raqqah

Bill Roggio

Islamic State fighters are reported to be in control of large areas of the Tabqa military airport, the last major stronghold for the Syrian military in Raqqah province.

22nd August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Al Nusrah Front attempts to thwart Islamic State’s advances north of Aleppo

Thomas Joscelyn, Oren Adaki

A video released by the Al Nusrah Front features three fighters shortly before they head off to fight the Islamic State's jihadists, who have advanced on rebel positions north of Aleppo.

22nd August 2014 - The Long War Journal

Treasury Designates 2 ‘Key’ al Qaeda Financiers

Thomas Joscelyn

The Long War Journal first exposed one of the two, a jihadist known as Sanafi al Nasr, as a senior al Qaeda operative in March. Al Nasr is a senior al Qaeda leader who relocated from Pakistan to Syria last year. Treasury reveals that he previously served as the head of al Qaeda's Iran-based...

22nd August 2014 - The National Review Online

The U.N.’s Grotesque Gaza Inquiry

Claudia Rosett

Bias against Israel is the most glaring problem with the new Gaza inquiry that the United Nations Human Rights Council launched last month.

21st August 2014 - Now Lebanon

The U.S. Is Following Iran’s Lead In Both Syria and Iraq

Tony Badran

President Obama has made clear that the purpose of his limited intervention in Iraq is to shore up the central government in Baghdad such that all Iraqis will combat the Islamic State (IS).


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