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27th September 2016 - The Long War Journal

Libya’s Terrorist Descent: Causes and Solutions

Thomas Joscelyn

Chairman Poe, Ranking Member Keating and members of the subcommittee, thank you for inviting me here today to discuss the turmoil in Libya.

23rd September 2016 - The Weekly Standard

We Got Lucky ... This Time

Thomas Joscelyn

At approximately 9:35 a.m. on Saturday, September 17, a garbage can exploded along the route of the Seaside Semper Five Marine Corps Charity 5K Race in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

23rd September 2016 - The Hill

Fifteen years since pivotal executive order, STORM Act could help fight terror finance

David Andrew Weinberg

Fifteen years ago today, President George W. Bush signed Executive Order 13224, the opening salvo in America’s new financial statecraft against terrorism.

22nd September 2016 - FDD Policy Brief

What Rouhani Didn’t Say at the UN

Toby Dershowitz, Annie Fixler

As Iranian President Hassan Rouhani makes his case before the United Nations today that the Islamic Republic merits a place in the community of nations and boardrooms worldwide, his government continued arresting reporters and sentencing foreign nationals to prison on trumped-up charges....

22nd September 2016 - The Wall Street Journal

An Opening for Erdogan to Shift Turkey’s Course?

Aykan Erdemir

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used his address at the United Nations General Assembly this week as an opportunity to repeat his earlier calls to restructure the U.N. Security Council and to blast Western nations for failing to respond to the crisis in Syria.

21st September 2016 - The Long War Journal

Bomb suspect praised Osama bin Laden, Anwar al Awlaki in notebook

Thomas Joscelyn

The Department of Justice has charged Ahmad Khan Rahami with the bombings in New York and New Jersey on Sept. 17, as well as other planned attacks.

21st September 2016 - The Cipher Brief

Limited Options

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

The Cipher brief spoke with Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, CEO of Valens Global and a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, about the growing al Shabaab threat in the Horn of Africa.

21st September 2016 - The Washington Times

“Political correctness” aims at a new target

Clifford D. May

In “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” George Orwell’s classic novel about a totalitarian and dystopian future, the ruling Party develops “Newspeak” as way to limit freedom of expression and thought. So, for example, “goodthink” refers to thoughts approved by the Party. That which is not...

21st September 2016 - Tablet Magazine

Obama’s Syria Policy Striptease

Tony Badran

America’s settled policy of standing by while half a million Syrians have been killed, millions have become refugees, and large swaths of their country have been reduced to rubble is not a simple “mistake,” as critics like Nicholas D. Kristof and Roger Cohen have lately claimed.

20th September 2016 - The Long War Journal

State Department adds al Qaeda front group in Syria to terror designation list

Thomas Joscelyn

The State Department announced today that Jund al Aqsa, an al Qaeda front group in Syria, has been added to the US government’s list of specially designated global terrorist organizations. State notes that Jund al Aqsa “primarily operates in Idlib and Hama provinces” and was...

20th September 2016 - The Huffington Post

Greens Should Follow Germany’s Lead And Reject Israel Boycotts

Benjamin Weinthal, Sheryl Saperia

While Iran's regime continues to expand its nuclear facilities and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's war has caused a half million deaths, the Green parties in North America are bizarrely preoccupied with boycotting the Jewish state.

20th September 2016 - Foreign Policy

Don’t Give Iran Cash

Eric B. Lorber

Iran is once again the center of a heated debate between the Barack Obama administration and Republicans in Congress, this time over whether the United States’ $1.7 billion payment to Iran amounted to a ransom to secure the release of American hostages.

20th September 2016 - Newsweek

International Community Must Focus On Palestinian Unity, Not Israel, To Kick-Start Peace

Jonathan Schanzer

A Palestinian court in Ramallah earlier this month suspended the local elections that were scheduled to be held in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip on October 8.

19th September 2016 - The Long War Journal

Afghan intelligence service destroys al Qaeda base in Zabul

Bill Roggio

The National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, recently raided an al Qaeda encampment and killed five Pakistan terrorists in the southeastern province of Zabul.

19th September 2016 - The Long War Journal

Suspect in New York area bombings captured after shootout

Bill Roggio

The suspect identified by the FBI in the Sept. 17 bombing in New York City that injured 29 people has been captured. Ahmad Khan Rahami was arrested today after he was wounded in a shootout with police in Linden, N.J., according to The New York Times. One police officer was reportedly wounded...

19th September 2016 - The Long War Journal

India accuses Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed of attacking army base in Kashmir

Bill Roggio

India’s director general for military operations said that jihadists from Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Pakistan-based terrorist group, executed today’s deadly suicide assault on a military base in Jammu and Kashmir that killed 17 soliders and wounded dozens more.

18th September 2016 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State claims its ‘soldier’ was responsible for stabbings in Minnesota

Thomas Joscelyn

The Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency has claimed responsibility for a series of stabbings at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minn. yesterday. Initial casualty reports say eight people were wounded. The perpetrator was killed by an off-duty police officer.

18th September 2016 - The Cipher Brief

Don’t Rely on Iran’s Good Intentions

Olli Heinonen

There is a small window of time for the United States and its allies to determine what kind of nuclear technologies are delivered to Tehran, and by whom. And the clock is already ticking.

17th September 2016 - The Jerusalem Post

Leading BDS activist: Move Israel to Germany

Benjamin Weinthal

A leading BDS figure and teacher from Lower Saxony may find himself in hot water due to rules in Germany barring educators from commenting on political issues.

17th September 2016 - The Long War Journal

Israel prepares home front for next war with Hezbollah

David Daoud

The Israel Defense Forces announced Friday that its nationwide Home Front Drill will be held next week. The drill, dubbed “Standing Firm,” is intended to prepare Israel’s civilian home front for emergency situations, and will include extensive training for Israel’s future war with...


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