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8th September 2005 - Scripps Howard News Service

Preparation or Prevention?

Clifford D. May

Americans are distressed that the government was ill-prepared to quickly assist disaster victims in New Orleans. But here's a fact that should trouble us more: The government could have averted this disaster in the first place.

7th September 2005 - National Interest

Killing to Make a Killing

Mia Bloom, Dying to Kill: The Allure of Suicide Terrorism (New York: Columbia University, 2005), 280 pp., $24.95.

7th September 2005 - Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)

Flooded but Unbowed

It feels like months. But for just over a week Americans have been staring into the nightmare of New Orleans and asking each other what it means. It means we were unprepared. It means recriminations, it means a chance for Democrats and Republicans to wrangle, for TV talk show hosts, and...

6th September 2005 -

The U.N.‘s Spreading Bribery Scandal: Russian Ties and Global Reach

NEW YORK — How widespread is the corruption at the United Nations? The multibillion-dollar Iraq Oil-for-Food (search) scandal was just the beginning.

6th September 2005 - National Review Online

Exposé, At Last?

When the main report of the United Nations probe into its own former Oil-for-Food program hits the street Wednesday, the toss-up is whether the results of the investigation, led by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, will be the exposé the program–and the U.N.–have badly...

6th September 2005 - National Review Online

A Not So Sensible Iraqi Constitution

In his Washington Post column last Friday, the invaluable Charles Krauthammer takes to task those of us “knee-jerk critics” who have not been high on the proposed Iraqi constitution–despite admitting to his own doubts about the enterprise. With great respect, it is not his finest hour,...

1st September 2005 - Scripps Howard News Service

Strategic Thinking

Clifford D. May

If American forces were not in Iraq, they'd have to be sent there.

1st September 2005 - California Patriot

Anti-terror 101

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that supports democratic nations and denounces the terrorists who try to undermine them. Steve Forbes, Jack Kemp, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Frank Lautenberg, Newt Gingrich, and James Woolsey created it...

31st August 2005 - National Review Online

Mission Shift

Why are the polls down? Is public support for the war crumbling? Well, no. But the explanation for plummeting numbers varies depending on which war you are talking about.

29th August 2005 - California Patriot

Israel’s Incredible Odds

Part 1: I think it's important to define terrorism before describing my experience in Israel learning about counter-terrorism with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD). Boaz Ganor, the Director of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Israel, told my group that terrorism is...

26th August 2005 - National Review Online

Open Door to Islamic Rule

It was a relief for many Iraqi women and democracy activists when Thursday's deadline for Iraq's national assembly to vote on the draft constitution came and went. As the deadline loomed, many Iraqis frenetically rang the alarm bell about major loopholes in the constitution that open the...

26th August 2005 - New York Post

Paying for 9/11: Book Review of Kenneth R. Feinberg’s, What Is Life Worth?

Kenneth R. Feinberg is, by his own telling, America's top "guru" of mediation. The skill has made him a hot property at a time when relativism, mass media, pathos and litigation-frenzy create a perfect storm of moral vacuousness.

25th August 2005 - Scripps Howard News Service

Dear Cindy; An Open Letter to the Mother of a Fallen Hero

Clifford D. May

Dear Cindy Sheehan: Dear Cindy; An Open Letter to the Mother of a Fallen Hero Dear Cindy Sheehan:

24th August 2005 - Council of Foreign Relations

Interview with Lionel Beehner

Federalism — the division of power between regional governments and Baghdad — is among the most controversial issues in Iraq's new constitution. Tanya Gilly-Khailany discusses the demands of Shiite and Kurdish leaders for more federalism in the south and north of Iraq and believes "the...

24th August 2005 - Wall Street Journal (Opinion Journal)

The U.N.-Touchables

If you thumb through the U.N. portion of this pile, however, the real agenda seems to be that once the member states have failed to reach meaningful agreement, Secretary-General Kofi Annan will whip out a plan focused not on salvaging U.N. integrity but on boosting his own sagging...

24th August 2005 - Wall Street Journal (Asia Edition)

The World Can’t Afford To Ignore Bangladesh

Last week an estimated 300 bombs went off in less than an hour in an Islamic country the size of Wisconsin, but with a population of 150 million. Although the attacks in Bangladesh were apparently not specifically targeted to kill civilians this time, two people died and more than 120 were...

23rd August 2005 - Orlando Sentinel

I Never Expected to Know the Face of Terrorism

I never expected to know the face of terrorism as anything more than an abstract fear or a shadowy glimpse on the evening news. But expectations, like rules, are made to be broken, and last week I came to know the face: I stood in an Israeli maximum-security prison for terrorists and spoke...

22nd August 2005 - National Review Online

Sometimes It’s Who You Offend

Let’s imagine a scenario that’s not so fictional. Suppose we had a big multinational corporation called Filch. Its code of conduct includes some dubious provisions that can be interpreted to encourage aggressive business and accounting practices. Filch is huge, and overwhelmingly...

18th August 2005 - Virginia Military Institute: Undergraduate Research Review

Arafat Defined

Who was Yasser Arafat? During his life he had been labeled a defender, a champion of peace, an obstructer of peace, a dictator, a terrorist,and a man of the people. Still today, the mere mention of his name can cause emotions to rage as furiously against him as they will in defense of him....

18th August 2005 - Wall Street Journal

Oil for Enron

Since the Oil for Food program came to an end in 2003, it has been described--accurately enough--as oil for palaces, oil for terror and oil for fraud. Now it turns out the U.N. relief program in Iraq was also oil for Enron.


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