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- Moj News (Iran)

Iran Imports 1mn cm Gas from Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan exports 1million cubic meters of gas to Iran through Astara compressor station every day, News Az reported. The construction of 211-kilometer Hajigabul-Astara gas pipeline and installation of new equipment and communication lines to enhance

- Reuters

Iran Tells EU Next Atom Talks Must Be Without Pressure

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's nuclear negotiator has said the next talks with world powers must be held without pressure, which analysts said indicated Tehran would stick to its refusal to address its uranium enrichment drive. The Iranian position was set

- Wall Street Journal

Iran’s President Dismisses Oil Minister

LONDON—Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has dismissed three key ministers, including the oil minister, as part of a proposed merger between ministries, the president's website said Saturday. The move comes amid mounting tensions between Mr.

Thinking about Terrorism and Other Security Challenges in Africa

In last week's column, surveying developments in the former Somalia, Sudan, the Maghreb and Sahel, Nigeria and West Africa, and the rest of the continent, I concluded that "Through the creation of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) and other initiatives, which this column has...

Dating Yourself

While all eyes are on the circus surrounding the trip by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, a quiet but important showdown over misconduct is shaping up at high levels of a major United Nations agency in Geneva. In this case, one of...

Breaking OPEC’s Grip

Obama & Gitmo

It is time for Barack Obama to pay the piper.

For years, he and his fellow Democrats delighted in demagoguing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where the military is still holding approximately 250 alleged enemy combatants men (down from over 800). Now, after all their bombast...

The New Anti-Semitism

America has just thrown one of the world's biggest parties, rejoicing with good reason at the fall of the racial barrier to the White House. But bigotry ebbs and flows on many fronts, and a question for President Obama as he takes up his responsibilities as leader of the free world is...

The Bear Scare

Watching President Obama hit the "reset" button in Moscow this week, I was reminded of one of my own New Age encounters in Russia, about 14 years ago. Then, working as bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal in Moscow, I was on the receiving end of a shipment of new computers for the...

Business Interests Drive West’s Iran Policy

What are the strategic reasons behind Western reluctance to support Iran's opposition? One theory is that there are immense oil interests in partnership with the region's jihadist regimes, obstructing the advance of democracy in the region.

The reluctance by the Obama administration and other...

South Ossetia: The Perfect Wrong War

By now, days after Georgian forces stormed the capital of south Ossetia and Russian units counter attacked across the breaking away province and beyond; a devastating war has spread across the Caucasus causing death, destruction and displacement of populations. All wars are terrible  --...

- Arms Control Today

Using Stronger Sanctions to Increase Negotiating Leverage With Iran

Six days after his inauguration, President Barack Obama declared that "if countries like Iran are willing to unclench their fist, they will find an extended hand from us." Over the 10 months since then, the Obama administration has followed up on the

- Forbes

Another Way to Sanction Iran: Natural Gas

A handful of legislators are hard at work this month, ironing out the differences between a House bill and a Senate bill designed to sanction Iran's energy sector as a way to make the Mullahs back down from their nuclear quest. The law, when passed, will

- Wall Street Journal Europe

That Treasured German-Iranian Friendship

Germany has a bizarre way of working through its history. While the government, rhetorically at least, opposes Iran's nuclear weapons program as a threat to Israel's security, members of its parliament courted Tehran's Holocaust deniers just last month.

- Weekly Standard

U.S. Senators Demand that Germany Close Iran EIH Bank

U.S. frustration with German chancellor Angela Merkel and her foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, seems to have reached a breaking point this week. Germany's recalcitrant position about shutting down Iran's main financial conduit in Europe – the

- Press TV (Iran)

Iran to Boost Oil Refining Capacity’

Iran's daily oil refining capacity will witness a considerable growth in the near future, says National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC). Corporate Planning Director of NIORDC Hamidreza Seyyed Jafari said Saturday that the total oil

- AP

Sanctions Slow Iran Nukes Program

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Iran is continuing to use front companies and other concealment methods to circumvent U.N. sanctions but the bans have succeeded in slowing its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, according to a report by U.N. experts obtained

- Wall Street Journal

Germany Joins EU Plan to Sanction Iranian Bank

BERLIN — Germany has signed on to a European Union plan to sanction an Iranian-controlled German bank that handles billions of euros in annual transactions for clients doing business in the Islamic republic, people familiar with the matter say. "The

Soft foreign policy hurts the U.S.

Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice
Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice
If American diplomacy were delivering on its promises, we'd be heading into boom times for peace and security. Instead, the new year begins with Washington foreign policy increasingly...

How the Left Spent Its Summer Vacation

How the Left Spent Its Summer Vacation A few short months ago, the anti-war left was feeling its oats. On campuses around the country, professors were receiving letters asking them to steer students to “a...


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