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9th July 2002 - Copley News Service

Deficits in the Arab World

In a startling U.N. report, Arab Human Development Report 2002, a team of Arab scholars, led by Jordan's former Deputy Prime Minister Rima Khalaf Hunaidi, examined the following question: "Why is Arab culture, why are Arab countries lagging behind?"

4th April 2002 - USA Today

Don’t appease terrorists

Clifford D. May

On Sept. 11, the United States was attacked by suicidal/homicidal terrorists engaged in what they call a jihad, a religious war against ''the hated infidels.'' Almost daily, suicidal/homicidal terrorists attack Israel as part of what they call a jihad, a religious war against ''the hated...

1970-01-01 - NOW Lebanon

Sarkozy’s Costly Pipe Dream

Tony Badran

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s latest trip to France served as yet another reminder of the obvious futility of the Elysee’s attitude towards Syria under Nicolas Sarkozy. Driving the policy has been the French infatuation with the idea of “playing a role” in the Middle East...

Guantanamo’s Jihad: The Show Begins

Al Qaeda's great moment for propaganda has arrived, just as I predicted it would when I wrote about this in June. The Guantanamo trials will provide leading figures in the 9/11 massacre their "moment" to deliver a blow to America's psyche, image and legal system.

As predicted, almost to the...

Will We Be Able to Bring Peace to Gaza this Time?

It may be too early to discuss both a comprehensive solution for the future of a Palestinian state and to anticipate an end to the global War on Terror at the same time but here goes. In any discussion of peace in the Middle East it's important to remember the intentions of the Iranian and...

Thanks to Us, Democracy In Iraq Now Has a Chance

American troops have now begun the first phase of withdrawing from Iraq and, under the US-Iraqi status of forces agreement, will be completely out by the end of 2011.

The Iraq War has been one giant roller coaster ride:

We executed a brilliant invasion and toppled their brutal dictator in a...

Nigerian Taliban’ Threatens Northern Africa

The renewal of violence in the northern provinces of Nigeria brings this oil producing country to the brink of "Talibanization," threatening not only the precarious ethnic and religious makeup of the most populous African state but also the entire region, from Chad to Senegal.

The fight...

Beslan A Sober Reminder Children Not Safe From Jihadism

Wars have always had inhuman results, no matter what is the scale. Since the early 20th century, terrorism has perpetrated mass killing of innocents, condemned by all moral values. Salafi jihadism in particular has produced extreme scales of bloodshed against civilians, comparing with the...

US Surge Plays into Taliban Hands

Now that we know the Barack Obama administration's new strategy for Afghanistan, what will be the Taliban's strategy against the United States? How will the Taliban and al-Qaeda war room counter the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Afghan government forces based on Obama's...

It’s the Enemy, Stupid

It was health care that nationalized the special election for what we now know is the people's Senate seat. But it was national security that put real distance between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley. "People talk about the potency of the health-care issue," Brown's top strategist, Eric...

We’re Engaged In a Terror War—And New York Is the Prime Target

New York's Governor David Patterson labeled Saturday night's foiled car bomb attack in Times Square an "act of terror." Janet Napolitano, our secretary of Homeland Security is treating it as "potential act of terror." Fair enough. If the three propane tanks, fireworks, two filled 5-gallon...

Enemy Combatants or Criminal Defendants?

Writing in the New York Times, Michael Kinsley defends treating Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the al-Qaeda operative who recently tried to blow up an airliner over Detroit) as a criminal defendant rather than an enemy combatant. He argues that, since any line to be drawn between waging war and...

- Wall Street Journal

We’ve Been Talking to Iran for 30 Years

The Obama administration's talks with Iran-set to take place tomorrow in Geneva-are accompanied by an almost universally accepted misconception: that previous American administrations refused to negotiate with Iranian leaders. The truth, as Secretary of

- Contentions

Iran’s Oppressed Workers

Today, progressives across the world mark the international labor movement's official holiday. As trade unions celebrate their remarkable conquests with parades, demonstrations, and speeches, their Iranian comrades languished in jail, guilty of having

- National Review Online

Why Has Germany Snubbed Obama over Iran Sanctions?

Berlin — According to a front-page story in the main German business daily the Handelsblatt, "Although [Iran] is subject to strict economic sanctions by the EU and USA, Germany helps in circumventing them." New disclosures this week have catapulted the


More Economic Oower for Iran’s Rev. Guards

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 5 (UPI) -- Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has widened its ever-expanding economic power with a no-tender contract from the Oil Ministry to develop two big natural gas fields in southern Fars province. Even

- Reuters

Iran Doing Final Pre-Start Tests at Nuclear Plant

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran is conducting final tests at its first nuclear power plant and it is expected to start generating electricity in the next two months, Iranian media said on Monday. Meant to be the first of a network of nuclear power stations Iran

- Bloomberg

Iran ‘Increasingly Cut Off’ From Financial Markets: UN Report

Financial sanctions are impeding Iran's purchase of materials for its nuclear and missile programs, a United Nations report said, compelling the government in Tehran to try to buy foreign banks and adopt methods employed by terrorist groups. "Iranian

Khartoum’s Partners in Beijing

Last week, some 200 baton-wielding policemen prevented Mia Farrow and members "Dream for Darfur" group from holding a rally near the site of Cambodia's "killing fields" to urge the People's Republic of China (PRC) to use its influence on the Sudanese regime to end the conflict in the...

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