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- Sudan News Agency

State Minister for Oil Lauds Govt-Iranian Cooperation in Oil Field

Khartoum — The State Minister at the Ministry of Oil, Engineer Ali Ahmed Osman, met Monday the Iranian Ambassador to Sudan. The meeting reviewed Sudanese-Iranian relations and the joint cooperation between the two countries. Engineer Osman affirmed state

- Reuters

Iran Bases Budget on Oil Around $81.50 Per Barrel

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran is basing the oil price for its 2011/12 budget at around $81.50 per barrel and expects the price of oil to pick up again during the start of the summer season, Iran's OPEC governor told Reuters on Sunday. "We are basing the oil

- Platts

Petrochemical Contracts to Be Offered in Iran’s Oil Bourse

Iran plans to launch new petrochemical contracts on the Iranian Oil Bourse on Kish Island and is trying to promote existing and planned contracts, market sources said on Tuesday (10 May 2011).A forum to explain the contracts and the procedures for

- Kipp Report

Iran Earns $5m in Gasoline Exports, Says Agency

Iran exported a batch of domestically-produced gasoline in April to make good on its pledge of becoming a gasoline exporter, the semi-official Mehr new agency quoted an official saying on Sunday. "In Farvardin (the Iranian month that ends on April 20) 6

The CIA Interrogation Tapes: Remember when this was a real war?

About-Face: Critics warm to the surge.

To many critics, President Bush’s new way forward in Iraq had failed before it even began. The new strategy, which shifted toward an aggressive counterinsurgency campaign coupled with a surge in troop levels, was officially announced on January 10, 2007. Even before this announcement,...

Windmill Plan Offers Slim Energy Pickens

In recent weeks, America’s airwaves have been deluged by messages placed by Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens, warning that the country is being taken for $700 billion for foreign oil this year, with still more to follow, a devastating loss amounting to “the largest transfer of wealth in...

Symposium: Energy Independence and the Terror War

What is the best way for us to achieve energy independence? What is the urgency for us to do so in terms of our conflict with Islamo-Fascism? To discuss this issue with us today, Frontpage Symposium has assembled a distinguished panel. Our guests are:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...

Botswana’s Success Sparkles amid African Gloom

While the world has been watching the pathetic spectacle being played out in Harare, Zimbabwe, as Robert Mugabe clings desperately to the levers of power he has held for nearly three decades (see my report last week), not enough attention has been paid to the truly remarkable transition...

A Hundred Years of War?

A Hundred Years of War? A growing number of Democrats have falsely accused Sen. John McCain of “promising” 100 years of war in Iraq. In fact, McCain’s point was that the presence of American forces promotes stability. That’s been the case in Europe and Asia where Americans have...

America Needs More Biofuel

Sniper terrorizing, not a terrorist

It has long been said that we live in a violent world. Citizens groups have spoken out against everything from video games, to popular music, to traditional gun laws, all in the name of making our world safer for all of us, but especially for the children. The last few weeks have shown...

The U.N. Conference On Santa Change

These are busy times--and so it happened that on Christmas Eve, before a cheerful fire, I was reading through a stack of documents on the many ways in which the United Nations is encroaching on our lives, with plans to regulate, tax or otherwise meddle with the climate, the Internet, outer...

Iraq’s Elections: Pointing the Way to the Future or a Return to Oppression?

Why are the Iraqi elections important to Americans and the rest of the international community? Simply because it will show, or won't, that "spreading democracy" is possible in that part of the world, a principle against which Jihadist forces, authoritarian regimes and many critics within...

The Taliban’s “AfPak” Strategy: A Jihadi Preemptive War

As the U.S. administration and its allies are devising a new strategy for the next steps in Afghanistan, the jihadists have already begun their next move - but this time it's inside Pakistan. As I've written over the past few months, we need to look at Afghanistan, Pakistan and India as one...

Veiled Threat

In his speech in Cairo, President Obama mentioned no less than three times the headscarf sometimes worn by Muslim women. Each time, his purpose was to stress "the right of women and girls to wear the hijab"--but never their right not to wear it. It was as if it had never occurred to the...

No Conviction In Obama’s Speech

Credit President Barack Obama that when he delivered his Afghanistan speech this week to cadets at West Point, he was trying to engage with a world he's never known. He's never served in the military. He made a lightning trip to Afghanistan during his election campaign, but has never been...

Creation Myths

No Enchanted Palace: The End of Empire and the Ideological Origins of the United Nations
By Mark Mazower 
(Princeton University Press, 236 pages, $24.95)

"Indispensable, if imperfect" is how President Barack Obama has described the United Nations, praising it as "vital to America's efforts to...

A Poll I’d Like To See

Question:  Would you rather:   a) watch last night's McCain speech?  Or   b) be waterboarded?

Nuclear Terrorism

The Washington Post today, in its lead story, reports that an international smuggling ring that sold bomb-related parts to terrorist-sponsoring regimes also managed to acquire blueprints for an advanced nuclear weapon. I argued in April that nuclear terrorism had become a real...


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