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27th April 2003 - San Diego Union-Tribune

Winning the Peace

Clifford D. May

Start by recognizing what's already been achieved: With the toppling of Saddam Hussein the United States has removed a ticking time bomb, neutralized a sworn enemy who was preparing to take his revenge on Americans -- at a time of his choosing. That's good for us.

24th April 2003 - Scripps Howard News Service

Foggier Bottom

Clifford D. May

Look at the history of the last dozen years and you can only come to one conclusion: Generals learn; ambassadors don't.

23rd April 2003 - FrontPageMagazine

The Two Faces of Fascism

What is the difference between Dennis "Justin" Raimondo, who publicly encouraged U.S. service personnel to desert, not long before the Iraq operation began, and his ally, Kevin "Keith Sorel" Keating, who carried a banner in the streets calling on the same troops to "shoot their officers?...

21st April 2003 - National Review Online

Mogadishu, Mon Amour

Clifford D. May

American and European intellectual elites were not moved to action when 182,000 Kurds - a people who trace their history back more than 3,000 years - were slaughtered by Saddam Hussein.

20th April 2003 - The New York Post

Selective Outrage

I was as disturbed as any student of Near Eastern and Islamic history would be at the destruction of the National Library in Baghdad in the chaos following Iraq's liberation. I was hurt by the knowledge that ancient manuscripts, including priceless copies of Qur'an, had turned to ash.

18th April 2003 - New York Times

Oil, Food and a Whole Lot of Questions

President Bush's call to lift economic sanctions against Iraq could mean the end of the United Nations oil-for-food program, which has overseen the country's oil sales since 1996. Not only are France and Russia likely to object, but they may well support efforts by Secretary General Kofi...

17th April 2003 - Scripps Howard News Service

Preemptive medicine

Clifford D. May

Among the many ways America is exceptional is this: Average citizens living in the heartland often carry more wisdom in their guts than the elites living in the intellectual capitals hold in their heads.

17th April 2003 - The Los Angeles Times

But Who Was Protecting Iraqis From Human Shields?

The ironies of war are always bitter, but few are rich and still fewer have ever been quite so rich as those that have enshrouded the farcical crusaders we have come to know as human shields.

16th April 2003 - Wall Street Journal

A Long War

Shortly after Sept. 11, Prof. Eliot Cohen coined on these pages the term "World War IV," to describe our current struggle against terrorism and rogue regimes. The Cold War, he wrote, was World War III, and our current war may substantially resemble it -- requiring a long and heavy commitment...

10th April 2003 - Front Page Magazine

Let America Be America the Liberator Again!

Iraq is free. The dictatorship has fallen. The process that began with the end of Marcos, the fall of the Berlin wall, and other democratic victories has reached the last redoubt of tyrant and terror. The time has now come to address the overall nature of the American mission in liberating...

9th April 2003 - Scripps Howard News Service

Hitler, Elvis, Saddam

Clifford D. May

What if we never find out for certain whether Saddam Hussein is dead or alive?

9th April 2003 - National Review Online

You call this liberation?

Clifford D. May

My phone rang this morning before 6 A.M. It was a CBS News producer. "I'm sorry to wake you," she said. "But we have some extraordinary pictures coming in and we wondered if you'd like to come on the air and talk about them."

7th April 2003 - National Review Online

U.N.Reliable - U.N. Investigations Focus on Process, not Substance

"Cover-up" may sound farfetched, given the number of hearings and investigations now zeroing in on the United Nations Oil-for-Food scandal. The Iraq Governing Council began its own inquiry back in March. The U.S. Congress has scheduled three hearings this month, the first of them taking...

7th April 2003 - Weekly Standard

Oil for Food, Money for Kofi

IT'S HUGE, OPAQUE, PERVERSE, run by the United Nations, and about the last thing a postwar Iraq will need. But after a short pause, the Oil-for-Food program is with us once again, revived last week at the urging of France, and with the backing of President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair....

4th April 2003 - Weekly Standard

U.N. Go Home

THE WAR FOR IRAQ'S LIBERATION began on March19. The fourth anniversary of the NATO intervention in Kosovo was March24. Kosovar Albanians, a majority of whom are Muslims, lead the Islamic world in their enthusiasm for America. But they hate the United Nations and the European meddlers in...

3rd April 2003 - The Los Angeles Times

True Left Versus the Lunatic Fringe

The left is not dead. It isn't dying. It hasn't lost its moral mind.

2nd April 2003 - Scripps Howard News Service

How Goes the War?

Clifford D. May

No one promised you a rose garden. Where did you get the idea that Iraq would be a cakewalk? Who told you that Saddam Hussein's regime would fall like a house of cards?

2nd April 2003 - Washington Post Online

Beneath the Surface

As the mainstream media obsess over the operational details of the war in Iraq, something ominous is brewing in lands beyond that does not portend well for the United States. There is a growing sense of outrage in the Arab and Muslim worlds about the Iraq war. Those feelings seem to belie...

1st April 2003 - National Review Online

The Saddam No-Show

Clifford D. May

Well, one thing’s for certain: Saddam Hussein has not hired David Frum and Peggy Noonan as speechwriters. After Iraqi state television announced “Saddam to Address Nation Tuesday Night,” the big event turned out to be a bureaucrat reading boilerplate to a camera. That’s like...

1st April 2003 - Washington Times

Iraq belongs to Iraqis

It has been clear for many months that the wild card in any campaign to liberate Iraq would be not the quality of American military might or the malevolence of Saddam Hussein's resistance. Rather, it would be the role played by the Iraqi people in helping to free themselves from one of the...


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