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16th July 2014 - The Washington Times

Cause and Effect in the Middle East

Clifford D. May

“The Palestinian Rothschild” is just one of Munib al-Masri’s colorful nicknames. A longtime advisor to Yasser Arafat, the late Palestinian leader, he is today an 80-year-old billionaire with interests in everything from telecommunications to construction to agriculture.

16th July 2014 - Pj Media

What if They (The Bad Guys) Believe They are Winning?

Michael Ledeen

We discount many of our enemies’ public statements as sheer propaganda, or bravado, or just stuff “for domestic consumption,” but what if it’s what they actually believe?

16th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

US Launches Another Drone Strike in North Waziristan

Bill Roggio

The US killed 18 suspected "militants" in another drone strike targeting an area of Pakistan's tribal agency of North Waziristan that previously served as a military command center for al Qaeda's military.

16th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State, Allies Blunt Iraqi Offensive to Retake Tikrit

Bill Roggio

The Islamic State and its Baathist allies have forced Iraqi forces that were attempting to retake Tikrit to withdraw from the city just one day after launching a much touted offensive.

15th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

US Adds Norwegian AQAP Bomb Maker to List of Terrorists

Bill Roggio

The US State Department added a Norwegian who serves as a bomb maker for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to its list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

15th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

Boko Haram Leader Fires Back at Twitter Campaign

Laura Grossman

Boko Haram sent a new video over the weekend to Agence France Presse, boasting of the group's latest feats while mocking the global hashtag campaign #BringBackOurGirls.

15th July 2014 - The National Review Online

Hamas’s Asymmetric War against Israel

Benjamin Weinthal

The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas today refused an Egyptian-backed ceasefire to end its war against the Jewish state.

15th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

Analysis: Al Qaeda Attempts to Undermine New Islamic State With Old Video of Osama bin Laden

Thomas Joscelyn

On July 13, al Qaeda's propaganda arm, As Sahab, tweeted a link to an old video of Osama bin Laden.

15th July 2014 - The Weekly Standard

Cool Istanbul

Kate Havard

Demet Muftuoglu-Eseli is standing perilously close to the fire. The Turkish fashion mogul turned gallerist is hosting a gala dinner for “Istancool,” the annual arts and culture festival she founded with her husband in 2009.

15th July 2014 - Politico

Friendless In The Middle East

Jonathan Schanzer

One week after the start of Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge,” also known as Hamas’ “10th of Ramadan War,” Washington is looking on helplessly.

15th July 2014 - War On The Rocks

Libya: Hifter’s Stalled Anti-Islamist Campaign

Oren Adaki, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

Operation Dignity, General Khalifa Hifter’s effort to “cleanse” Benghazi of its powerful Islamist militias, has met with mixed success since it was dramatically launched in May.

15th July 2014 - FDD Policy Brief

Gaza and Turkish Politics

Merve Tahiroglu

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan condemned Israeli military operations in Gaza last week, and called UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to urge an international response.

14th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

AQIM Rejects Islamic State’s Caliphate, Reaffirms Allegiance to Zawahiri

Thomas Joscelyn

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has purportedly released a statement rejecting the Islamic State's caliphate.

14th July 2014 - The Jerusalem Post

Neo-Nazis, Islamists declare ‘You Jews are beasts’ during protest of Israeli Operation

Benjamin Weinthal

A demonstration in Frankfurt against Operation Protective Edge erupted into violence, with protesters tossing stones at the police.

13th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

Islamic State Routs Iraqi Armored Column in Anbar

Bill Roggio

Fighters from the newly established Islamic State ambushed and destroyed an Iraqi armored column in the western province of Anbar.

13th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

Al Nusrah Front Issues ‘Clarification’ on the Creation of an Islamic Emirate

Thomas Joscelyn

The Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's official branch in Syria, has issued a short statement denying that the group has announced the creation of an Islamic emirate (or state).

13th July 2014 - Forbes

North Korean Ship Tests the Waters Near America’s Shores

Claudia Rosett

It’s not often that North Korean-flagged freighters turn up near America’s shores, but when they do, they deserve attention.

12th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

Leaked Audio Features Al Nusrah Front Emir Discussing Creation of an Islamic Emirate

Thomas Joscelyn

A leaked recording of Abu Muhammad al Julani, the emir of the Al Nusrah Front, giving an impassioned speech to his fighters surfaced online late yesterday.

12th July 2014 - Real Clear World

Closing Window of Opportunity in Bahrain

David Andrew Weinberg

King Hamad Al Khalifa of Bahrain has finally confirmed the widespread rumors that his country is preparing to call elections.

11th July 2014 - The Long War Journal

Taliban Calls for Reconciliation in Syria, Avoids Mentioning Islamic State’s Caliphate

Thomas Joscelyn

The Taliban has released a statement calling on rival jihadist factions in Syria to reconcile. The Taliban avoids any mention of the Islamic State, which recently decreed...


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