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7th February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Treasury Department sanctions 3 jihadist facilitators based in Pakistan

Thomas Joscelyn

The Treasury Department announced today that three jihadists based in Pakistan have been added to the US government’s list of specially designated global terrorists.

7th February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

US conducted a record 131 airstrikes in Yemen last year

Bill Roggio, Alexandra N. Gutowski

The US military has released a final tally for airstrikes conducted in Yemen in 2017. CENTCOM spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Earl Brown told FDD’s Long War Journal that US forces conducted 131 counterterrorism strikes in Yemen last year, which provides a concrete figure after CENTCOM noted...

6th February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

US launches airstrikes on Taliban training camps

Bill Roggio

The camps were used by the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and other terrorist groups.

6th February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

US conducts 10 counterterrorism strikes in Yemen

Bill Roggio, Alexandra N. Gutowski

US forces conducted a record 120 strikes in Yemen in 2017 and appears to be operating at a similar tempo thus far in 2018.

6th February 2018 - FDD Policy Brief

Syria and Russia Test Trump’s Red Line on Chemical Weapons

David Adesnik

Just days after an explicit warning from Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Syria has launched another round of chemical gas attacks in the northwestern province of Idlib. Footage posted by volunteer rescue workers showed suffocating men being stripped of their clothes and doused with water....

6th February 2018 - The Washington Times

Russia’s disinformation offensive

Clifford D. May

For decades, thousands of Soviet propagandists and espionage agents disseminated tons of dezinformatsiya around the world. Today, using social media, sophisticated tech platforms and cyber weapons, the Russian government, headed by Vladimir Putin, is running a dezinformatsiya offensive...

6th February 2018 - FDD Policy Brief

The Case for Designating Iran’s State Media

Saeed Ghasseminejad, Richard Goldberg

During the recent protests in Iran, dissidents both inside and outside the country asked the U.S. government to enforce sanctions against Tehran’s state-run media enterprise, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

5th February 2018 - The Jerusalem Post

Germany Sold Technology to Iran for Use in Syrian Chemical Attacks

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany’s Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control approved a license for a company to sell military applicable technology to Iranian companies that subsequently was used in Syrian regime chemical weapons attacks, reported the German publication Bild on Monday.

5th February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

At its Umar Khattab training camp, Taliban trains in the snow

Bill Roggio

The Taliban previously publicized this training facility in a video that was released in July of 2016. Since 2014, the Taliban has disclosed the existence of 17 training camps.

5th February 2018 - Foreign Affairs

What Washington Can Learn From the Iran Protests

Behnam Ben Taleblu

More than a month has passed since protests in Iran’s northeast metastasized into anti-regime demonstrations across the entire country. This outpouring of discontent, which took the United States almost completely by surprise, should help lay to rest a range of tenuous assumptions about...

5th February 2018 - FDD Policy Brief

Iranian Women Protest the Mandatory Hijab

Tzvi Kahn

Iran has now arrested at least 29 women for refusing to wear the hijab, or headscarf. These acts of defiance reflect women’s second-class status in the Islamic Republic, where they face a range of discriminatory laws aimed at reducing their perceived threat to the sexual and religious...

4th February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Pakistani Taliban claims 2 suicide bombings

Thomas Joscelyn

The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for two suicide bombings this month, one in Balochistan and the other in Swat. At least 11 Pakistani soldiers were killed in the attack in Swat. The jihadists controlled Swat from 2007 to 2009, when Pakistani forces removed them from power....

3rd February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Syrian jihadist group downs Russian Su-25 jet

Thomas Joscelyn

Hay'at Tahrir al Sham has released two videos and a short statement claiming that its men downed a Russian warplane. The Russian defense ministry confirmed that the jet was lost after it was struck by a "a portable anti-aircraft missile system."

3rd February 2018 - The Jerusalem Post

Israel Urges German Bank to Stop Enabling ‘Antisemitic BDS Movement’

Benjamin Weinthal

Minister Gilad Erdan demanded that a German bank close an account that enables an anti-Zionist organization to raise funds to boycott the Jewish state and spread antisemitism.

2nd February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Taliban promotes Abu Bakr Siddique training camp

Bill Roggio

Taliban are parading around with a number of captured Afghan police Ford Ranger pickup trucks. The police trucks were supplied to the Afghan police by the US military.

2nd February 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

US military blocks release of key Afghan force development data

Alexandra N. Gutowski, Philip Hegseth

For the first time, US and Coalition authorities are restricting access to key indicators of Afghan security force development. The lack of transparency comes on the heels of a new strategy to enhance Afghan forces in order to supplant Coalition troops in the fight against the Taliban.

1st February 2018 - FDD Policy Brief

Turkish Civil Society Also a Casualty of Erdogan’s Afrin Campaign

Aykan Erdemir

On January 20, the Turkish government launched a ground offensive into northwestern Syria, codenamed “Operation Olive Branch.” Ankara’s ongoing intervention in Syria’s Afrin region aims to clear the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a Syrian Kurdish force, away from Turkey’s...

31st January 2018 - The Jerusalem Post

Hezbollah Role Unmentioned in Charges for 2012 Bulgaria Terrorist Attack

Benjamin Weinthal

The Bulgarian state prosecution has decided not to charge Hezbollah with involvement in the 2012 bomb attack at the Burgas airport that killed five Israelis and their Bulgarian bus driver and wounded 32 other Israelis, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

31st January 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

US designates Egypt based HASM and Liwa al-Thawra as terrorist groups

Romany Shaker

The US Department of State announced terrorism designations today against Harakat Sawa’id Misr (HASM) and Liwa al-Thawra, two Islamist groups active in Egypt with suspected ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

31st January 2018 - FDD's Long War Journal

Trump administration designates Iranian-spawned jihadist faction in Gaza

Grant Rumley

The Trump Administration announced a new round of economic sanctions against terror groups in the Middle East on Wednesday, including Harakat as-Sabirin li-Nasran Filastin (The Movement of the Patient Ones for the Liberation of Palestine)


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