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25th November 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

German Judge Compares Israel To State Sponsors of Terror Iran, North Korea

Benjamin Weinthal

The same judge ruled last week that it was legal and just for Kuwait Airways to bar an Israeli passenger from flying on their planes.

25th November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Pakistan laughingly says its fight against terrorists is ‘unmatched in the world’

Bill Roggio

"Pakistan's resolve, actions and successes in the fight against terrorism, terrorist violence and terrorists is unmatched in the world," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the day after Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Hafiz Saeed was freed from house arrest.

22nd November 2017 - FDD's Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance Policy Brief

Congress Supports Financial Transparency for Iranian Transactions

Annie Fixler , Tyler Stapleton

The House Financial Services Committee approved last week the Strengthening Oversight of Iran’s Access to Finance Act, which codifies in law a set of conditions that the U.S. Treasury must use to evaluate licenses for the sale of commercial aircraft to Iran.

22nd November 2017 - Canadian Jewish News

Ottawa’s Takeaway From U.S. Decertification of Iran Deal

Sheryl Saperia

Last month, U.S. President Donald Trump chose not to recertify the Iran nuclear deal on the grounds that its terms fail to accomplish their objective of stopping Iran’s illicit nuclear program. Like most areas of Trump policymaking, the decision got caught in the haze of controversy...

22nd November 2017 - The Washington Times

The battle for the lands of the caliphate

Clifford D. May

Soon after taking office, President Trump ordered his national security advisers to provide “a complete strategic review of our policy toward the rogue regime in Iran.” Last month, based on that review, he announced a new strategy “to confront the Iranian regime’s hostile actions,”...

21st November 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

U.S. Government Warns of Continued North Korean Cyber Activities

Anthony Ruggiero, Mathew Ha

The U.S. government last week issued two technical alerts on North Korea’s cyber activities targeting the aerospace, telecommunications, finance, government, automotive, and media sectors. North Korea is engaged in cyber-enabled economic warfare and is using its attacks against South Korea...

21st November 2017 - The Atlantic

Why Trump Moved Against the PLO

Grant Rumley

This week, the Trump administration threatened to close the Washington office of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) if the Palestinians did not immediately halt their campaign at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and agree to engage in the soon-to-be announced peace process....

21st November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Podcast: Sifting through Osama bin Laden’s terrorist treasure trove

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

The editors of FDD's Long War Journal were featured as guests on the debut episode of a new podcast from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) titled Foreign Podicy to discuss Osama bin Laden's files.

21st November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

US air campaign in Libya moves south

Alexandra N. Gutowski

The United States conducted two strikes against the Islamic State in central Libya, its southernmost strikes in the Libyan air campaign.

21st November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

US strike kills over 100 Shabaab fighters northwest of Mogadishu

Alexandra N. Gutowski, Bill Roggio

US forces conducted a strike that killed 100 Shabaab fighters northwest of the capital, adding to a record month for the air campaign in Somalia.

21st November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

US designates Qods Force counterfeit cash operation

Amir Toumaj

The US Treasury Department designated a counterfeit ring that has procured material and equipment to help finance the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' (IRGC) operations in Yemen. This announcement answers an important question about at least one of force's method of financing its...

20th November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Taliban promotes gains in remote Kandahar district

Bill Roggio

The video is similar to others produced by the Taliban that highlights the group's battlefield gains against overstretched Afghan forces.

20th November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Coalition attacks Taliban command center and drug labs

Bill Roggio

The US military and Afghan Air Force hit a Taliban command and control center and seven "drug labs" in what was described as "previously un-targeted safe havens in the South and Southwest" Afghanistan.

18th November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Understanding al Qaeda through the massive trove of Osama bin Laden’s files

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

On Nov. 17, The Foundation for Defense of Democracies and FDD's Long War Journal held an event to discuss the findings from the recently released documents from Osama bin Laden’s compound.

18th November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Iraqi militia publicizes Iranian Qods Force chief by Syrian border town

Amir Toumaj

The Iraqi Harakat Hezbollah al Nujaba has posted photos of its Iranian commander, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Qods Force chief Qassem Soleimani, inspecting positions near Al Bukamal in Syria near the Iraqi border.

17th November 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

Germany sanctions Iran’s Bank Sepah

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has announced that it has imposed a credit ban on Iran’s Bank Sepah for violating the country’s credit law.

17th November 2017 - FDD's Long War Journal

Details remain vague after four more US strikes against AQAP in Yemen

Alexandra N. Gutowski

US forces have conducted at least five more strikes against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in the last two months. CENTCOM has not release strike details for any strikes against AQAP in Yemen in 2017.

17th November 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

German Banks Close Accounts For Marxist-Leninist Party With Ties To Palestinian Terrorists

Benjamin Weinthal

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany announced on Thursday that the Deutsche Bank and the Postbank shut down all of the party's bank accounts in Germany.

16th November 2017 - FDD Policy Brief

Iran’s Repression of Foreign Journalists Intensifies

Tzvi Kahn

Iran’s targeting of foreign journalists has intensified. In recent weeks and months, the regime has conducted cyber attacks against Iranian journalists abroad, launched a criminal investigation of BBC Persian, and falsely charged a British-Iranian for conspiring against the regime by...

15th November 2017 - The Jerusalem Post

German Politicians Under Fire For Rolling Out Red Carpet For Iranian Business

Benjamin Weinthal

A German forum to promote business and banking in the Islamic Republic of Iran, featuring politicians and government bodies, slated to begin on Wednesday, faced sharp criticism from human rights experts and an NGO seeking to stop Iranian terrorism and its illicit nuclear activity.


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